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VMA progress not saving...


Yesterday, I attempted to complete my second Veteran Maelstrom Arena run.
I got to the stage 9 and after dying in stage 9, I had to leave. So, powered off my PS4.

When I came back to complete the Arena, a few hours later, I noticed that my progress hadn't been saved.
I had to start over...

This is super frustrating and I was wondering if it was worth trying this hard content ever again... if it doesn't save properly.

What could of cause this? Has this happen to anybody else?

PSN: sluiceqc (NA-PS4) CP: 551+
I strictly play on Daggerfall Covenant for when it comes to PvP
Daggerfall Covenant
sluice - Orc Sorcerer (50)
Anýa - Bosmer Nightblade (0..50)

Aldmeri Dominion (PvE only)
Arýä - Altmer Sorcerer (50)
Marksar - Breton Templar (50)
Maksar - Bosmer Nightblade (50)
sluice - Imperial Dragonknight (0..50) R.I.P.

Ebonheart Pact
Can't-Heal-Stupid - Argonian Templar (0..50)

(vMA) drop table and probability
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