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(93% Support) Should Training and Prosperous be taken out of loot tables for end-game content?

  • Bryanonymous
    No. Leave them in all.
    Vote no because the title is bias.
  • argouru
    Yes. Take them out of all.
    By the time you hit end-game, training is useless and Prosperity gives such a low benefit that it's borderline useless. I watched Deltia's vid on youtube where he used 250 Undaunted keys and about half of what times he got were either Training or Prosperity. Zenimax, please remove these traits from end-game gear.
  • MrTarkanian48
    Yes. Take them out of all.

    I updated the title recently to reflect the results of the poll in hopes of getting some attention from the devs. If you notice this has been a running poll since June 29, and has had no response from ZOS, and obviously no changes have been made in the last two major updates.

    The intent is not to pressure people to conform with the majority, but instead to make the results obvious.

    Regardless, feel free to vote as you wish.
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    EP - PS4
  • Sallington
    Yes. Take them out of all.
    There's absolutely 0 reason for either of these traits to be on any drops outside of trash mobs so we can decon them for crafted gear.
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  • phreatophile
    Yes. Take them out of all.
    Even with those 2 decon trash traits removed, the loot tables will still be plenty diluted with crap. It's a baby step in the right direction.

    It's not like the removal of these two despised insults to useful gear will lead us into the sunlit uplands where it rains purple divines (and impenetrable for those so inclined) gear. Your chances of getting what you want will only improve by 4.16667%.

    It'll still suck and take lots of time to get a decent set, no gear grinds or aggravating time sinks will be seriously injured by this change, only slightly bruised. They needn't fear we'll suddenly get geared and stop playing.

    ZOS, please kill the terrible two.
  • BuggeX
    Other. (Explain)
    isnt there something like "intelligent loot"?

    why the hell do i still get ebony heal staff with Training? is that intelligent ? lol

    Remove the *** Drops also from the tabel, noone want to use a ebony heal staff.

    yes im mad, i want to pvp and not grind a *** *** set locked behind a *** dungeon, even the Mobs were buffed so i have to do it in a grp with *** randoms wiping all over the ***.... im done

    why the hell cant i buy the *** with ap
    Edited by BuggeX on October 11, 2016 9:34PM
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