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[ Grumpy Old Gamers ] - ( Social Guild ) - [Aldmeri Dominion]

  • Hanniballg
    Hi there. Would like to join. VR 16 Khajiit Nightblade Vampire and very active player on AD faction. PSN: Gamaani. Chers!
  • piekjon
    Soul Shriven
    PSN: piekjon
  • Ebon-Dark
    Soul Shriven
    PSN: Ebon-Dark
  • LondonLad
    I guilded with these guys in another game and was fun. Shame I'm not AD now thonor I would be joining.

    So a friendly bump from me !

    Good luck!
  • nynaeve8
    Soul Shriven
    Hi, I'd like to join your guild if you're still accepting requests. I'm on most days. VR3 sorc AD.

    PSN nynaeve8

  • JacobG85
    I would like to join, i play a nightblade. I am currently at veteran rank 12.

    My PSN is : JacobG85
  • KingLube9
    PSN: KingLube9

    Would love to join!
  • Wolfy2512
    Hey, if this is still going i'd be happy to join you guys :smile:

    I'm 47yo so i think I just qualify haha, very much a play at my own pace and solo PvE player though. Got 6 characters in total (2 in each zone) and mainly trying to get my main crafter in AD levelled up (approx 30 in each of Blacksmithing/Woodworking/Tailor at the moment) so looking for a guild that will let me deconstruct any unwanted items to help level, even white or green will help.

    I'm also levelling Provisioner with a different character but she's in EP, so can drop unwanted recipes and crafted food items for others to use, that's an ongoing project currently levelled at approx 35 and crafting blue items up to level 30 (I think)

    Highest character is level 27 but might reroll her anyway, was my first alt but is a poor build compared to my others.

    PS4 EU server, Wolfy2512
  • RickHolt
    Soul Shriven
    PSN: RickHolt

    Looking to get back into the game. Only low level at the moment.
  • Bormann88
    Iam looking for a clan, Bormann
    PSN M_Bormann88
  • jrmn78
  • Steveyboy_UK
    Are you still recruiting? Totally new to eso.
  • Steveyboy_UK
    If you are still recruiting could you chuck me an invite?
    Psn Steveyboy_UK
  • Tezz001
    Do you apply to every guild Steveyboy_Uk??

    If this were for Daggerfall I'd be asking to join, sounds just up my street.
  • Steveyboy_UK
    Not every guild. I have 4 spaces left. Hoping to get amongst some experienced players and by joining several guilds I can, therefore develop my eso knowledge.(lol)
  • Visigoth
    Hey are you guys still around? I'm trying to get my father to join a guild (he's retired and has become a nolifegammer, he spends almost all his time playing ESO) I keep telling him he should join a guild, he would get more out of the time he spends playing...
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