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PVP Guides

I'm trying really hard to enjoy IC but I believe my problem with it mostly lies in my Lack of PVP skills.
I have used @Sypherpk builds but my problem lies in knowing what to do in certain situations.
Basically can any one recommend a good guide or video explaining pvp not just showing someone doing it?
Im using a DW/2h stamina NB build..
Thx in advance..
  • Waffennacht
    Oh man, what you are asking for is highly specific. In fact I do not recall exactly what you are looking being around. The closest thing is to find a build guide and see if they describe how they PvP with that build.

    Each build has different ways of playing.

    If you were to list what build you are going for, you will get tons of replies helping you.

    If you're tank your style against a NB will vary greatly than if you are dps. Just an example. Ill help with my limited knowledge, if I can, if you post a bit more specifics
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  • revonine
    I have used @Sypherpk builds but my problem lies in knowing what to do in certain situations.

    Using a build you find online is fine but first things first. Only ever use a build as template. You must tailor it to what you find comfortable using.

    What situations are you having trouble most with? Perhaps a few examples and we could offer some advice.
  • Johngo0036
    @Jabroniebwb - Here is a link to a guide that i found VERY useful,
    The author @Deanthecat has vast experience playing PVP and is an arch-Enemy of mine but we are good friends...

    Hope this helps:
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  • DeanTheCat
    Hmm, I spot my guide. Thanks @Johngo0036 for linking it.

    @Jabroniebwb: Since you are using a DW + 2h build, which is incidentally the same style of build I play, I can offer you some advice on using such a build properly.

    1) Never stand still. Seriously. DW has a huge emphasis on mobility to stay alive, and you need to use the mobility if you want to win. Circle your opponent, and never let him/her face you. Your opponent will most of the time be hindered by his/her slower weapon, so use that chance to get in a few free hits.

    2) Put your buffs on the 2h bar (I recommend a Precise Greatsword) and your attacking abilities on the DW (I recommend Twinned Sharpened Maces/Axes). This allows you to flawlessly transition between defense and offense, and ensures you stay mobile. A 2h weapon is simply too slow for this sort of build.

    3) Slot Radiant Magelight. As you need to constantly circle and kite an enemy in melee when fighting, you also need to watch your back. RML does that nicely for you.

    4) Have a skill that grants Major Expedition and have a skill that removes snares. Mobility is your asset, so you want to be as fast as you can get.

    5) Practice. You need to get a feel of your own limits and playstyle, and then tailor a build to yourself that covers your weaknesses and enhances your strengths. The only way you'll learn that is by practice. Sure, you'll die a lot when learning, but remember, we all started with not knowing how to block or attack to who we are today. Keep at it, and don't give up.

    If you wish to learn how to create a build, I wrote a guide on how to create builds. The link is in my signature.
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    Please read this before creating yet another nerf thread.

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  • Jabroniebwb
    Thanks for all the responses. Here's a little more info. Running 30000 stam, 18000hp, 4000 weapon damage with 80% crit.
    Im actually using a combination of builds from Deltia and Syphe4. Armor is 5pc Hundings with 2pc night mothers
    With Night mothers daggers. Agility jewerly with weapon damage.
    My first bar consists of surprise attack, ambush, blood craze, camo hunter, siphoning attacks when i need sustain. Ultimate dawnbreaker.
    Second bar is my buff bar. Starting with Rally, mass hysteria, dark cloak, piercing mark and merciless resolve. Ultimate ice comet.
    Thinking about maybe trying cripple, or shuffle.
    I suppose maybe my biggest problem is lack of experience, and understanding of other classes and their abilities. But also when and where to use certain abilities and what order.
    Anyway I appreciate all the information here. Sorry I was a vague at first.
  • 1Grumpy_dunmer1
    You could play all the classes so you know each skill and how to counter it or you can be patient and die a ton learning like most of us.
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