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Did zenimax possibly buff master angler? 14 master angler runs.

So this is going to be an updated version of my first post:

I got done fishing a little while before homestead dropped, then with the release of morrowind, and the two additional character slots, i did exactly what everyone else does when a new class comes out....i went fishing.

Once i got master angler on my first warden, i noticed that i was 2k fish under the average amount i usually catch during each run. Then i started on my second warden, and i just barely got under 7k fish caught. When i first heard of furnishings being added to the fishing loot table, i thought it would make master angler an even longer and more painful grind. But then it actually went faster somehow. Please, check out the (bad) graphs i made below here and share your thoughts, do you think zos buffed master angler?

Picture proof:
Video proof 1-12:

Video proof 13:

Video proof 14:

Total number of fish caught by each character

Average number of fish caught per run: 8189,76

Total number of fish caught, ranked by type
Total amount of fish caught: 106354. RIP my E key.

Amount of bait used per water type

Gold spent on each type of bait, calculated with MM prices on PC-EU
Total amount of gold spent on bait: ~1328937 gold

Amount of perfect roe acquired from each run
Average roe: 80,25
Here is a timeline showing time between each run, and the difference in champion points gained between runs


And finally, here is my fish count inside my craft bag

So what do you think, did Zenimax actually buff master angler with homestead adding more to the loot table, or was it just rng being rng? Would love to hear your thoughts :)

I am a Master Angler on 15 characters, and have unlocked all DLC/Chapter fishing achievements on all 15 of my alts, check the link below for some cool data!
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