The Firesong DLC and Update 36 base game patch are now available to test on the PTS! You can read the latest patch notes here:
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Official Discussion thread for "Clockwork City DLC Game Pack Now Live On PC & Mac!"

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This is the official discussion thread for the Clockwork City DLC Game Pack Now Live On PC & Mac! blog article.

Enter the mechanical world of the Clockwork City and explore Sotha Sil's greatest creation. Check out our launch article for all the information on this new DLC game pack and Update 16.
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  • Merlin13KAGL
    Why were skillpoints for changes skills/passives not refunded?
    Just because you don't like the way something is doesn't necessarily make it wrong...

    Earn it.

    IRL'ing for a while for assorted reasons, in forum, and in game.
    I am neither warm, nor fuzzy...
    Probably has checkbox on Customer Service profile that say High Aggro, 99% immunity to BS
  • NiclasFridholm
    Sooo maybe fix Templar calculations next major update!?
    Tobias Funke - Magplar since forever

  • Apherius
  • Trainwiz
    Now I can lick Sotha Sil on live, instead of just the PTS.
  • liviogc
    How much is Transmutation Station ?
  • HowellQagan
    I'm a bit baffled with the changes to Armor skills (Annulment, Evasion, Immovable) AND the introduction of Fortified Brass set. It totally made the Armor Master set useless (while it was pretty nice and somewhat useful before). The new set knows almost the same thing except the health bonus - which is kind of negligible anyway - and to top it all, the new set requires less traits to craft and you don't have to go to a PvP area to craft it (or get Attunable crafting stations for your home, which plenty of people did... screwing those people over double, as they cannot then go and attune that station to something else now).

    That annoying dude on PC-EU.
  • Superflyguy17
    Soul Shriven
    liviogc wrote: »
    How much is Transmutation Station ?

    1250 writ vouchers
  • DirkRavenclaw
    I still have no sound after intro screen, now im atm re instaling the whole game
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