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Official Discussion Thread for "ESO Live: January 27 @ 3pm EST"

  • Cinbri
    Vanthras79 wrote: »
    Please give us the ability to change the style of existing crafted and dropped items, my little khajiit begs you with all four of her paws :'(

    Second this!
    Rex-Umbra wrote: »
    Vardenfell Teaser even a glimpse

    Second This!
    Third this. And future of balancing .
  • wenchmore420b14_ESO
    Housing~ As a "LoreScholar", really want Shalidors Reprint Library. But the whole collection plus bookcases to hold them is 316 item slots just for the books. Any way to make just the set containers count as 1 slot rather than each book?

    Curious~ Will we see Physical Subscription Cards return? This was my favorite way of subbing, and wonder if they can make a come back.
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  • CavalryPK
    Bashev wrote: »
    I am glad that @ZOS_RichLambert and @Wrobel will be discussing the balance changes. After the last PTS patch things look OK for me but it still very important to see why the combat designers did some of the changes.
    @ZOS_GinaBruno where can we ask questions for the show?

    You can post questions here for consideration, and we'll also be keeping an eye on Twitch chat.

    @NightbladeMechanics , @Zendran ,,,... please let them know what to do !!!
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  • NightbladeMechanics
    CavalryPK wrote: »
    Bashev wrote: »
    I am glad that @ZOS_RichLambert and @Wrobel will be discussing the balance changes. After the last PTS patch things look OK for me but it still very important to see why the combat designers did some of the changes.
    @ZOS_GinaBruno where can we ask questions for the show?

    You can post questions here for consideration, and we'll also be keeping an eye on Twitch chat.

    @NightbladeMechanics , @Zendran ,,,... please let them know what to do !!!

    I might be able to attend. I'll be working, but maybe I can watch on my phone.

    Questions for @ZOS_GinaBruno :smile:

    1) Will underused nightblade skills like Agony, Bolstering Darkness, Debilitate, Power Extraction, Soul Siphon, and Summon Shades (2x morph) be updated? Regardless of ZOS' data regarding these abilities, they are inferior to alternatives and utterly unused by the informed end game community. Therefore, newer players using them or players using them out of preference are at a distinct disadvantage. Does ZOS have plans to update them to be more competitive for all players? At the moment, stamblade do not make use of many siphoning abilities and passives, and nightblade healers are rather unpopular. Any plans to advance those?

    2) Will we see guild housing in the future, and if so, what is the timeline on it? Guild housing would require uncapped occupancy in the house for guildies and tabbard imagery on banners and other decor at the very least. What sorts of internal discussions have occurred at ZOS regarding this subject.

    3) PvP is becoming noticeably more popular with the influx of new players this year. All three NA/PC were pop locked over the weekend for the first time in ages. Does ZOS have plans to expand capturavle objectives into other locations in Cyrodiil and Imperial City Sewers and make captureable objectives outside of keeps and resources count toward the campaign? People DO care about winning the campaign A LOT again, so making towns and districts and sewer objectives count toward the campaign slightly more than average resources would go a LONG way to spreading people out and creating multiple fights on the map. Also, players like me who have been around a while and lost interest in fighting over keeps would regain interest in competing in the campaigns by fighting over other objectives in locations which are more interesting to my personal tastes (the sewers for me, but everyone has their own terrain preferences). Also campaign-significant objectives behind a DLC will not cause actual issues besides initial complaints unless one faction buys signicficantly more DLCs than another faction and swarms Imperial City. I believe that with the rising popularity of the game and IC's history of significant participation from all factions, that wouldn't be a realistic worry. I take the hard line opinion that if you want to contribute to the campaign via IC, buy it or sub. If not, you still have overland Cyrodiil. It would surely revitalize IC with very little time resources committed by ZOS. I would be interested in ZOS' perspective.

    Also a person made this monster post with a ton of ideas for reworking IC objectives a long time ago. Brian Wheeler commented in it.

    I think making IC objectives in the sewers lose their faction claim after one score cycle would be a positive idea to add to this, so that people have to keep fighting over them. There could be Xivkyn guards on neutral flags or something. Also taking Molag Bal could flip the nearest 4 enemy objectives or something, making him hugely contested for big fights, but that might be op. Just thoughts. :)

    Thanks for doing ESO Live!!
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    Here's a great thread collecting community ideas for PvP updates.

