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Crown Store Item Wish List

  • ChuckyPayne
    Wish List?
    Balanced prices, slow growing.

    Price balance:
    I liked the subscription fees. It is promised to me, I will get good content very often. We will see what will change after March. I would like to play as before. Ok then I will buy premium plus -> All DLC Update X will avaible, its ok. 1500 crowns that is enough to buy mounts, pets, costumes? I dont want pay more than a subscription fee/month. But I would like buy some pets, costumes mounts, but if I can't with premium plus I will left, because I do not want to relive what we saw in GW2. Dont say u dont need to buy. I would like buy, why? As is already being collected the motifs. Because of the appearance.

    Item balance, slow growing:
    We don't want every week new skins, we don't want with every update new skins. Keep slow growing pls.
    Just 2 simple question
    - How many new skins we will get in March in-game? (new motifs?, new armor skins? like yokudan etc) I think 0.
    - How many new skin we will get in March in crown shop (costumes)? >5.

    In-game 0 : Crown shop > 5

    That is not good. I have a bad feeling about it. Every 6 week new update: Update X a few new costumes, 0 in game skins. Just like in GW2? I hope not. If we would like to collect a skin now: Goal has been to us (for example Aether skin, or vet10 costume, play through the content). After it, just buy a costume.

    After March, we will get ever comstume, pet, mount in-game with quests, etc?

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  • Lynx7386
    Senche-raht mounts.
    PS4 / NA
    M'asad - Khajiit Nightblade - Healer
    Pakhet - Khajiit Dragonknight - Tank
    Raksha - Khajiit Sorcerer - Stamina DPS
    Bastet - Khajiit Templar - Healer
    Leonin - Khajiit Warden - Tank
  • Zandru
    Soul Shriven
    kwisatz wrote: »
    I don't really care, but I can tell you what you should not do.

    Provide nothing that breaks lore or is just plain silly i.e. no unicorn heads or holiday themed items.

    Do not offer items that make the game easier or give advantage. Part of the rewards in playing involve trying to find motifs or earn costumes through progression, costumes kills that motivation.

    Mounts, if i see a single person riding a dragon, giant mudcrab or wamasu you will have failed.

    Just don't break the lore, the immersion of the game for the sake of crowns.

    Make sure that subscibers don't have to pay for new DLC, we made a contract, honor it.

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