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Have you purchased a home? If so have you decorated it?

I have a home that I purchased back in April. I have not decorated it because it's simply too expensive both in time and resources for me to do so. But I'll get around to it, eventually.

- I imagine many feel that the home is incomplete due to limitations placed on the homes so to be fair I'm including that as poll option as well.
- If you have more than one home, choose your favorite home for the purpose of this poll.
- Please exclude homes that you have obtained through a quest.
- Please use "decorate" and "furnish" interchangeably for the purpose of this poll.
- If none of the options apply to you please select one that's most applicable to you
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Have you purchased a home? If so have you decorated it? 271 votes

Yes, and it's fully decorated
AlMcFlyGrymmoireCpt_Teemorotaugen454TryxusElara_NorthwindSoupDragonJitterbuganitajoneb17_ESOIcyFishBreathLumiTriumviriSirCriticalbottleofsyrupDarkheartMagusDystopia2020JaeysaCynnalia 57 votes
Yes, and it's "full" but I need more space before it's considered complete
SirAndynexxus_ESOBlueRavenWardogAcecckat26b14_ESORainwhisperSigtricSer LoboWuffyCeruleitonyhextrab16_ESOfreespiritstatic_rechargeNebthet78vrineSheezabeastHaruspexLivvyOmniDodroids097hondelink 58 votes
Yes, and it's work in progress
driosketchRuseCaligamy_ESOBlackSparrowOsteosSkayaqKhenarthiSunnyBunnyKarthosmommadani907PathAhPook_Is_HereLonestryderLinaleahkip_silverwolfCaffeinatedMayhemstabbykittehTandorArcirisphairdon 79 votes
Yes, and I have partially decorated it but it's dead Jim. I'm not going to decorate it anymore.
vailjohn_ESOlolo_01b16_ESODenniMyuuGhost-Shotdem0n1kookami007leeuxkylewwefanf0dderJim_PippAthymhormiaLyserusMrBetadineWarringEagle 14 votes
Yes, but I have not decorated it
ninibiniOjustabooTonnopesceKetarmishAlex_LexSanTii.92lordrichterlookstwiceAnhedonieMProskcode65536GhettokidTatorb-plat_TomCarterESOtheher0notLeogonConeOfSilenceMegabearShardan4968 20 votes
No, I have not purchased a home
MojmirBelegnoleMurderMostFoulPlagueSDAnnraaubrey.baconb16_ESOSeptimus_MagnaAbeillejuha.smedsneb18_ESOFrancescolgGraydonnine9sixrimmidimdimTroneonBloodWolfeMasterSpatulaBazdaDarkmage1337RomoMgghool 43 votes
  • SirAndy
    Yes, and it's "full" but I need more space before it's considered complete
    More than one, all at the item limit ...
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  • Abeille
    No, I have not purchased a home
    I got the free one so that npcs would stop teasing me about being homeless (yes the ones that sell furniture do this whenever you talk to them), but although I had a lot of fun with the housing system in the PTS, when it came to the live servers I kinda lost interest on it.
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    Sings-Many-Songs, Argonian fisher: Sure, I'll do the thing... Eventually. Maybe.
    Aerindel, Altmer stormcaller: After extensive research, I've come to the conclusion that doing the thing would be a waste of resources.
    Liliel, Dunmer pyromancer: Aerindel said I shouldn't do the thing. Something about "resources".
    Gyda Snowcaller, Nord cryomancer: I will find a way to do it that won't waste resources and make Aerindel proud of me.
    Beatrice Leoriane, Breton vampire: I persuaded someone else into doing the thing. You are welcome, dear.
    Sahima, Redguard performer: Doing the thing sounds awfully unpleasant and really not my problem.
    Ellaria Valerius, Imperial priestess: I'll pray to the Eight for the thing to be done, if it is Their will.
  • max_only
    I have 3 free inn rooms all filled.
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  • theher0not
    Yes, but I have not decorated it
    I bought the Khenarthi's roost house to use as a storage place for decorating items that I plan on using in my "real" house when I get it.

    It has some items in it but I havn't really decorated it (I try to make it look somewhat good, but I don't put too much effort into it).
  • freespirit
    Yes, and it's "full" but I need more space before it's considered complete
    I have several, two of my Manor's are full and I suppose they are just about acceptable, although I feel they both lack the "fine" detail I would prefer.

    The three Inn rooms are basically full of all the rocks, trees, plants etc that I remove from all my homes before I start to decorate.

    The rest are at various stages of decoration, currently I am experimenting with a smaller home(400 slots with ESO+), to see if I can fill that more to my satisfaction bearing in mind I have less area to cover! :)

    Bad thing though.....

    I just discovered amazing potential for "extra" building there! :(
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  • Tonnopesce
    Yes, but I have not decorated it
    Aint nobody got time for dat

  • GreyWolf_79
    Yes, and it's "full" but I need more space before it's considered complete
    At last count, I think I have 10? homes? Maybe 11...

    I have 1 inn room that is "fully decorated", Hundings Palatial Hall that is "nearly fully decorated" but I require more furniture slots in order to make it "perfect"; the rest are either partially decorated or still empty. Obtaining and crafting furniture is an expensive PITA. I try to pick up every furniture blueprint I can find, and stock up on crafting mats any chance I get, but some items it seems can only be purchased with crowns, and I've already burned through several thousand of those.

