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Official Discussion Thread for "Introducing the Flame Atronach Crown Crates & Giveaway Weekend"

  • BigBadVolk
    Vaoh wrote: »
    If this Crown Store skin is cooler than vAS HM skin.....

    Well, Dro is still the best skin, but ye Its definetily better then the vAS skin (but Its just me I dont really like the fabrication skins)
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  • ZOS_JessicaFolsom
    Community Manager
    Left4Daud wrote: »

    Don't you mean "Radiant Apex" or is "Radient" the desired spelling? Just curious.

    That was a misspelling, and now fixed. Thanks!
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  • anadandy
    Imperial Armor costumes!!! Discontinued right before I started playing - RNGesus was good to me with the Wood Elf Vangaurd last free crate cycle - so I hope he's still listening :smiley:
  • Minyassa
    Oh man. I hope I get something useless that trades for high gems so I can get that black camel!! Because I will not win it. RNGesus hates me with a fiery passion, apparently I accidentally stepped on its favorite beetle or something.
  • Tawrich
    Each season there are less and less costumes in these crates...wasn't bringing back costumes for ppl who missed them one of the main points of these crates?

    Also please bring back that dark shaman costume, its one of ur best designs...
    Magicka nightblade zealot.
  • Rajajshka
    Yay I have another chance at the black camel, missed it the first time it was released since I didn't have enough for it
  • victoriana-blue
    Darn, I'd hoped the Ice Wolf would be back in the store in December - I got the puppy last year and was considering buying the mount this time 'round. Oh well, maybe I'll get lucky with crown gems.
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  • olsborg
    shadow atronach skin would be cool, instead of the fire one
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  • Erai_sedai
    Fellow Aussies, does this start Friday 11am for us?
  • taiyoukei
    *makes GIVE ME gestures at the Akaviri motif*

    Just wish the skin was like the Bloodforged one; available in the crown store instead of in those darn crates.
  • Joreel
    So does this mean no ESO+ players get crates too? Or do you have to have to sub first...
  • Juhasow
    Just bring back Dragon Priest costume already !
    Edited by Juhasow on November 22, 2017 4:32AM
  • taiyoukei
    Joreel wrote: »
    So does this mean no ESO+ players get crates too? Or do you have to have to sub first...

    It's available for all players that log in and kill any enemy NPC or creature, but only 3 per account.
  • Jounin13
    I'm not a fan of the crate idea I'd rather not gamble that said yes I've bought crates. My issue is why are momentos, cosmetics, mounts, etc....not allowed to be extracted? I don't like unrealistic mounts (sorry people please don't kill me), I just am not into riding around on a cat, wolf, and other weird type mounts. I don't want an atronach mount but if I get one it's going to be in my collections and I"ll have no option to trash it for gems. Hell I'd rather trash it for gems and buy some riding skills for my alts. I have a lot of stuff in my cosmetic libraries with poor organization (sorry but I think face markings need to be split into make-up with both full face, lips, and eyeshadow and than war paint) obviously you can add more categories.

    And I've gone into ranting so to recap:

    Please allow us to Extract Gems from cosmetics we don't know (if you need to know how to do this just make them into bound runeboxes). This includes the oh so rare and covenanted radient level items. Not everyone covenants them especially when you stick the reins to the Dwarven horse with no sign of a bit and than by the looks of the cartoon-ish head of the Dwarven horse compared to the rest of the Dwarven mounts it seems like someone only spent 5 mins designing it. Also I don't want to have armors in my Costume Library where they have overlarge flying shoulders - really disappointed with the Ordinator's armor and Naryu's leather armor.

    Ack sorry again I'm starting to rant. Have a good Thanksgiving or whatever you celebrate or just a good week.
  • altemriel
    they all look very good!!

    while I hate to participate in the gamble crates, the free crates weekend is really great!!
    thank you for it!
  • Zaldan
    just what I need more clown gems lol
    Dovie'andi se tovya sagain.
    Niidro tiid wah fusvok dirkah.

  • Belegnole
    Nifty, sounds like someone really needs to inflate their numbers. Well I'll be playing anyway so I'm happy to help you out.

    Btw, anything you have something for is not free....just saying.
  • Castiel_Silvermist
    TheMaster wrote: »
    Still no Dark Shaman costume? Come on, man. You’ve got the damn bear that came alongside it, but not the costume.

    Yes, where is the Dark Shaman costume!!!! I need it~
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  • Apherius
    Cinbri wrote: »
    So, now you lock skins behind gambling

    same thing with skin :facepalm this is ... sad.

    But atleast it's not a skin related to difficult content. ( 1 positive point )
    Edited by Apherius on November 22, 2017 7:03PM
  • Cinbri
    Apherius wrote: »
    Cinbri wrote: »
    So, now you lock skins behind gambling

    same thing with skin :facepalm this is ... sad.

    But atleast it's not a skin related to difficult content. ( 1 positive point )

    Well, I understand selling it in Crown Store like Blood-forged, but now hide it inside Crates so now you have to invest a lot of money and win fight against rng just to get cosmetic..
    Gladly it ugly :D
    And that's without new Crowns sales, seems kinda not smart move.
    Edited by Cinbri on November 22, 2017 7:20PM
  • iRWalber
    Soul Shriven
    I am very happy to know that the Elder Council will return now on the 28th, I started playing eso within less than a month and I really wanted this costume.
    Khajiit - Master Race
  • Nightfall12
    Well it seems the mighty pocket mammoth has been reduced to a lowly entry level reward…If only it were a mount…i don't care if its tiny i wanna ride it.
    Ummm stuff… about stuff…or something.
  • spisarevski
    I can open this page just fine, or any ESO forums page really, but for some reason I cannot open the "Introducing the Flame Atronach Crown Crates & Giveaway Weekend" page.

    It gives me "This site can’t be reached unexpectedly closed the connection."

    Any input?
  • esp1992
    Glaiceana wrote: »
    Awesome stuff! :)
    But any hint if there will be Frost Atronach Crates and when? @ZOS_JessicaFolsom :D I neeed that frost guar some day

    Now THAT’S a crate season Id pay BIG money for.

    Clouse the White Warden - Breton AD MAG Warden
    Jaro the Wild Changeling - Bosmer AD STAM Warden
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