[PC-EU] Casual Rascals - [PvE/PvP Casual/New Player Friendly]


We are a social PvE/PvP guild with lots of experienced AND unexperienced members that loves to hang out.

We host events such as Map runs, Trials (learning, normal and Veteran), raffles, PvP (Cyrodiil, IC(s), BG's), dungeon runs and so on.
For the Cyrodiil and Imperial City (sewers) events we rotate the alliances so one week we have AD, another DC and so on. We are a AD guild though :kissing_heart:

We welcome everyone no matter experience in the game.

Our roster are filling up fast but we do have a few spots left :smile:
Edited by Nervani on February 16, 2019 4:18PM
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