A message from Zazeer - Hacking

I am posting this on behalf of Zazeer

"Greetings all, I am Zazeer.
Over the last two years I have enjoyed many countless hours on the Elder scrolls Online, primarily in PvP, i made a name for myself and my Guild, I made it to the rank of Alliance War General
and despite the many seemingly "game breaking" bugs we have endured i have managed to enjoy my time in ESO.
By now everyone has seen the countless threads, videos and photos of myself and others hacking the game and giving ourselves an unfair advantage in the forms of Unlimited Ultimate, resources and the ability to fly.
Many of you have questioned why someone who has invested so much time and money into this game would throw it all away like this, while many others have expressed their anger and hatred toward me in various forms
for ruining their game-play. To those people, I apologize, I too would be furious if this had happened to me,I too would take to the forums in protest.

Two days ago i was made aware that it was possible to run the Elder scrolls Online through Cheat Engine and alter almost any value to the users liking, I was then filled in on how players have been doing this since launch but discreetly, increasing game speed by just enough so that they can hit you with 3 attacks in a second but claim to be great animation cancelers and get away with it, drop ultimate's at a seemingly fast pace but call it a ulti regen build, and remember that time the 1vX pro you were fighting never ran out of resources? My reaction to this was to enquire how this could have gone on for so long, how a game of this scale can get away with not having any anti-cheat software, how had this not been reported? As it turned out this issue had been reported MANY times in the past, entire demonstrations on how to do this very thing had been sent in yet no action taken, everything swept under the rug. I considered how best to deal with this problem as a player who will now suspect everyone I come across and wonder if they are legit, i could submit yet another ticket as players have done in the past to no avail, I could write a forum thread which might gain some attention but not enough to worry Zos and players who aren't being affected by it would say "yeah that sucks but not happening to me" and that would be that, so instead I made a decision to expose what has been going on and to force a response, I decided to take the hack and put it on display for all to see, to be made aware of, I looked over my account that i had spent 2 years working on, an account that meant a lot to me and accepted that this was the day Zazeer died.Friends who no longer had faith in the progress of this game decided to go down with me and we did our best to enjoy our last hours on ESO, while painful & frustrating for everyone else our goal was to show everybody what was going on, to get everyone's attention, to affect every person that we could so that it could not be ignored, the more frustrated the players were the more vocal they would be, we walked into zenimax's house and set it on fire, made a problem that could not be ignored any longer. we demonstrated what could be done on live streams so that players could understand the massive extent of the issue, and for the first time in ESO history our entire community united in protest, Threads of outrage and disappointment filled the forums, you shouted as one and Zenimax could not ignore you any longer, the spread of this issue could not be contained or swept under the rug. It may have cost me my account, and a few hours of complete frustration for others but the point has been made and those who are hacking the game can hide no more, everyone will be looking for signs of cheating.

You can be mad at me, disagree with my methods, be disgusted at me, but at the end of it all the truth is now right there for everyone to see, the hackers are now panicking, the Developers are working on fixes and we as a community have spoken, hacking is not acceptable & what is even more unacceptable is that there are no systems in place to prevent hacking.
Here's to a brighter future for ESO!"

Yours truly
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  • Asmael
    Asmael wrote: »

    Uhh no . Batman didn't use a cheat engine .

    Nah, he's much more high tech and a bunch of gadgets and ninja training. Zaz didn't even need ninja training. #Badass

    That's mostly how the thread felt. That said, I feel that there were better ways to do it than destroy everything ingame for it to happen.

    No matter what isn't part of my luggage, and I can't really support this, even if I do hope that, somehow, it'll be better for the game's health in the long run.
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  • ataggs
    Exactly Jules!
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  • DannyLV702
    Interesting read
  • Vifen
    Yeah eso needed a wakeup call, but this? This is too much, you've just created terror.
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  • Rylana
    Minno wrote: »
    Thanks for bringing 3rd programs to the forefront. But it's a misguided sense of vigilantism. Here's why:

    -you actually don't care for the well being of the game. If you did, you would have done a close test on one toon and sent video to zOS or actively sent them the link to download it.
    - In fact your actions above and by other hackers suggest you want the game to die. Week before a major patch, it's no rocket-science you know ZOS would be understaffed to tackle this issue. Why wait for this week to do it? Why not after DB? It's painfully obvious why it was done in this timeframe.

    I expect AD and EP to follow DC's example in all guild leads to G-tick any individuals seen using these hacks. I expect the perfection in this community, so rise above it.

    And I expect full bans from ZOS. Streamer, casual, or guild lead it doesn't matter.

    AD and DC should follow EP's example actually. He was in DR, an EP guild, and he is no longer. We have also adopted a zero tolerance policy, any users of this cheat will be removed and reported, no appeal or questions asked.
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