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Official Discussion Thread for "The Road Ahead - August 20"

Community Manager
This is the official discussion thread for the blog article The Road Ahead - August 20. We hope you enjoyed this latest update from our Game Director Matt Firor!
Gina Bruno
ESO Community Manager
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  • Maotti
    Hey Gina! Will gametime card users be eligible for the loyalty system aswell? :)
    Edited by Maotti on August 20, 2014 10:35PM
    PC EU
  • Csub
    k9mouse wrote: »
    They really need to get busy on having character copies on the PTS instead of templates if they A: want more people testing, B: want better results with fine tuning trials

    I was thinking the samething, I can I test crafting at upper tiers with my "Live" server char that I spend all time on? It is not enough time to do the research again on the PTS server to test out crafting and give feedback.

    Just import my current char(s), will help a lot and better way to test content on the PTS server.
    Everything is level 50, you have 5 million gold and 120+ skillpoints.
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  • Audigy
    They really need to get busy on having character copies on the PTS instead of templates if they A: want more people testing, B: want better results with fine tuning trials

    It takes about 10 minutes to set up a reasonably well-built toon on the PTS right now thanks to the templates. If people won't even do that, what are the chances of them going to an account page and doing some kind of character copy process?

    The PTS setup is a bit tricky, we need two full clients for this. A our EU or US client and B the PTS client.

    Not sure how this could be made better, most games I know still use that system but I honestly don't have 2x 50GB disc space :(

    If I could just jump on with my current client I sure would do this more often ;)

    Thanks for the Road Ahead, I like reading those little reports from time to time :D
    Edited by Audigy on August 20, 2014 10:40PM
  • TheHumanFloyd
    These are so great. I love reading The Road Ahead!
  • technohic
    Update 5 is intriguing for as little that is said. Combat updates. I have a feeling people will expect a LOT out of that.
  • Guar
    Wow! Very exciting features to look forward to! I appreciate the fact that Zenimax is taking the time necessary to make sure that every change is going to be a good one, instead of just releasing it and then eventually making changes! I am very excited for the future of ESO and I will definitely help out on the PTS!
    Edited by Guar on August 20, 2014 10:54PM
  • MorHawk
    I too would like to have seen more specifics on balance, and far more importantly bug fixes. This damage scaling bug is getting insane.

    That said, championiness seems to be coming along nicely. Easily the highlight for me was the last paragraph about your priorities. Flaws get top priority, improvements second, and new toys last. Good call.
    Observant wrote: »
    I can count to potato.
    another topic that cant see past its own farts.
  • HippieTheGreat
    Good to see the road ahead. Kinda sad the justice system and spellcrafting are regulated to "later" though. Really waiting on those 2 systems.

    Nice update though, looking forward to seeing whats coming.
  • Elsonso
    Thanks for the Road Ahead.

    This pretty color wheel thing for Champion Points tells me that the person who created the Skyrim constellation UI has finally joined the ESO team, though.

    Loyalty rewards are just a way to keep people subscribed. Loyalty programs do nothing to retain dissatisfied people and are not a factor for buying the game. They are specifically designed for people who let the subscription lapse with the intention of renewing it at a later date. In this, they seem to be addressing something that Blizzard said a while back that subscribers tend to cycle, alternately subscribing and then letting the subscription lapse.
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