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ZOS is giving out a unique pet exclusively to streamer favourites and QuakeCon attendees


Kind of disappointed that ZOS went completely under the radar with this. No news post about it, no official statement. Just a Twitter update that hey, we are giving out this unique pet for people who come to Dallas, and we've given out some codes as well to special streamers to give to their favourite watchers.

Sorry but some of us live on the other side of the globe, and have no way to attend your cons. And this trend of rewarding people who watch streamers is a direction I really disagree with. I couldn't care less about watching some streamer, and I don't see how giving some special streamers exclusive pet codes to hand out to their favourites is a good thing for the game.

Now that you are reviving the loyalty program for ESO+ subs, I expect you to make that pet available as a sub reward as well, you know, for people who actually play the game regularly and pay for both sub and a million other things, as opposed to just befriending someone with a Youtube or Twitch account and hanging out in their Discord chat.
  • modaretto
    it's always happened like that as far as i know, i have one exclusive pet as well, it was one of the first i think, a pig :D got it during the RP convention in cologne in 2015. The good thing is, they release a similar pet anyway that you can get in game just a bit different skin so it is not as bad for people who missed it and it sure is a lot of fun for those who went to the event. That pig was given throughout all events in 2015 i believe, so Europe and US ( don't know where else) had a chance to get it and usually those who go and get it make sure to bring a handful for friends as well ^^ it's good fun but for sure a lot of people will miss out on it. These are the type of things that hard-core collection seekers will try to find on ebay etc and it's possible or was back when I was interested in those collectibles. I don't remember it being announced beforehand
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  • Avran_Sylt
    Cool. Good.
  • RedRook
    Nifty. I'll be happy to see them in game.
  • jedtb16_ESO
    do these items confer any special advantage?
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  • Acrolas
    I feel like the huge difference in tone between the official and unofficial tweet illustrates why sponsored content needs carefully-edited official messaging to accompany it.

    An otherwise innocent promotion shouldn't rub people the wrong way because it was handled too casually or written like a pop-up ad.
  • JamieAubrey
    I'll live without it, even if I got it for free I'd still use my Fire Scamp, even at that I'm always in PvP so I dont see my pets so I refer to the first 4 words in this reply
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  • Amyxleexownsxu
    I have one that's all that matters.
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