    [MEGATHREAD] Feedback Threads for Class Reps

    Class Representative Feedback Discords:
    Nightblade Discussion:

    Dragonknight Discussion:

    Sorcerer Discussion:

    Templar Discussion:

    Warden Discussion:

    General Healing Discussion:


    Werewolf Discussion:

    Vampire Discussion:
  • Zakor
    Do you consider changing Inferno back to an AoE ability(with Cauterize being an AoE heal aura)? If not, please explain why. If yes, when can we expect that to hit?

    Also see this thread for feedback on FoO and Cauterize now and how it should work. Maybe you can argue based on the things pointed out there.
  • Curragraigue
    Why are you taking the only useable stun for Magicka Templars away and how is this improving or balancing the class?
    Edited by Curragraigue on January 27, 2017 11:05PM
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  • Juhasow
    After update major force buff will grant 15% additive bonus to critical dmg and minor force 10% but multiplicative one ? Can we see some explanations of this?
    Edited by Juhasow on January 27, 2017 12:38AM
  • olsborg
    Are you at all considering further nerfs to proccset stacking in pvp? Some of them still hit relatively hard compared to skills, like velidreth and selene, valkyn skoria, widowmaker etc. Please say yes.

    PC EU
    PvP only
  • DschiPeunt
    About the balancing discussion:
    Are the Devs aware of the imbalance that has been shown on the PTS, with the mag sorc being a good bit ahead of all other builds DPS-wise? Is this intended or will there be adjustments before the patch goes live?
    By introducing the minor magickasteal buff, mag DKs loose around 400 mag/s regeneration, while still having a quite magicka-intense rotation. Will there be changes to skill costs on the DK to compensate for this huge sustain-nerf?
    Considering how OP stam sorcs are in many ways now, by getting lots of buffs passively (major defense-buffs on a huge damage AoE skill), having some of the best class passives and having awesome skills like dark deal and crit surge, when do other classes get buffed accordingly to have such incredible utility, when playing solo (i.e. vMSA and PvP)?

    Or in other words: when are you going to release the balancing patch, that wrobel promised, with all the DK buffs? Because if that was it, I'm quite underwhelmed.
    Edited by DschiPeunt on January 27, 2017 5:04AM
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  • Agalloch
    1. Why you nerf so bad Stamina DK ? Why you nerf so much stamina classes in Update 13?

    2. Why you nerf Rearming Trap?

    3. Why you nerf players instead of adding more challenging content?

    4. And now about proc sets: Why you can't nerf them only for PVP?

    5. Why you nerf Trainee Set?

    3. Why no storage housing?

    4. How about an update info about what Matt Firor said in the last Year Ahead article : "Work on a Looking for Guild system, as well as updates and fixes to make it easier manage player guilds." ?

    When will have a decent guild system and a better guild store interface?

    5. When the mechanics of the game will be explained by the game itself? We need more tips and tricks regarding how to make a viable build. We need a better item comparison system.

    6. After the recent introduction of dro m'athra motif in Crown Store at a price of 6000 Crowns , what do we have to expect in the future? The next big DLC could cost 10 000 Crowns?
    Or we can expect the dro m'athra style pages of the motif to have a lower drop rate?

    Kind Regards,


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  • FooWasHere
    Dominoid wrote: »
    Oh Questions here . . .
    • Apartments and Small houses have a 6 player cap. Medium and Large houses have a 12 player cap. These really should be different amounts. Are the player caps set in stone? Assuming 24 is staying the max I recommend - 24,18,12,8,6,2 be the caps going from manor to inn room.
    Now this is the truth right here. It's obvious that there's no technical reason why a small house is limited to 6 players, more likely a small house (with less items to load) could support a much higher player cap than a 1400-item Mansion.
    I'd like to know why ZoS puts a "business" cap on player social relations.
  • Cinbri
    When does snare from gap-closers will be removed?
  • alephthiago
    its the second or third update without any trait rebalance, lots of traits that arent worth using (charged, prosperous, decisive etc etc) and the most expensive trait in the game to craft (nirn) has been abandoned by players, totally outclassed by sharpened.
    How can you implement such unique mechanics to nirnhoned and then let it die like this?
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  • Edenprime
    Only alchemy survey maps are dropping the new furniture crafting materials. Is this a bug and will it be fixed for live?
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  • GreenSoup2HoT
    I would love to hear some comments about Manifestation of Terror.