    EDIT: and yes I have ESO+, so housing slots are maxed out, yet still not enough for my needs.
    Edited by GreyWolf_79 on August 2, 2017 5:20PM
  • Tandor
    Yes, and it's work in progress
    I have several homes, some bought furnished and added to, some bought unfurnished and very much a work in progress.
  • aaisoaho
    Yes, and it's "full" but I need more space before it's considered complete
    I have Imperial Large Home (bought with gold so no item is bought with crowns), but I can't place more items in it because od the limits. Next time I get ESO+ I could finish it.
  • Wreuntzylla
    For my primary residence, I am near completion on a single, outdoor structure and have used up the majority of my furnishing slots. All that's left on the structure is some of the dock extension and moorings. I might have enough to drop a few chairs and a table after that.
  • Enemy-of-Coldharbour
    No, I have not purchased a home
    I have not purchased a home, but I have two of the free ones. I have only decorated my room at the Rosy Lion Inn because I had nothing else to do at the time. I don't see the point in housing since I don't RP and there is no storage available.

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  • rotaugen454
    Yes, and it's fully decorated
    I cheated and bought a manor that came with furniture but have been customizing it. The throne room holds the group dungeon busts and wall trophies, and I've been putting in specialized furniture as I acquire it.
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  • Keep_Door
    No, I have not purchased a home
  • Danksta
    No, I have not purchased a home
    I'm just a bum that uses other people's houses.
    BawKinTackWarDs PS4/NA

  • ThePrinceOfBargains
    No, I have not purchased a home
    No. Pretty much all of the homes are right next to cities or populated areas, which doesn't work for me as a vampire. Snugpod being right outside of Elden Root is especially annoying.
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  • rotaugen454
    Yes, and it's fully decorated
    TheMaster wrote: »
    No. Pretty much all of the homes are right next to cities or populated areas, which doesn't work for me as a vampire. Snugpod being right outside of Elden Root is especially annoying.

    I use Snugpod as a free teleport after finishing a group dungeon. I am in it just long enough to turn around and exit.
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  • rhapsodious
    Yes, and it's work in progress
    My fungeon in the Ebonheart Chateau is just about finished, but I still have the rest of the basement and the bottom of the tower to fill out.

    I also have a nice garden in Ravenhurst, but I have yet to properly decorate that house.
  • xb1LL_mr_sir_LL
    i spent 11 mil n change for the count title and bought the cheapest houses for the timed achievement.
    im too old to play house.
  • Aisle9
    Yes, and it's fully decorated
    Bought the deluxe suite in mournhold

    put a target skeleton in one corner

    fully decorated

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  • Cynnalia
    Yes, and it's fully decorated
    My main home (Sleek Creek) is fully decorated to the 400 item limit. I also have about 10 other homes in various stages of furnishing.
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  • Nebthet78
    Yes, and it's "full" but I need more space before it's considered complete
    I have two small homes and they are both at the max item limit (for ESO+) and I don't feel like I'm finished decorating them. Especially with all the outside options. ZOS needs to increase the decorating limit for all homes by double of what they currently are at the very least.
    Far too many characters to list any more.
  • Inhuman003
    Yes, and it's "full" but I need more space before it's considered complete
    Some of those homes need a dungeon, layer or combat training room or combat training ground added to Homestead.
  • Menegroth
    No, I have not purchased a home
    Haven't bought one but intend to do so somewhere in the future. I only intend to buy one since decorating is such a pain, time and gold consuming.
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  • Tryxus
    Yes, and it's fully decorated
    Fully decorated with: floating boulders, glowing crystals and giant mushrooms
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  • Swifigames
    Yes, and it's work in progress
    I sold a perfect roe and ten kuta, then picked up Snugpod. I previously only owned the Mara's kiss public & Barbed Hook private room.
    I'm turning my main character into a decorator so I read all the furnishing items I come across with him.
    I've slowly started to decorate Snugpod with Wood Elf only items.

    So far I have a deer urn, scratched urn, Wood Elf pedestal, a custom rack with drying bar (decorated with furnishing caught fish), an awning over my table and chair which is sitting next to my grinding stone, a long table and it's coming along...just...need...more....flour.
    I know I said Wood Elf only items, but I've also put the Troll King trophy up on the wall in front of a hide on the wall I crafted, looks pretty nice. And I have the Troll King bust sitting atop the Wood Elf pedestal facing the door which is in the very center of the home.
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  • bellatrixed
    Yes, and it's "full" but I need more space before it's considered complete
    I have several full houses... that I have to search for a decoration to remove every time I want to add something to them. Considering how many new decorations they keep releasing, this is a huge problem. Also, my houses all have sparse/unfinished areas.
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  • lordrichter
    Yes, but I have not decorated it
    Each apartment has the "wooden stool" that I made as a condition of getting said apartment.
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  • Linaleah
    Yes, and it's work in progress
    multiples. but most of them are a work in progress.
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  • rotaugen454
    Yes, and it's fully decorated
    Each apartment has the "wooden stool" that I made as a condition of getting said apartment.

    Sounds like my 1st apartment IRL...
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  • IcyDeadPeople
    Mainly just trying to get the attunable crafting stations to have the best ones all in one spot
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