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Official Discussion Thread for "ESO Live: April 28 @ 3:00pm EDT"

  • Inig0
    ESO Live Question: When Tamerial One hit all the trials dropped certain item sets that were tradable because of that there was a mass influx of players interested in doing trials content. Would you ever considering introducing that back into the game to give more incentive to do pve content?

    Some suggestions: Take all the sets that drop in the zones and give them a chance to drop on the last boss of one of the trials so each trial would drop a certain amount of sets. There would be a chance to get gold jewelry or gold weapons that had a weighted drop chance for precise sharpened or defending. That would also allow for people to farm for gold mats in a more fun and entertaining way.
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  • Godspeed
    What's the eta on a transmogrification system? Make it crowns only I don't care just let me look like how I want to look like.
  • craftycarper73
    are you looking forward to tera online hitting the consoles at the end of the year?
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  • GilGalad
    One question concerning the warden:
    Why is it the only class that still has access to major mending?
    Wouldn't it be much more in line with the Templar, if Accelerated Growth would give minor mending, maybe for a longer time (e.g. 10s) and activated by any healing ability?
    Even with only 3s duration of major mending one can get 100% uptime in important healing phases (e.g. Mage execute phase, warrior starfall, etc.), just by using fungal growth every 3 sec between healing springs.
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  • Turelus
    @Turelus - EU PC Megaserver
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  • DRXHarbinger
    Over 1 year ago you said you were going to implement bulk food and potion crafting.....Any ETA on a simple implementation that provides a HUGE QOL improvement?
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  • GilGalad
    Another general question:
    Will any changes to the loot system be included in the Morrowind patch?
    Farming set (Moondancer, Master Architect, ...) and vMA weapons is still a pain, since there were no changes to the trait balance, so there are still only 1-3 useful traits for most builds and most sets still drop completely useless weapons like bows for magicka DPS sets, or staffs for stamina DPS sets.
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  • jcasini222ub17_ESO
    @ZOS_GinaBruno Good morning!!

    I won't be able to watch the live stream but I would greatly appreciate if this can get some clarity. I posted this elsewhere

    I want to trigger major mending for my healing ult remembrance/practice incantation.

    Resto heavy attack grants major mending for 3 seconds after.

    Remembrance lasts 4 seconds
    Practiced Incantation 6 seconds.

    So for 1 second, or 3 seconds, the major mending drops off. I have no idea if this is the intended design. I know in the past just casting rite of passage and morphs would grant major mending to the heal. It now grants minor, that's cool, but the idea the major mending drops off mid ult after executing an attack is, well, clunky. I've never really thought of the ESO combat system as being "clunky". This seems out of the norm.

    It's just a practical scenario that leaves me a bit confused.

    Thank you!!
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  • Miswar
    When are you actually going introduce something worthwile regarding housing? At it's current state waste of gold, crowns, etc.

    There were talk that lorebook library would have been introduced. So that you do NOT need go boring lorebook hunting with every single character. Why has this NOT in the game as it should be? (Should be enough to do that grind with 1 single character).

    It seems that reporting cheating and other offensive is waste if everyones time. Do you actually read the tickets raised? Seems at the moment that those reports goes to junk mail and you get automated bla bla bla bla.

    Finally you have been nerfing Templars now a lot. Why? It becoming most obsolete class and it should have class characterics that mean something. Personally VERY VERY unhappy with recent nerfs and have put EsoPlus+ membership on "ice" until further notice and will hold out buying morrowind as well.
  • Zaldan
    Why is it you can fix classes to balance their performance against other classes but there are abilities that remain broken for years? Huge changes to templar but gap closer STILL doesn't actually work 70-90% of the time.
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  • bstag
    Eso Live question:
    With some of the crafted sets previously introduced and new ones along with changes to how certain skills work, it seems you are pushing for hybrid builds. How do you see a current player embracing this and making so their build has the ability to do decent damage in ESO end game? If this seems to be a place where you are pushing players can you please explain how you see this working and how you have much you have tested said builds?

    I understand most of the higher end player base would laugh at this type of question or if this was a goal of recent changes and simply say it doesn't work. I would like to hear if this is a goal or not. I will endeavor to overcome and adapt as always as us humans do.
  • aeowulf
    Question 1:

    Will Nightblade/Siphoning attacks recieve a further review with the following in mind:

    a) sustain is now worse than not using it.

    This is shown in Gilliams video linked in this therad:

    b) NB's (pre current changes) only account for less that 1 in 10 spaces in an end game trial (leaderboards). This shows where they actually are as a class not where they are percieved to be. I cannot see these changes will make that any closer to one in four or one in five after morrowind.

