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Do you think ESO is dieing?

Since some people seem to believe it is and some (like myself) do not I thought I'd make this poll and see what the forum community believes. Feel free to comment also but keep it clean!
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Do you think ESO is dieing? 555 votes

28% 156 votes
Yes, but only on PC
3% 20 votes
Yes, but only on Xb1
0% 3 votes
Yes, but only on PS4
1% 6 votes
50% 283 votes
Too soon to say...
15% 87 votes
  • Justice31st
    Game isn't even a year old on consoles yet...
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  • Waffennacht
    And (to add to above post) you gotta realize that a ton of plaers that start a game during release are not gonna stick around.

    I use my xbox friends list as reference. Like over half started the new halo, now no one plays. Everyone started smite now one plays. Over 20 started Neverwinter now only two play.

    According to my little demographic, the most player retaining games so far are: fallout 4 (give it time) Neverwinter (the two consistent players are more consistent with this game than others) and ESO (eso has consistently 9 players on)

    So from my history, eso is one of the more lasting games already (for console)
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  • Leandor
    Ah, is it that time of the year again? Where those doomsday posts creep up, I mean...

    Personaly, I blame winter depression on that, wouldn't know why else these would pop around this time of the year so much...
  • Merry
    Since the sale there has been a lot more people in the earlier zones. I dont know how many of them are new and how many are just people making alts but either way one must assume that those new chars were created to play through the game. Which means more people out doing dungeons/dolmens/etc.
    It sure doesnt feel dead to me.

    aidenmoore wrote: »
    No one doing world boss dailies in Wrothgar. I can confirm, ESO is dying.

    I dont know if you are being serious or sarcastic about the Wrothgar bosses but I see them being run constantly throughout the day/night. Like really, all the time. /shrug

    Edited by Merry on November 30, 2015 11:56PM
  • nimander99

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  • EDS604
    not dying at all. in every mmo there's people sticking around for a few months and losing interest after that. in every mmo there's people dedicated to the game and sticking around for years. what you see here is a game that's maturing, not dying :)
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  • Kelleton
    Wrothgar was the first finished product we have ever seen released from the team. Craiglorn was released in 2 bits and was supposed to be released on launch but delayed. IC was released without any of the PvP objectives (now they say they are looking into it). Now in Q1 they are doing ability rebalance because they broke the game in 1.6. What happened to the devs having all the potential numbers worked out? Remember when they said they knew exactly what someone's potential armor/stamina/regen would be and where those numbers would come from? Hah 1 week after that release we had the most broken game since launch.

    When you release unfinished products your numbers will drop. Hire game devs that know how to write proper algorithms so your combat system isn't shot. This is a combat centric game, if your combat is crap no matter how beautiful your game looks it is a crap product. You wont buy a new car with a '78 pinto engine. Fix this and people will come back.
  • Skiserony
    It's too soon to really tell, but it's not going to take much longer if the issues persist. It's no too late to fix them now.

    But if there aren't going to be fixes, I'm afraid it'll eventually will be.
  • JD2013
    Ah, the weekly "is the game dying?" speculation.

    Can't not have this every week!
    Sweetrolls for all!

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  • Thrasher91604
    daemonios wrote: »
    In order to force people to buy the DLCs, all dropped gear is now BoP so there's no chance you'll get it from other players.

    May be some dropped gear is BoP, but not in the normal zones.

  • iamnotweakrwb17_ESO
    There are certain things they need to do urgently.

    A) Fix lag
    B) Give cyrodill its life back
    C) Get rid of the *** RNG grindfest
    D) Fix up the absolutely lazy dev mode UI interface. Non clutter is one thing but at least have an inbuilt UI that allows detailed information to be turned on or off FFS.
    E) Guild trader system needs a massive overhaul.
  • Lenikus
    ... People are so clueless. lol.
    ... Mai cave. >:3
  • daemonios
    daemonios wrote: »
    In order to force people to buy the DLCs, all dropped gear is now BoP so there's no chance you'll get it from other players.

    May be some dropped gear is BoP, but not in the normal zones.

    All dropped set gear in the new zones/dungeons is BoP.

    Happy now?
  • Valen_Byte
    lonewolf26 wrote: »
    If the lag in AZ on PC is any indicator, I'd say alive and well for now.

    Except the fact that AZ is the ONLY pvp server that has any population. Even Blackwater Blade is dead. I wouldn't say 'one' pvp alive and well.
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  • NoMoreChillies
    not dying at all
    PVP players may think it is, but PVE is strong as ever.
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  • Lord Xanhorn
    Lord Xanhorn
    not dying at all
    PVP players may think it is, but PVE is strong as ever.

    This is really myopic. PVE is as bad as its ever been. There are 2 4 man dungeons that present a challenge. All the other vet dungeons are easy mode and the rest of PVE is solo.

    All the trials guilds and PVE guilds are dead cause there's just nothing to do.

    So glad the solo people got their way and got a whole nother zone for them to explore. Meanwhile everyone else left. I guess the 15 current solo zones weren't enough.
    I'm kind of a small deal!
  • ADarklore
    I still see starter zones filled with people... and I continuously create and delete characters, so I would definitely notice if there was a huge decline. Plus, it all depends on when you normally play as playing during the week you won't see nearly as many people as evenings and weekends.
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  • Catblade
    I think it's trying to commit suicide. Someone refer eso to the suicide hotline
    Edited by Catblade on December 1, 2015 1:05AM

  • wafcatb14_ESO
    Need to add a Don`t care because I`m waiting on another MMO to release option . lol
  • FelixTheCatt
    Can't speak to the Xbone or pc crowd but anyone denying a HUGE ps4 playerbase drop for the last 3 weeks is either blind or trying to fool themselves. All the major trade cities and craglorn have been ghost towns. I bet just tonight there probably wasn't 20 players in Eldenroot at peak hours.

    Hey , I'm not wishing it , its just the flat out truth. Will things rebound? I believe so but nothing like it was before. This games reputation doesn't attract former players to rejoin amd word of mouth among the gaming community keeps new players from even starting.
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  • TheLaw
    It doesn't matter what people think, it's dying.
    -= Shahrzad the Great |Sorc| =-
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