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What was your reaction to the price reveales for the Style Parlor?

Just in case you missed it:

Post your reaction with text, picture, GIF, or whatever.


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  • NewBlacksmurf
    -PC (PTS)/Xbox One: NewBlacksmurf
    ~<{[50]}>~ looks better than *501
  • Asmael
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  • sparafucilsarwb17_ESO
    What the actual f....what are the people at ZOS smoking??
  • Son-of-the-Desert
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  • freespirit

    I was going to put up a little youtube video that I like but decided I might get slapped wrists......

    Google "Wtf parrot" >:)
    Edited by freespirit on July 26, 2016 7:23PM
    When people say to me........
    "You're going to regret that in the morning"
    I sleep until midday cos I'm a problem solver!
  • AfkNinja
    ZOS be like:

  • Lettigall
    Some men just want to watch the world burn... I just want a cold beer!
  • BigBragg
  • Acrolas
    Which Maya to use? *** it, I'll use both.


    signing off
  • Bad_Company
    I thought Appearance Change would cost 1k, which held true. Race Change would be better off at 2-2.5k, 3k crowns is a lot.
    Name Change being 2.5k is ridiculous lol
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    Anthony Hotskins (Altmer Nightblade)

  • mobicera
    Hooray I just won 100k!
    but um why does this suprise people?
    Seems to be the normal price range for most games.
    It is exactly what I expected...
  • Jimmy
    I don't have an issue with them at all.

    I think people on this forum literally look for things to complain about and get really excited to complain when they find something.
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    PC NA
  • Mojmir
    not surprised at all,I've been saying this for careful what you ask for.
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  • Autolycus
    I was not surprised...

    For a subscriber it's a different perspective, in that one who subscribes has their respective allotments of crowns each month/quarter/etc. For many people, those crowns just sit and collect dust, and said individual may occasionally purchase something with those crowns. Sure, there are people who turn those crowns around for mount upgrades and consumables, but the point is that for someone who is just arbitrarily collecting those crowns, a race change is fairly inconsequential. I'd say it's even less of an issue for these people if their characters are those that have all of their undaunted/mages/fighters/alliance skills unlocked.... 3,000 crowns is worth saving that time investment on a re-roll for a lot of people.
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  • Garldeen
    'What was your reaction to the price reveales for the Style Parlor? Bookmark' to see what WHOLE games I could buy on Steam for the same price. Answer, quite a lot
  • DenMoria
    Of course, why would I use them?

    I create my characters. I like my characters. I like their race. I like their appearance. I like their stories.

    Not going to waste my time changing race or hairstyle or appearance or anything like that.

    Now, if they let me change my game to something more science-fictioney, that...
  • Calidus1


    For all you whiners:


  • ShedsHisTail
    I shrugged.
    "As an online discussion of Tamrielic Lore grows longer, the probability of someone blaming a Dragon Break approaches 1." -- Sheds' Law
    Have you seen the Twin Lamps?
  • Captain8504
  • Shader_Shibes
  • natewook
    sometimes I'll take subjects to far and ask for an arm, leg and maybe an eye, please be patent with me.
    remember this thread people:
    necromancer? why I've neve- I would never do such a thing! XD
  • Trublz
    What about that drunk personality thooo???
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  • natewook
    a few hours after: 2c5cfa10-066a-0134-24a5-0e1b1c96d76b.gif?
    sometimes I'll take subjects to far and ask for an arm, leg and maybe an eye, please be patent with me.
    remember this thread people:
    necromancer? why I've neve- I would never do such a thing! XD
  • Shadesofkin
    I shrugged. I had no intention of changing any of my characters.
    @shadesofkin -NA Server.
    Tier 2 Player.
    MagDK Main forever (even in the bad times)
  • Calidus1
    Ghost-Shot wrote: »


    and unashamed. if i was unhappy as many of the people on here about every little thing i'd think i'd just find new game.
  • RavenRoxie
    I had been planning on doing a name change and appearance change for my healer. I have been eagerly awaiting this update.. But, then I saw the prices....

    2,500 Crowns for a name change!?!!............................................ :(

    I don't even mind that the apperance is 1k but the name change........................................... and the rest of the prices.....

    All I can really think to say is............... :/

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  • Darkonflare15
    Ghost-Shot wrote: »
    Calidus1 wrote: »


    For all you whiners:




    It does not take a fanboy to not really care about the style palor prices. On the contrary, It is the fanboys that are complaing about them. So l think it is a little trite to be calling somebody a fanboy when you have to be some degree of a fan to be even on the forums to care about this game.
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