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Why is there a furniture limit anyway?

  • Shadzilla
  • notimetocare
    Erris wrote: »
    Sigtric wrote: »
    I'm at about 558/600 items on my Amaya Lake property and when you first zone in it takes several seconds for all the trees I put in the yard to pop in.

    This is why there is a furniture limit. They have to balance it against performance.

    I would gladly wait a few more seconds for double or triple the amount of items allowed.

    A few more seconds wouldn't be the issue with more. Crashing, hangups, and complaints would be
  • zaria
    Mitoice wrote: »
    the problem is with database storage.. not rendering...
    How do I know this??

    Have you entered Maelstrom arena?

    It a replica of Hunding Hall but with 10x more items allowed and NOBODY has had a problrm rendering it... another thing... why a big statue counts the same as a small apple? this seems like a storage issue ans not a rendering one

    So my guess is database storage....
    However the items don't take much storage place.
    Its just an collection if ID and position data.
    You would just need an object id, id for instance, you could trow in user id, flag if item is bound, perhaps id for house and if inside / outside, then position and rotation use 8 bit for id, 8+8+8+4+4+2*6= 44 bytes for each item non optimized.
    say 100 bytes because of database indexes and gaps. Say 10 million players total players including future and we get one gigabyte for all storing one item, 1 terabyte for 1000 items.
    You could handle housing with an seperate database server as they only load and is active then you enter.

    Grinding just make you go in circles.
    Asking ZoS for nerfs is as stupid as asking for close air support from the death star.
  • reiverx
    It's not just the fact that the limit is low, it's low to the point that it's highly restrictive.
  • RANKK7
    They should put a big warning that a higher number of items than the one recommended could cause issue and that's it. At that point everyone is responsible for their own houses and the time would have to wait to load or any graphic artifacts could encounter.
    But leaving the item slots at this ridiculous low number is just awful, it's awful for us since we cannot enjoy empty houses and housing really lose any appeal.
    Awful for them since they are losing a lot of cash, there are several houses I would buy and many furniture from the store and I'm not even thinking about it since the items slots number is so low, where is the fun to decorate? It's just lame as it is now, look at large empty houses, not to mention manors, even some medium ones look so empty.

    They really should decide what the hell they are going to do with this issue, I would like to know asap so that I don't even bother checking the Crown Store housing showcase.
    "I really don't know who the **** came off with this change. Definitely somebody who does not play the game, that's for sure".
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