    Why cant this ability fear 6 targets total like it used to (when it was a single trap)? It would make sense in my opinion if the ability feared 3 targets for each trap instead of 2. This would total the 6 targets "fear-able" like the ability could a long time ago when it was only 1 trap.

    I'd also love to see some additional incentive's given to this ability because Mass Hysteria is just so much better (because it applies 2 debuffs + cc compared to no debuffs + cc).
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  • React
    Questions for @Wrobel and @ZOS_RichLambert

    The changes to stamplar so far have been pretty good, and I think all around most are satisfied that class just MIGHT finally become playable again. Crescent is a great addition; finally gives stamplars a unique physical damaging morph to use. However, I feel that sustain was neglected which was one of the biggest issues with stamplar. Cost reduction (that should have already been in place) only goes so far.

    My question is, is there a possibility that we might see something by way of a sustain buff for stamplars? Staminasteal debuff, different passives (since many are unused by both mag and stam specs anyhow), stam skill morphs, etc are all options. Is there anything planned along these lines?
    Edited by React on January 27, 2017 12:37PM
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  • SantieClaws
    Khajiit she has no questions but you are more than welcome to visit this one yes at the little room in The Rosy Lion she calls home in Test Tamriel.

    There is a rug for the sitting, some bottles for the drinking and a bowl of mysterious stew for the careful considering before eating.

    Yours with paws
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  • Nerdman9
    Are there any plans to make stamina builds more viable for end game trials? Right now they are already rare, next update will be even worst.

    I love playing stamina but if I want to join groups in vMOL HM I have to bring a magicka toon which I understand, need the shields and all, but would love stamina to be on par with magicka so we can bring what we actually want to play the most.

    I would really like this subject to be brought up during the show so we know if this will be addressed any time soon or if we should just accept that we all have to play magicka if we want to get the best scores. Thanks.
  • Dominoid
    Enodoc wrote: »
    @ZOS_GinaBruno Why have you guys moved to the Bethesda channel?

    Higher sub count therefore audience I would imagine.
    @ZOS_GinaBruno @ZOS_JessicaFolsom

    Question for live show:

    Please strongly consider increase the amount of writ vouchers that require crafting legendary items. The reward is not in line with the cost of 8 upgrade materials. Additionally nirnhoned is weighed way more heavily than legendary, but again the cost is significantly lower.
  • Cinbri
    Liam12548 wrote: »
    Questions for @Wrobel and @ZOS_RichLambert

    The changes to stamplar so far have been pretty good, and I think all around most are satisfied that class just MIGHT finally become playable again. Crescent is a great addition; finally gives stamplars a unique physical damaging morph to use. However, I feel that sustain was neglected which was one of the biggest issues with stamplar. Cost reduction (that should have already been in place) only goes so far.

    My question is, is there a possibility that we might see something by way of a sustain buff for stamplars? Staminasteal debuff, different passives (since many are unused by both mag and stam specs anyhow), stam skill morphs, etc are all options. Is there anything planned along these lines?
    Answer is easy. While staminasteal would be much greater than magickasteal for templar himself, it also means thar all teammates will get benefits since it is debuff. It means that templar will becomce the only source of stamina restore in trials, and his role as supporter-healer will be unbeatable. Templar already only one who can drop synnergy that restore a lot of stamina, making him preferable than anyone else.
    However I agree that staminasteal 200 per sec would be much greater coz it will affect both magplars and stamplars, not only magplars like currently manasteal. But than it need to work only for caster of skill, and I afraid this rework is not that easy.
    Edited by Cinbri on January 27, 2017 2:59PM
  • Kazya
    Like Santie Claws, I don't mind inviting you people to come looking at the home i made at Grymharth's Woe. though I warn in advance that if more furniture vanishes for me I will likely not bother putting them back. Spent a fair bit of time making it look good again after the ones that vanished last night, not wanting to redo that again :)

    As for questions...

    1. Regarding vanishing furnitures and decorations, is something being done to fix this? According to the last patch notes that Should have been fixed but clearly isn't. Please don't let it go live with this problem.

