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Would you swap real life for a life in Tamriel as your toon etc

Discussion whilst waiting for someone to join a raid last night, said he'd be 5 mins but 1hr later still waiting and this in depth discussion took place.

If say..Akatosh popped up in your living room / basement or wherever you play and offered you a one off transfer to go to Tamriel would you take it and why? It's a one way trip!
Things to consider that we came up with.
You do not actually know how to fight, it will involve actual combat and not mashing of keys, it's kill or be killed.
You do not know how to hunt and gather to feed yourself.
You have 0 skills of use in an environment like this. Carpenters and construction workers maybe.
Not sure if soul gems work on non vestiges.
Daedra can pop up at anytime.
There is no save and log out, must have a house and travel all the way there.
Most of us have 0 riding experience.
You have never used Siege equipment before.
Dragons may come back.
Lag and Freezes may or may not be present.

But if you were given the chance to say, Be a DK and live in Tamriel with all the powers and skill lines (but none of the simple courage etc) Would you take it and start your life again? What you go in as? Race+Class? What kind of life would you intend to life?

I actually would, not some sad low life or anything...but I think I'd take to the life of Powerlashing people, living of the earth / realm, having fire skills and riding a Dro Martha Senche to work (unsure if I'd have the skin or not)

This convo went quite deep and when you think about wouldn't be a particularly easy life.

What think, let's get some input.
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Would you swap real life for a life in Tamriel as your toon etc 210 votes

Yes, I'd be straight off.
vailjohn_ESOOnuOmnisoulMithoronrotaugen454QueoAzuryaIruil_ESODhukathKharnisValen_ByteSavos_SarenKetarmishZunaRoathmommadani907WingHatchetHaroOmniDoNyghthowlerHuyen 98 votes
NestorlaurajfCavalryPKRiptideMisterBigglesworthCaligamy_ESOMojmirGrymmoireCpt_TeemoMadyprofundidob16_ESOTureluskyria.paganb16_ESOdanno8Grim13anitajoneb17_ESOvrinecwells74ub17_ESOTHEDKEXPERIENCEjbjondeaueb17_ESO 112 votes
  • sevomd69
    No... I like my real life...
  • Orjix
    I think it would be kinds cool, but I like not dieing, so I'm going to pass
  • red_emu
    Thanks, but I like my real life :P I'll take a stressful job over fighting off dog sized rats any day!
  • LadyNalcarya
    No. But I would ask Akatosh if I could take a picture of him. That would be cool.
    It would be nice to have some of my char's abilities irl and/or have a lifespan of an altmer, but Nirn doesnt seem like a good place to live. And I would miss my real life, friends and family.
    Dro-m'Athra Destroyer | Divayth Fyr's Coadjutor | Voice of Reason

  • Runschei
    Yes, I'd be straight off.
    Irl nord turned dunmer
    PC - EU - VIVEC
    Stick Princess, Noodleblade & Heimkok
    I am no longer @Runschei ingame, I am @StickPrincess
    Late Night Dungeoneers // Bad Apples // Angler Management

  • TequilaFire
    I value my private parts and having flushable toilets. :D
    My Imgakin beta monkey is getting so old he is turning gray and wheezing.

    PSN: Tequilafire
    PC: @Tequilafire

  • Appleblade
    One things games cannot get across is the smell of medieval worlds.
  • LordGavus
    It would be fun for a while, but there's no internet/electricity in Tamriel.
  • Insomnia rex
    Insomnia rex
    I would rl for a toon.
    CP630 AR20 PC EU, Alt Mag Sorc AD - Insomnicia Rex
  • SilverPaws
    Yes, I'd be straight off.
    Yes i would its amazing world full of interesting things,people and danger and if could become a khajiit oh my i would love that and meeting other khajiits that would be awesome :blush:
    Sure it can be short life, but it would be very amazing life thats for sure.:smile: .
    Edited by SilverPaws on December 30, 2017 11:43PM
  • Biro123
    No way, man.. No internets! I wouldn't be able to play ESO!
    PC EU Megaserver
    Aidee - Magsorc - DC
    Minie Mo - Magblade - DC
    Woody Ron - Stamplar - DC
    Notadorf - Stamsorc - DC
    Khattman Doo - Stamblade - Relegated to Crafter, cos AD.
  • Jade1986
    Yes, I'd be straight off.
    In a heartbeat.

    "I would rather regret the things that I have done, than regret the things I have not done."
  • Krogmo
    Yes, I'd be straight off.
    If I pop up in tamriel and I know I'm in a dream and don't have enough self-confidence to achieve CHIM, would I zero-sum?

    If yes, I say no.
  • Wrecking_Blow_Spam
    I'd do it for a holiday like a few months or something but no I couldn't permanently, there's a few people in my life if I were to leave (same as death tbh) would be distraught and I couldn't bring that pain on them.

    It would be a very selfish decision.
    Edited by Wrecking_Blow_Spam on September 13, 2017 1:28PM
    Xbox one EU
    8 Flawless conquerors on all class specs (4 stam, 4 magicka)
    Doesn't stand in red
  • kojou
    For me I have a family and children, so ultimately I wouldn't choose leaving them, but if I was in a situation where I was alone and it wouldn't cause other people problems, and I didn't have a family I would miss...

    If I was the "vestige" and could come back to life at the nearest wayshrine to try again then I could be interested. If I was just a wimpy mortal that was going to get killed by the first wolf I see then most likely not.

