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ZOS is giving out a unique pet exclusively to streamer favourites and QuakeCon attendees

  • Kalik_Gold
    I do watch the YouTube community..... any way to get a pet that way?
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  • Samadhi
    Carbonised wrote: »
    Sorry but some of us live on the other side of the globe, and have no way to attend your cons. And this trend of rewarding people who watch streamers is a direction I really disagree with. I couldn't care less about watching some streamer, and I don't see how giving some special streamers exclusive pet codes to hand out to their favourites is a good thing for the game.

    As someone sort of in their target audience with this
    do want the pet, and willing to do something in-game to get the pet
    but not going to make a Twitch account and start watching streamers to get it

    feel like this is kind of dropping the ball on ZOS' part when it comes to engaging with the community
    do appreciate that streamers and their viewers are a part of the community ZOS seems to want to promote
    but it always kind of sucks when such efforts to engage members of the community end up alienating a larger % than it benefits
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  • eso_lags
    Should be used to it by now.. zos does stuff like this all the time.. Of course they would do it with something cool and new to the game.. Just like the twitch drops.
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  • Ydrisselle
    Completely agree. It's assinine. There is no way I'm going to watch a streamer play the game I am currently playing. That would be ridiculous.

    Do you watch any sport in TV? Why don't you go and do it instead of watching?
    Streams can give good tips for in-game challenges, they mean additional contact between the devs and the community (in the form of dev streams), and can be a good distraction if you can't play (like when you are in holiday, travelling or having your computer/console broken and waiting for its repair...).
  • Itacira
    @Carbonised You're my hero.
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  • Carbonised
  • Itacira
    PC/EU - 2H stam orc petsorc (meta, what meta?) - terrible dps - mediocre player - fun times
  • FakeFox
    Dallas is 8500km from where I live, a flight takes around 12 hours and costs 1500€. Worth it for a pet. :D
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  • Inarre
    This pet has been given as giveaway codes for months. One of the streamers I watched gave their codes away with rng which I respect. I never got one which I am sad about because I do love the pet, but hopefully one day we will see it.

    I see no problem with special gifts for people when it's equal chance or something as easy as logging a stream. Quakecon is a little bit more difficult but many, many companies do this with special content. Look at overwatch'bastion skin which was only given away with a ticket purchased to their event.
  • vometia
    Ydrisselle wrote: »
    And that's the only occasion for us Europeans get something like this (unless we want to spend way too much money and time to go to the US), not to mention not everybody can afford to travel to Germany as well.
    For someone in Oxford, travelling to London is bad enough; Germany is probably... well it's probably less stressful, except that I'd still need to go to, through or past London first. Anyway.
  • VaranisArano
    Sylosi wrote: »
    I wonder when advertisers on Twitch are going to catch on that things like drops have a lot of people "watching" streams that have no interest in doing so, so their ads are being served to people with a muted browser open on a second monitor, on a spare laptop ,etc.

    Yeah, but I'm sure ZOS got to say "wow, look at how many people watched stuff about our game!"

    Never you mind that many of those views were more like "watching". I'd be curious to see how much fruit this actually bears vs just being views inflation by current players only interested in the rewards.
  • starkerealm
    Ampnode wrote: »
    You guys okay...?

    Not really.

    As a console player we get "hey you guys can do this too in the future!"

    Then it turns into "well maybe..."

    Then "LOG in and get something!"

    So situations like this one, makes me wonder even if such a thing is available to us.

    Representatives are non-console only
    Twitch rewards are non-console only
    Combat metrics are non-console only
    I get the feeling this is non-console only

    Streamers do have codes for the Torchbug on consoles. The codes are distinct from the PC ones, and in the case of the PS4 there are separate NA and EU codes, but you guys can, in fact, get the torchbug.
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  • Shadowmaster
    If it was anything other than a worthless pet Id get my pitchfork out and join you.
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