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Honestly, you should just let Purge remove all debuffs, but only affect 3-6 people.

It should remove the entirety of mark at least (this comes from a Nightblade player). I like that its number of affected targets is falling. Thoughts on this additional change?
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Here's a great thread collecting community ideas for PvP updates.

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  • RoyJade
    The less debuff/dots it remove, the better it is (a player who spend time to apply multiple debuff and dots shouldn't see it entire work wasted, except against templar). But I agree, mark target and all multi-debuff attack should count as only one debuff.
  • PainfulFAFA
    Nah, Ieave it as is so we can test it on live. Zergs are just gonna tell their magicka users to slot Purge either way.
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