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Game crashes

  • Ohtimbar
    Random crashes, especially at dolmens and other high traffic areas. Multiple CTDs since last patch. Annoying.
    forever stuck in combat
  • Aurrynthea_Drake
    I have tried everything suggested bar deleting my account and starting from scratch - which at cp lvl 300+ IS NOT A VIABLE OPTION!

    Look get this s*** sorted! New stories might be great but no one will care if the basic game play does not work!

    I am fed up with losing fights due to getting kicked out of the game/losing connection and DO NOT tell me it's my end as EVERY OTHER DEVICE in my household is working with the same connection without issue including another pc gamer playing another online game!
    Magic does not die. It merely sleeps until called forth into the world again.
    PC EU (PvE)(ex PvP)
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