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Let’s be honest, have you ever queued as a fake tank or healer, but you are a real dps?

  • idk
    Of course. Toss on a Rstaff and regen, CP or BoL and GTG. The rest of the skills go to DPS. If I did it as a tank a taunt is easy to get from the Undaunted line. Most dungeon bosses, even on vet, do not require a full tank setup. I have tanked in tank armor/weapons, but had DPS CP.

    I have had some DPS as tank, they had a taunt, but did DPS. One died a lot but would, not because of my heals, he just did not get out of stupid and got one shot a few times. Besides that, we got through ok.

    A true fake healer, one that is incapable of doing any heals, it probably not so good in most GF groups. I have cleared even DLC dungeons without a healer in the group. We just avoided damage and shielded.
    Really, idk
  • FloppyTouch
    Yes, but only on normals, vets I switch to just dps. I play a mdk use to b tank I can heavy attack with destro this aggro boss to me then I can load out dps and use embers to stay alive. I can solo every normal dungeons minus the ones where u need two people.

    In vets I rather have 3 dps that no how to stay alive and one awesome tank.

    Pug vets you don’t know what ur getting so best to stay to ur role.

    Reason why I que tank and dps for normals easy I’m not waiting 10-15 mins to do a 10-15 dungeon I no I can solo. If I know I can solo it why do I que? Bc it helps out new people get clears makes the run even faster and more drops that I can ask people to buy from.
  • Alpha-Lupi
    Never have, never will, never even thunk it because I know my own roles based on my characters setup (in which case of my werewarden, I use a tank/dps hybrid consisting of Pelinals aptitude, 3 piece dreugh king slayer until I procure briarheart gear, & Mighty Chudan for the added health & resistances as well as replacing Ice fortress with Winters Revenge to use in unison with pierce Armor & Leeching Vines.)
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  • Morgul667
  • Narvuntien
    A bunch of times with a guildmate when we were farming Vet CoA1 for BSW.
    Once immediately afterwards when I forgot to change it.

  • Minyassa
    I can't even believe this is a thing. Why would someone do this and maybe die because they edged out a healer slot? Major derp there.
  • gepe87
    Normal dungeons, as healer, even when i'm leveling dps alts. But if i choose heal (even with one skill:grand healing unmorphed), it mean that I heal. Now I'm leveling a DK, on queue as healer (and nobody complain about it).
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  • Shawn_PT
    May have done it on the very first attempts at running a dungeon because "what the hell does this mean, that I can attack while taking a blow or two and not dying? Guess so, check DD and tank roles."

    Other than that only with guild mates and only when they clearly want a 4 DD run.
  • Qbiken
    I’ve had enough of this topic

    Getting out of hand these topics. People who feel they´re obliged to a "real tank/dps/healer" just because they selected an option in the dungeon finder should reconsider what they waste their energy on. If you don´t want these things to happen, don´t use the dungeon finder, it´s that simple. Whether you like it or not, people will que for what the hell they want, so expect this when using the group-finder.

    If you kick someone without testing if the current group-setup works, you´re an [snip], no matter what role people selected when using the dungeon finder. Me personally think a DD should always be able to pull a certain number of DPS, if they don´t do that amount I´m not consider them fulfilling their role as a DD. Or a healer that doesn´t use the most basic healing skills like healing springs. Do I kick people for it?? No I don't, because if the current group-setup works and takes us through the dungeon within reasonable time, I´m fine with it.

    Stop taking the dungeon-roles for 4-man content so serious. The reason people que as "fake-X" is because the dungeon-finder is very unreliable and after all updates and fixes, it still feels very buggy and dysfunctional.

    [Edited to remove profanity]
    Edited by ZOS_KatP on October 27, 2017 8:29PM
    Console is a meme and their feedback shouldn´t be taken seriously, change my mind
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  • ccfeeling
    Normal dungeons , yes .
    I can do anything with my sorc shield .
  • altemriel
    akl77 wrote: »
    In vet or normal dungeon.
    Let’s be honest, are you annoyed at the long dps waiting que?
    Are you a noob that que just want to be carried by 660cp elites?
    Are you so op you que anything and can even solo dungeons?

    yes, sometimes for normal dungeons, but only if I find a group of 3 DDS in chat and we wanted to find healer trought LFG tool, but then switched back to dps. you usually do not need a tank for normal dungeons
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  • Ashdroid
    No, never.

    I'm really tired of having bosses chase around my all-medium- or all-light-gear-wearing DPSes. And if the tank isn't taunting, oh yes, I will make the boss run around.

    Also really tired of having to spam my self-heals for the benefit of others (including the healer!) because the healer does nothing but heavy attack with their resto staff. Or isn't even using a staff at all.
    Pocketable Goods Reallocation Specialist
    PS4 NA
  • nnargun
    Also back when I was a noob. Still gives me sleepless nights. To make up for it I'm kinda a anti fake-tank radical now. Keep up the fight!
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  • Beardimus
    All the time, on normal, on high CP DPS as I know one decent CP player can carry the group. If you know you can solo it there's no problem as you are helping them

    The issue is people saying one thing and not doing it. Or their actions impeding others.

