[CLOSED!] Ebony Wolf Pack recruiting for Dogs of War

The Ebony Wolf Pack is not currently recruiting. However, if you are looking for a highly recommended red werewolf guild, join the Dogs of War ESO Facebook group for an invite to the Dogs of War.


No events while guildmasters are taking a break!


The Ungifted: Those who have not yet received Hircine's gift. Although, not everyone wishes to become a werewolf, the Ungifted seeks it out!

Feral Hound: The casual members of the pack. Having already received Hircine's gift, they have not yet learned to master their power.

Lycan Soldier: The "dogs of war". Lycan Soldiers are not afraid to get involved with the big dogs to conquer our foes.

Hunt’s Paladin: Reserved for the pack’s healers.

Hircine’s Chosen: The inner circle of the pack. The most dedicated and reliable members are chosen by the Alphas to join the circle.

Hircine’s Wrath: The strongest of the werewolves. If you come across a Hircine’s Wrath, you better watch out!


Lunar Hallowed: Whooty17, Phomerr, STLynnthoria, TheWolfishGrizz, NotThePoPo911, wags307, Covokson

Moon’s Shadow: Bosolk

**The Alphas**

First Crescent: The one responsible for the bloodline of our pack. Upon becoming a werewolf himself, his first bite was given to me and our pack was created.

Ebony Eclipse: Upon receiving my first bite, I wanted to share the gift to others free of charge. But since then our pack has evolved into something greater. Together, the Ebony Wolf Pack will show Tamriel what werewolves can really be!

Our guild house is the Hunter’s Glade, CrazyWolf712's primary residence. We have all regular crafting stations available to everyone in the guild, transmute and jewelry crafting included, as well as four Mundus Stones: Warrior, Tower, Lady, and Serpent. We also have three target dummies, Buckbeak the Wraith of Crows, Sid the Skeleton, and Jerry Springer the Precursor!

Check out our Werewolf 101 forum: https://forums.elderscrollsonline.com/en/discussion/384516/ebony-wolf-pack-werewolf-101/p1

We also have a Band page! There is a schedule for our events and chat rooms for various needs. Just search for Ebony Wolf Pack (ESO, Xbox One NA) and join!
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