    As for class, I would definitely go magicka Nightblade... I mean fire is cool and all, but I am going for the class that can be invisible and live to fight another day if things go south. Not to mention being able to pull blood from my enemies to heal myself. Imagine how intimidating that would be for your opponents...

    Playing since beta...
  • tunepunk
    No but...

    things in Tamriel I wish were real:

    * Can instantly travel anywhere in the world for a few coins.
    * Cooking takes less than a second, and food doesn't spoil.
  • Vimora
    The biggest issue is a lack of security. In ES, anyone can pick your door, come into your house, steal your valuables, kill you in your dream and their bounty will be off in 30m.
  • Azurya
    Yes, I'd be straight off.
    sure, can´t wait to set foot on Vvardenfell!
    And worship at the shrine of Azura!
    Fear not, for I am watchful. You have been chosen.
    Azura, the Daedric Prince of Moonshadow, Mother of the Rose, and Queen of the Night Sky

    Hail to Sithis, blood's drop on blade's edge.
    Before you, nothing. Behind you, the Void.
    Catalyst, agitator, many-fanged maw.
    Whisper your need to the Scales.
    — Inscription found on an Argonian blade
  • sevomd69

    tunepunk wrote: »
    No but...

    things in Tamriel I wish were real:

    * Can instantly travel anywhere in the world for a few coins.
    * Cooking takes less than a second, and food doesn't spoil.

    I see spoiled food in Tamriel...[
    Edited by sevomd69 on September 13, 2017 2:22PM
    indoor plumbing, 'nuff said.
    Proudly skooma free while talks-when-drunk is in mandatory public housing.
    YFMV Your Fun May Vary.

    First Law of Nerf-o-Dynamics
    "The way I used to get kills was good but the way others kill me now is bad."

    Things I Wish Were Different or Added for Housing, Equipment Crafting, Trait Balance, etc
    My Housing Wish List (Functionals)
    Mannequin/Armor-Rack that "stores" a full gear set plus 8 stacks of quickslots for instant swap. Does not need to provide additional storage.
    Storage Containers that help segregate our storage by adding customizad tabs to our inventory lists. Does not need to provide extra storage.
    Mailboxes/Couriers tied to guilds that handle back-n-forth for dailies including writs.
    Gardens, Ore Veins, Trees, Springs etc that serve as the housing based nodes similar to hirelings - providing a daily harvest.
    Minions - "Hired" singers, cooks stableboys etc that liven up the place and may also have some function - "cook or brewer could be a "daily node." Stableboy could be a free daily riding lesson.
    Stairs that work - spiral, cornering and straight. ramps from orcish platforms and planks and bars are Ok but...
    Ledger that allows you to "log" your inventory items character by character with a quick-click and that then you can review with sort tools or output to a file the inventory items listed by character.
    Guest Book: Auto-logs visitors in and out.

    My Equip Crafting Improvements Package
    To include some or all of:
    1. Ability to craft all crafted sets as 4pc or 3pc sets by sacrificing one or two of the 2-3-4pc bonuses. (Adds felxibility in builds setting crafted apart from drops, this may be limited to 9 traits capability)
    2. Ability to up-scale pieces to higher level keeping quality. (new drops scale to you)
    3. Ability to craft lower gear with higher mat, losing the lower cap on met levels. (Fits with scaled nodes)
    4. Drop the 10x mats cost for CP160 over Cp150. (CP 160 drops everywhere now... its no longer s special threshold thing anymore. if you are cp160 every drop set is cp 160 not nine 150 and one 160. So the need for cp160 crafting to be 10x is no longer relevant.)
    5. Allow appearance to be selected from the available style, not set by material. if i like they bosmer cotton look, let me do that even for ancestor silk.

    My Circumstantial Traits Suggestion
    Traits for armor and weapons need complete redesign to achieve one goal:
    Make it so that no trait is "best" everywhere and so that every trait is "best" somewhere and it is obvious where those are.

    My Class & Weapons Wish List for Warden and Sorc
    1. OVERTIME: Change the passives on any class with a toggle/pet to give a brief "overtime" of say 3s/6s where if you swap off the toggle/pet bar the toggle/pet will continue for that overtime without cancel. If you swap back before overtime expires, the toggle continues. This would allow a "risky" setup where your pets and such are only on the attack bar but you can swap-rebuff quickly and come back without losing the pets and armor - but if you get stunned or delayed you can lose them and have to recast.
    2. PETS:
    3. Add a keybind control for pet attack and pet defend instead of the current command pet double key.
    4. Imbalanced Nature: Trade off morphs on the Warden;s Nature's balance to be offensive in type with no healing but various damage or DOT plus debuffs. Change the "for every natures balance" boost to healing to also boost damage if these are slotted. This can raise the Warden DPS at the sacrifice of the healing/utility.
  • Nestor
    Community Ambassador
    If I could become my game toon in the sense that I am immortal and will respawn at will on death at full health, then sure, I would swap back and forth.

    However, as OP pointed out, it would be difficult for most of us to just survive in Tamriel much less thrive. I mean, think about it, 90% of the places you go, someone or something wants to kill you for being there, 90% of the people in the game have a favor to ask of you that puts your life and health on the line, and quite frankly, not that many of us are in the kind of shape we need to be in to hike all over that world with a few hundred pounds of stuff on our backs.

    Enjoy the game, life is what you really want to be worried about.

    PakKat "Everything was going well, until I died"

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