    2. I repeat what many ask about player cap in our houses. Please explain what exactly is stopping you from raising that cap. I find it odd that there is no problem with allowing loads of players in banks, towns and such but our instanced homes are not able to accept more visitors.

    3. Lighting, what is wrong with it? While the home i made above, Grymharth's, isn't in such a bad shape lighting wise. A lot of the other houses are.
    Edited by Kazya on January 27, 2017 2:51PM
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  • kookster
    Will there be any further changes before release for Fiery Grip's lack of reliability when it comes to enemies at different levels? IE making it more like the charge abilities?
    Potato Pact - PC NA
  • Khaos_Bane
    Will restoration passives be reworked at some point in the future ? There are very few good passives in the Restoration Tree in comparison to other weapon trees.
  • Khaos_Bane
    Can you have @Wrobel explain the reasoning behind the direction of the Frost Staff ? Some of the changes were very interesting and would like to know where the frost staff is going.
    Edited by Khaos_Bane on January 27, 2017 5:03PM
  • WhiteCoatSyndrome
    Question regarding Homestead: Will there be more furniture styles added in the future (EX: Imperial, Dwemer, Daedric), and if so, can you give us details as to when and how you expect these to be implemented? (Will they drop in the same places as existing recipes, will they be added with each quarterly update or more sporadically, etc?)
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    New Loremaster Q&A!
    Thanks for the upcoming show and this opportunity for gaining information
    I like most of what i have seen coming in this release and am counting the days until Homestead hits. it will have a positive impact on my day-to-day play and enjoyment.

    Questions I have for you to hopefully find time to consider:

    1 HOUSING FUNCTIONS: What types of functional housing capabilities can we expect in the future? Any plans for:
    "Gardens", "Traps" or "Dig Sites": Setting up your own "nodes" with a little more control like say being able to setup a "Kresh" garden where it would spawn cloth nodes once a day but they would always be kresh if i wanted - to allow crafters to setup their own controlled lower level mats supplies instead of all the random ones. These would be not that much different than sort of like daily delivery hireling passives but you would go outside to pick/dig/harvest them each day instead of in-game mail.
    Storage: obvious
    Mailboxes: Accept writs and turn-in products for writs at home.
    Couriers: Accept Daily missions from mages, fighters, undaunted. tg, db guilds and turn in when finished right at home.
    Errand Boys: Link to a given guild trader kiosks or small area of kiosks (like say Wayrest cluster) from your home for purchase.
    Repair Stations: "Buy repairs" at home.

    2 EQUIPMENT CRAFTING: Are there plans for adding new and unique capabilities to crafted sets so that they have a "place at the table" for "endgame" play more than they do now? Equipment crafting seems to have reached an all-time low based on what I have been seeing since the significant changes making drop sets more appealing and available in OneTam. I think the drop set changes were good and i do not find them doing anything but helping the game experience, however, equipment crafting needs to get a similar revamp" so that it can continue to live up to its relevance compared to its cost in skills and times.Have you considered allowing 3pc bpdy/wpn sets and 4pc body/wpn sets as "unique for crafted sets" additions to the game - giving crafted sets some alternatives to compete with drops sets unique 2pc monster sets, 3pc jewel/wpn sets and 1-2pc weapons sets? Not asking for crafted weapons to supplant maelstrom or that kind of potency but simply different set configurations available only from crafted sets - enabling some unique possibilities that only come if you use crafteds.

    3 TRAITS: Any chance that the ideas behind new staff passives on AOE vs Single target damage can work their way into trait rebalancing efforts? So that traits for gear and armor can become more "balanced by circumstance" with one set of traits being better for certain content and others being better for others so that "every trait is best somewhere but no trait is best everywhere." Armor traits that give higher defense bonuses to AOE attacks or DOT attacks or direct attacks or elemental attacks or physical attacks etc etc would go a long way towards making "one best set/trait" not as much a thing. Weapon traits that raised damage or crit chances or penetrations but only against certain type of opponents would accomplish the same kind of result.

    4 TOGGLES: Any chance at an "overtime" type passive that would allow toggles to remain functional for a few seconds (3s/6s) if swapped off the bar they are on even if the other bar did not have the toggles. Swap back quick enough and toggles remain but get caught dallying and then they drop?

    Edited by STEVIL on January 27, 2017 8:01PM
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