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Official Discussion Thread for "Crown Store Showcase – December 2018"

  • weedgenius
    jypcy wrote: »
    weedgenius wrote: »
    cynaes wrote: »
    weedgenius wrote: »
    jypcy wrote: »
    Will the Silver Dawn motif begin dropping from Moon Hunter Keep on December 5th as well?
    Also wondering about this. In the showcase that announced the Dragon Bones motifs, it explicitly says "Please note that this Crafting Motif will also be available by completing Fang Lair Dungeon content via the in-game Activity Finder." That message is not present here. Is this an oversight or is the motif coming to the store before it becomes available in-game?

    @ZOS_JessicaFolsom @ZOS_GinaBruno Can you confirm whether or not the motif will begin dropping from MHK this week?

    Does anyone know if Silver Dawn motif is a Crown Store exclusive? Because Frostcaster, which was announced to return just below Silver Dawn, most certainly is.
    Not according to the PTS patch notes: "The Chapters can be obtained by completing Moon Hunter Keep, becoming more likely with higher difficulties of the dungeon, up to being guaranteed to drop on Veteran Hard mode."

    I guess people will just have to run the dungeon tomorrow to see if the motif is dropping, since ZOS has not clarified.

    They did update the news post, just didn’t make a comment here. But yes, pages should start dropping from Vykosa tomorrow morning as well.

    Awesome! Thanks for that info @jypcy
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  • Joosef_Kivikilpi
    RGvolterra wrote: »
    I’m glad to know that what I’ve anxiously waited for has finally come which is the icy arms pack as well as the icy saber tiger. Wish ZOS could’ve also introduced or brought back the polar bear or some other icy related stuff to celebrate the winter time. It’s been more than a year that the polar bear has not made to reappear.
    Still expecting the introduction of such things:)
    A house in bleakrock would also be amazing and a proper icy / Crystal Palace a dream.

    Pariah's Pinnacle = Ice Fortress Dream
  • Joosef_Kivikilpi
    I simply hope that they also have Frost Atronach Wolves and all the other mounts, not simply the Frost Senche mount that was shown. Crown Gem extraction from trash is getting pretty old since you can't rely on RNG.
  • Fischblut
    I've made a showcase video for Sabre Cat Frost Atronach mount :)

    It really lacks 2 basic things which everyone would naturally expect: special summoning animation (it just appears out of nowhere, like simple sabre cat), and mysterious sounds (it sounds like a simple senche and has additional special "icy" audio effects only when you summon it and when it roars) :'(
    So far even every 400 gems mount had special summoning animation and many of them have special sounds when they idle,roar, jump...

    The mount is very good itself, it has all the nice details and feels like a sports-car when you ride it and look at this cool armor on legs. But why didn't designers make the mount perfect and truly finished?..
    It could appear like Frost Atronachs would do (see Iceheart boss assembling itself from ice, or Storm Atronach crate mounts assemble themselves from rocks)?.. :/ Or at least simple "rising out of the ground" animation like most of special mounts do.
    And change the simple senche voice to something like Frost Atronachs sound. Or add strong distortion with some winter/icy/snowy theme :/ I was dreaming about it for so long, and today I was excited whole day before I could finally buy it late in the evening - only to be so disappointed by such basic things...
  • Joosef_Kivikilpi
    Yeah... totes not worth. Such a cash grab.
  • bottleofsyrup
    @ZOS_GinaBruno @ZOS_JessicaFolsom @ZOS_SarahHecker Why doesn't the Sabre Cat Frost Atronach have the frozen footprints like the horse?
  • shiningforce
    That sabre cat is waaaaaay too expensive
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  • Medieval3D
    Sorry I must protest... there is no other way I could try to make notice you (company) about a big problem respect Crowns...(this is a post I made Im pretty sure will get unnoticed that is way Im posting it here)

    How do you let Steam sell Crowns??!!... so irresponsibly... I have lost 21000 Crowns buying at Steam Bookmark

    Hi, first TES games are mostly only games I play, for real, love them, I like ESO I was waiting for offer sales at this end season of the year just for get new content for ESO, I have the base game; Imperial version (dlc) and Orsinium, I acquired the Imperial dlc from Steam but the base game from official site. I really want to buy ESO content but is impossible without a credit card, even payapal ask for credit card... that is way I looked for Steam... at my country (I'm from Chile southamerica) you can buy with a linked bank account Steam wallet and games... so I said why not to get Crowns at Steam... (by the way I linked my ESO account to Steam, supposedly but now I know isnt true...)

    Just bought the 21000 Crowns pack... waiting for get a redeem code, key code or something..., I lost my money 86.5158 usd dollars to trash, now I must ask for a ticket to Steam to be refunded at least could get the possibility to get back my Steam wallet credits...

    Dont you see a big problem here??, I have read ton of post happened the same, saddly I should have don that first before purchase the fail 21000 Crowns... the last time I got something about ESO on Steam worked so why now would not work...

    First problem is about the accessibility, why is not allowed key redeem codes for Crowns or for ESO content, is really sad...

    The company is being very irresponsible with associated distributor of ESO games as Steam, I would prefer be a huge notice or something before one get Crowns for Steam, or a huge notice on ESO official site about "IS IMPOSSIBLE TO GET CONTENT WITHOUT A CREDIT CARD FOR GET IT (wait until next update or something to be more a new ways to acquire ESO content)"....

    I should get refund in osme way for lost my time and money...

    The company Zenimax Online and Bethesda I guess have indireclty the fault ton of people is lossing money because allows quite "official" third party distributors as Steam sell whatever about ESO without any warning or responsability...

    I'm pretty sure I might get a response here on the forum about: "it is said in some lost corner of the official site having ESO bought at official site and Steam are not compatible", such kind of comments worth nothing, I mean how reading such comment will get my money back?...

    By the way I solved the problem but I had to purchase the game again through Steam, anyway wasnt that bad due the game was in offer :), but still I say there is irresponsibly, I hope things could be more clear in future and the game keeps improving
    Edited by Medieval3D on December 26, 2018 1:58AM
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