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Official Discussion Thread for “Your Guide to ESO Plus™ Premium Membership”

This is the official discussion thread for the web article “Your Guide to ESO Plus™ Premium Membership.”

Find out more about the excellent in-game benefits that all ESO Plus members will enjoy in Tamriel Unlimited!
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  • Huxley12345
  • Jasonn
    My heart sunk when I read this :(
  • Kazzaronie
    So this is basically saying that it is not going to be p2p anymore, but just having a cash shop if you want to pay for premium version?

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  • Nazon_Katts
    Now, now. Please don't tell me this came as a surprise to you folks.
    "You've probably figured that out by now. Let's hope so. Or we're in real trouble... and out come the intestines. And I skip rope with them!"
  • BBSooner
  • Lauradana
    Game just died a sudden and very painful death, now I have absolutly no reason not to go to EQ Next when it comes out. So very disapointed. So jusr cancelled my and the wife's sub, thanks for the fun while it lasted. Camelot here we come.
    Edited by Lauradana on January 21, 2015 3:26PM
  • davidkinderb16_ESO
    Another MMO flushed down the toilet
  • Morvul
    Another MMO flushed down the toilet

    quite a shame
  • TheBull
    Garbage cash to gold conversion and all that BS.

    I need a new game.
    Edited by TheBull on January 21, 2015 3:25PM
  • Blud
    I just hope the team keeps spending time on the game itself and not just stuff for the crown shop. Please keep putting development resources into Cyrodiil, Craglorn, and other new zones!

    It's just a reality of the console market.

    ESO is still the best game on the market and you all know it.
    Edited by Blud on January 21, 2015 3:28PM
  • Sindala
    God, I the being right all the time.... :p
    Being First is not the prize, it just mean's everyone can stab you in the back.
  • yakuruto
    Really? Going "pay to win" so soon?
  • mamericus
    And to think I spent so much of my time defending this game... Thanks for the fun while it lasted. I still love the ES franchise and I'll be looking forward to the next ES single player RPG.
  • Dpedro1978_ESO
    Soul Shriven
    WHY, WHY, WHY, WHY, WHY. f2p makes the community sucks PLZ if you will Please Please Please Make an option to segrate are self who are subscribers from the F2P A-holes.
    Edited by Dpedro1978_ESO on January 21, 2015 3:37PM
  • renegeed
    Isn't even out for a year, and you people already managed to ruin it.

    Well done, pathetic excuse for a company, you had something here, and all you had to do was keep it from going F2P and just continue to improve the game, but you couldn't even get that right couldn't you?
  • Bloodfang
    This doesn't sound bad at all.

    Sub + B2P Model.

    The only ones who are going to get screwed and charged more are the ones who won't subscribe. I can already see each update being 20€+ if you are not subscribed.

    Honestly I don't think we'll get less updates, probably just more. Gonna wait and see what happens to ESO.
  • Tonovol
    Soul Shriven
    I'm cancelling my sub and seeing how this goes. I want this to work, and it could, but I'm not counting on it.
    Bloody item management...
  • Baumlaus
    It is, sadly, not surprising at all but still heartbreaking ;( I loved playing this game and like many others, i already have to talk in past tense.
    Goodbye TESO because this is how you become another forgotten Free2Play MMO
    Unchained Animals - EU - @Baumlaus
  • Elsonso
    Now that the theatrics are done, can we have the 6 month subscription back?
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  • Rioht
    Wow, just wow ZoS...
  • Cyndairin
    This is the official discussion thread for the web article “Your Guide to ESO Plus™ Premium Membership.”

    Find out more about the excellent in-game benefits that all ESO Plus members will enjoy in Tamriel Unlimited!
    I request that ESO offers a Lifers Sub ! Since there is still going to be a subscription .
  • Lhorion
    Zenimax, today it is NOT the 1st April!!!
  • Morticide828
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  • nilldax
    Just like SWTOR...
  • vaagventje17eb17_ESO
    F2p ruined every game to a bunch of low life no skill players who just pay for stuff so they are awesome and have put no skill in the game what so ever. this is over crowd server. make it easier for gold-sellers to make a endless amount of accounts over and over again and sell there gold. but hell selling gold? its gonna be buy 2 win anyway. so i guess selling gold wil be okey basically. or else this is kinda or a hypocritical statement. making it f2p wil fill the game with to many gamers who just wanna *** with the game. and troll. this is the worst decision you guys have ever made. think this true. if its because you can ask subscription fees on the console and think this is fair? its not fair. you are spitting in the eyes of the players who payed for this all those months. if you really need money. up the sub fee's really. i rather pay dubble the price, then let this game go f2p.

    don't do it ZOS. look at other games that did this. those other games are the games people stopped playing to play a proper game like this. going F2p means this game wil last til the next launch of a great mmorpg game. and that wont take to long in the current game develop environment.

    think properly about what this does. and the respect less of the actions you are doing against you subscribers. its not about the money zos. its about having a game that needs skill to play, and you cant juts buy you way in to like some rich spoiled brath. this game is fair to everyone in the game. and this wil make it unfair for the people who supported you true all the stuff. the bugs. everything and we keep paying you guys. why do you feel the need to do this. it makes no sense. its stupid. and not how its suppose to be. stop this before you let it get out of hand. or do you guys want the imperial city to be filled with people who dont pay anything?

    and will never pay anything. but wil still use and abuse your content. selling gold wil be easy. botting. pff they can make 20 account to try and try and try again to make it work. you guys had such a good security. but this wil destroy that. welcome to all goldsellers! botters! spammers! everybody is welcome now. god banned? no worries its free!!! so jsut make a new account and get righ to it! nobody can stop you now :D because its buy to win. so yeah ZOS is basically telling us goldsellers wil be okey. hell ZOS is gonna do the same. so stopping the other goldsellers, wil be very hypocritical of them. but yeah i think i said enough. i just hope you guys thought this true, and it wont be like the other stuff. because you wil only get 1 chance to get this right. or you game is wiped of the map by the next game... i heard wow's expesian was looking nice... it might already be out. but at least wow is not play to win you see? that is why they succeeding so much. having a trial til level 20 or somthing would be more fitting. but "premium members" worst idea ever made by any company. check the number of other games that tried this. and you wil see :)
  • andromedafalls
    Zenimax take the hint NO-ONE wants this stop it now your killing your game
  • Savitar
    Just.. wow.. thanks for now alienating and killing the game for all the people with money... the adults. Was fun while it lasted...
  • skinzboi1b16_ESO
    Soul Shriven
    i will be canceling my sub right now and never play again. going f2p is going to ruin this brilliant game. goodbye
  • Bastijer
    What other decent games are out there please? Time to look for a serious game/developer.
    Thanks ZOS for making me feel like an stupid lab rat.
  • G0ku
    [snip], im out

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