    This is data is from a thread here: which you have actually thanked the OP for posting

    c) NB's seem to be lacking in the clear vision meta department. Removing a NB's sustain is like removing a DK's ability to tank, a sorc to do DPS and a templar to heal, yet it is not replaced with anything.

    d) All other classes still have some form of resource sustain. Sorcs were not changed at all (really) and DK's were left with at least 60% of thier previous class sustain. Under some circumstances it can even be considered a boost. It has also done nothing to remove perma blocking from this class increasing the gap between meta for the DK tank and any other class tank.

    Question 2: (and somewhat more light hearted)

    Will you employ Gilliam the Rogue? :)
  • olsborg
    altemriel wrote: »
    1. What about the promised grim focus buff?

    4. Why all classes are getting nerfed in June, except of sorc?

    5. Are you considering making 2 handed weapons count as 2 pieces to set bonuses?

    I would also like to know the answers to this.

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    PvP only
  • GrumpyDuckling
    Will any changes be made to rectify the significant drop off that a player experiences in damage dealing when they divide their attributes evenly among health, magicka, and stamina?

    The current system very much penalizes hybrid builds.
  • Jailbirdy

    Can you mention a little more about the new event coming up? When is it (dates)?

    Also, will we be able to pre-download the expansion (that would save a ton on server lag that day)?
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  • Darlgon
    How complete is Update 14 aka Morrowind?
    How soon will the rest of the voiceovers appear? (Every beta I have participated in since pre-launch needed voiceovers up until 2 weeks before launch. Why would this one be different? ..Are we on schedule?)
    Are the major class balance changes done, or can we expect a radical rewrite in 5 weeks, like players keep asking for?
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  • Gilvoth
    is there a link to this ?
  • Cinbri
    Can we expect new recipes, like legendary drink?
  • Neoauspex
    Since you're balancing combat around resource limitations, have you considered adding a resource cost to procs from sets?
  • MasterSpatula
    Simple and hopefully not-too-loaded question:

    What is your answer to people who feel that their sustain is already too low in the current live game?
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  • Rinmaethodain
    In PTS 3.0.0 a developer comment near change:
    "Reduced the cooldown for being charged Stamina or Magicka to block an attack to 0.25 seconds from 0.5 seconds."
    tells us:
    "In PvE encounters, this will encourage tanks to use Block more tactically for the larger, more deadly hits."

    Explain please, if you want to encourage tanks to "Block more tactically" then why large portion of PVE content is still designed where "blocking = live" and "not blocking = insta death" (even with maximum 50% armor mitigation)? There is no middle ground, dropping block or even weapon swapping during block can wipe whole group. Encounters like vHRC The Warrior fight, vCOS Velidreth fight (where amount of stray damage makes permablocking unavoidable), vAA axe tanking, vMOL Rakkhat (where minigun attack ticks damage every ~350ms) and many more do not leave any space for "tactical blocks".

    Please keep in mind that not everyone plays with perfect 70 ping. For people who play in Asia and Oceania region on NA server its normal for ping to never go below 200ms.

    My question: How do you plan to modify current existing content (current trials and dungeons) to adjust them for your ideology and vision behind tanking where PVE tank should "block tactically"?
    Edited by Rinmaethodain on April 28, 2017 5:44PM
  • Strider_Roshin
    Since you're making every class viable as a healer with the Orb synergy change. Have you considered changing Silver Leash so that it can pull an enemy to the caster; giving every class a means of pulling which is incredibly useful as a tank.
  • Rohamad_Ali
    1) What was the reason for the major mending change to DK shields ?

    2) What was the reason for removing major mending completely from Templar ?

    3) Why was syphoning strikes NERFED ?

  • NordSwordnBoard
    Will Nirncrux be modified to justify it's rarity?

    Can locked weapons be made ineligible for enchantment?
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  • VelociousLegend
    Overall, magblade under performs in both PvP and PvE in comparison to other classes. Is the class being looked into to bring it more in line with the other classes (either for Morrowind patch or a future patch)? And if so, what things in particular are you looking to improve?
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  • Rickter
    why did they change channels? didnt it used to be zenimax online studios?
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  • Shader_Shibes
    Do you really, like REALLY play your own game?
  • Karivaa
    Can you compare Templar healers to Warden healers? What is your vision? Oh
  • alephthiago
    Can you ask if they are aware of the wrong values in Dawnbreaker and Soul Harvest penetration?
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