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Cost analysis for brand new potential PC ESO players

Steam Sale

Base Game: $9.89 (historical lowest price was $6.49)
Morrowind Digital Upgrade: $29.99
Guild and Glory: 4 DLC Mega-Pack: $23.99 w/ current Crown sale
Gold Edition (Base game + Guild and Glory): $29.99 (historical lowest price was $22.38)
5500 Crowns: $23.99

Current Base Game + 4 DLC + Morrowind Upgrade: $63.87
Historical Low Base Game + 4 DLC + Morrowind Upgrade: $60.47
Current Gold Edition + Morrowind Upgrade: $59.98
Historical Low Gold Edition + Morrowind Upgrade: $52.37
Morrowind (base + upgrade) + 4 DLC: $64.18

Based on purchases made through Steam it would be most cost effective to purchase Gold Edition + Morrowind digital upgrade. However Steam is typically more expensive than other sales offered by other gaming websites so new comers could probably purchase base game + 4 DLC + Morrowind upgrade for less than $59.98 if he/she is willing to wait a bit.
Guide to making $$$ in Tamriel:
Cost analysis for potential ESO players:
Warden Bow Healer/DPS Hybrid Build:
Warden "The Warladin" Healer/Tank Hybrid Build:
Warden Stamina DPS Build:
Server - PC/NA
Vhevet - (S) Night Blade/Female/Orsimer
Ecaer - (M) Templar/Female/Breton
Captain Beaster Bunny - (S) Warden/Male/Red Guard
Ezaera - (M) Sorcerer/Female/Altmer
Ecaeri - (M) Warden/Female/Argonian
Dun-and-Dunmer - (M) Dragon Knight/Male/Dunmer
What Can Go Wong - (S) Night Blade/Male/Bosmer
Izaer - (M) Templar/Male/Breton
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