    Like DPS refusing to kill bosses cos they want to wait for skulls and messing the group about
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  • Valera Progib
    Valera Progib
    I'n not going to wait two hours to get in a dungeon that doesn't need a tank

    95% of the time I will end up doing 65% of group damage, so people should just shut up and go with the flow
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  • FloppyTouch
    The issue is not fake tanks or healers but the fact that u don’t need tanks or healers for normal and most vet dungeons.

    That in its self is a game flaw imo. If healer and tank roles are in the game they should be needed or the content can’t be cleared. It’s kind of the point of having tanks and healers.
  • Asmael
    People still run tanks outside of some DLC dungeons in 2017? >:)
    PC EU - Zahraji of the Void, aka "Kitty"
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  • Pele
    No because that's a *** thing to do. It's very inconsiderate of the people who will be your groupmates.

    If I queue as tank, it's because I plan on being a proper tank - taunt, CC, all debuffs, all group buffs, etc.
  • MattT1988
    No. It isn’t fair on the people doing it the right way. People who do this are simply queue jumpers.
  • FloppyTouch
    Pele wrote: »
    No because that's a *** thing to do. It's very inconsiderate of the people who will be your groupmates.

    If I queue as tank, it's because I plan on being a proper tank - taunt, CC, all debuffs, all group buffs, etc.

    Yh how dare we have a faster run that’s stupid
  • Zbigb4life
    No and never will!
  • Tasear
    No I was the healer...and queued as tank but was an accident.
    Edited by Tasear on October 27, 2017 8:29AM
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  • Huyen
    A few times, but with a guildgroup only. If I forget to turn it back, I explain it to the group, and its up to them if they want me to leave or not.
    Huyen Swiftclaw, warden tank
    Huyen Swiftpaw stamina templar in training
    Ps4 eu
  • sdtlc
    But with premade groups and all sitting in ts and knowing eachother
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  • Loc2262
    I know people who do, but I personally only ever list as a role that I can appropriately fulfill. (Okay, admittedly, it happened by accident a few times. Namely after we used the GF in a pre-made group for the 25% dmg bonus, and ran as tank/3DD or heal/3DD or 4DD. So I had to change role, and forgot to change back afterwards.)

    I have dedicated DDs (one of each type stam/mag NB/DK/sorc), a dedicated healer and a dedicated tank, and I play the three roles only with dedicated chars. And yeah, it quite annoys me when people in PUGs list as fake tank/healers.

    Of course, in most normal dungeons I could easily "tank" on my Magblade with their powerful self-heal and shields, by slotting a taunt. I sometimes have to do so if I get into a group with a fake tank. But I never list as tank with DDs. Tanking is more than just taunting, standing still with the boss and surviving. On my DK tank it's pulling in adds, using CC to keep them in place, supporting the group with horn/puncture debuff/minor berserk, DK shield, Purge, Vigor etc. You can't do these things as a fake tank.

    Of course, in most normal dungeons I could easily "heal" on my magicka chars by using a resto staff and slotting springs or healing ward. On my Magblade, the swallow soul / power extract group heal often is enough. I sometimes have to do so if I get into a group with a fake healer. But I never intentionally list as healer like that. Healing is more than just spamming some healing skill. On my templar, it's HoT plus burst heal, combat prayer, ritual, wall of shock / charged lightning staff for concussed/off balance, horn, SPC, Worm or Aether, PotL, spears and/or bubbles, etc. You can't do these things as a fake healer.
    Kind regards,
    PC-EU, 12 chars, 900+CP
  • SaintSubwayy
    Yes ofc, when im Running a 4 DPS group with friends ;P

    well and also when doing random queues, but when I do I can Tank the stuff, or heal it. So "fake" or not doesnt make a big difference in the non DLC content anyways
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  • Runschei
    I’ve had enough of this topic
    I do queue as all three roles at the same time when I go for normal dungeons. Keep in mind that I only run Blackheart Haven and no other dungeon. I am a vampire magica nightblade damage dealer and I am over max cp. Once I get ported in I ask if anyone needs to do quest and if they rely on a healer (if I'm supposed to be the healer) or if they want me to taunt boss (if I'm supposed to be tank). In 98 out of 98 completed runs for me this week I have not encountered a group where we had any problems with either of the bosses.

    I don't see this whole thing about 'fake tank' or 'fake healer' as long as you can be flexible and effective.
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  • lardvader
    Yes once - honest mistake after a respec from PvP tank to PvE dps. Qued for vCOA so easy dungeon and also told group to kick me if they wanted a real tank. They didn't and we had a fun run. Always check my role now before I que up :wink:
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  • Cadbury
    I once queued as a fake DPS. It was sooo embarrassing :blush:
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  • JamieAubrey
    I dunno what I'd queue as on my Heal/Tank I can do both but I wouldn't attempted to do both in a Vet dungeon, I've done a few and can do well ( with friends and on TS ) but wouldn't like to try with pugs and potentially *** people off
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