Loremaster’s Archive Q&A- Telvanni Lore

Welcome all to the first Loremaster's Archive of 2023! This time, we're exploring all things Telvanni during the Second Era. Do you have a question related to the Telvanni involvement in the upcoming Scribes of Fate DLC? Or maybe you have an evergreen Telvanni question to get off your chest? This is the place to ask!

To help our Loremaster answer as many questions as possible, please keep your questions short (no more than a line or two) and limit yourselves to one question apiece. Don't worry, we'll be going big with future Loremaster's Archives, and you'll absolutely have a chance to interrogate an Arcanist about the new class as we get closer to Necrom's launch in June.
With that in mind, we'll keep this thread open for one week (closing 2/15/2023 @ 10am ET/3pm UTC) for everyone to get your questions in starting today. We await your Telvanni questions!
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  • Sallymen
    What do the Telvanni think of the other races in Tamriel? Do they accept them in their ranks to go up the chain in their house or are they completely barred from ever becoming one of them?
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  • KingArthasMenethil
    In regards to Telvanni lords why is there quite a few Telvanni using the Magister title? As the Telvanni title of Magister is when you announce you deserve to be Archmagister over the current one and there's quite a few Telvanni being called Magister like the current Archmagister Nelos Otheri, Dratha, Therana, Gothren and Shelreni Baro (in the Telvanni Peninsula).

    (Gaius Sulla would work as a name if you can't say my Warcraft inspired name like "-Gaius Sulla, Battlemage of the Thirteenth Legion")

    As for Shelreni Baro to climb the ranks any further she'd need to murder Archmagister Nelos Otheri.


    "I can grant you the rank of Master now. That will give you an equal place on the Telvanni Council. But if you aspire to a higher claim, I can also grant you the title of Magister. By accepting the title of Magister, you are announcing that you deserve the title of Archmagister more than Gothren who currently holds that rank. Which will it be?"

    "Magister Otheri" is the current Archmagister
    Angharal Suth : "Indeed. My most beneficent patron, Magister Otheri, acquiesces to Magister Therana's demands. He is confident that Therana will remember this kindness in the future. Sun-in-Shadow, you are hereby freed and lifted up to the rank of hireling."

    Mistriss Dratha being called or calling herself a Magister
    You seem pretty calm about this.
    "A magister must learn to keep her worries hidden and her face calm.
    Xykenaz said he would come in the guise of a man... a Nord perhaps? A Breton? Or will it be a Mer? Perhaps I can speak to Llayne about setting up patrols for strangers in town."

    Mistress Dratha: "I accept."
    Xykenaz: "The covenant is made. Be seeing you, magister."

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  • Erickson9610
    Which kinds of Lycanthropy are native to the Telvanni region?
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  • The_Curator
    Soul Shriven
    I've spotted a Telvanni NPC working in the Orsinium Mages Guild. Would she be an outcast from the House due to her affiliation with the guild? Is it at all possible to be a member of both? I can only guess it wouldn't help one's reputation to do so, but does power not confer right in the end?

    Source 1: https://en.uesp.net/wiki/Online:Kalina_Telvanni
    Source 2: https://en.uesp.net/wiki/Morrowind:Generic_Dialogue_H
    "House Telvanni is one of the Great Houses. We value talent, knowledge, and initiative. Perhaps you would like to join House Telvanni?"
    "We don't care about politics. We don't care what other think. We just want to be left alone. And our wizard-lords and their mercenaries make sure no one bothers us."
    "We live comfortably. Our wizard-lords keep us secure, and otherwise leave us alone. All we want is to be left in peace to do as we wish."
    "House Telvanni is one of the three Dunmer Great Houses with holdings on Vvardenfell. The Telvanni wizard-lords have traditionally isolated themselves, pursuing wisdom and mastery in solitude. But certain ambitious wizards-lords, their retainers, and clients have entered whole-heartily into the competition to control and exploit Vvardenfell's land and resources, building towers and bases all along the eastern coast. The Telvanni think that wisdom confers power, and power confers right."
  • Benefactor
    There are a series of tomes mentioned to be in the vaults of the city of Necrom called the Indigo Scrolls. Is there anything you can share on the knowledge contained within these tomes?

    A second unrelated question I have is related to the imprisonment of Himandoril, currently imprisoned for arson in Necrom. Can you please elaborate on what the charges are for this member of the Painted Eyes? Please tell me he didn't burn any important knowledge.
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  • AltmerGF
    It is something of an open secret that there are a great number of downright heretical members of House Telvanni who spurn the Tribunal. How does the House keep themselves from the ire of the Ordinators?

    -a concerned citizen
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  • fenderlove
    Soul Shriven
    Since the Demnevannis are a branch of House Telvanni, I have to know: Is Aunt Sernsi ever going to get her purple urn? I would really like to give her one so she can give Revus a break.
  • CE_Nex
    Greetings. Admittedly, my knowledge of Ald Chimeris is sorely lacking. What is the etymology of the name Telvanni?

  • Aztrias
    Where is Neloth? Is he safe? Is he all right?
    Welcome Moon-and-Star to this place where destiny is made

    Nerevar forget!
  • Floognoodle
    Soul Shriven
    Throughout the years, citizens of Morrowind have seen the Telvanni make deals with Daedric Princes and lesser daedra alike for one reason or another. But what of the non-Prince daedra lords - like Lord Hollowjack or Menthyx? Are the Telvanni willing to make deals with such enigmatic beings?


    Monrave Daryn
  • TheRimOfTheSky
    House Indoril controls the cities of Firewatch, Helnim Wall, Greenheights, and Draloris (or "Dragon Glade" as the Imperials like to call it) along the eastern coast and Inner sea, north of Necrom. I have heard of a place called Tel Dreloth near Alavelis (or "Amber Forest"), in the territory of House Dres. How do these houses that are so dedicated to the Temple deal with the Telvanni having such a great influence in the area around Necrom? Could they one day encroach their holdings to control the area around the City of the Dead?
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  • Thal_J
    House Telvanni holdings are known to extend to the isles north of the peninsula. What is known about those islands, and the settlement of Port Telvannis? Are the smaller islands settled?


    Grelar Maloren
  • Natsirt812
    Soul Shriven
    What is the average lifespan of a ordinary Dunmer? And what about other mer? I'm eager to know.

    - Sincerely, Llivas Telvayn
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  • Marto
    Has House Telvanni always controlled the area surrounding Necrom, or has that land changed hands multiple times throughout history? I get the impression the political map of Morrowind is always shifting, with the different Dunmer Houses enforcing ancestral claims, purchasing or inheriting land, and finding many ways to manipulate their way to the top. What's the history of this so called "Telvanni" Peninsula, in that regard?

    - Ash-of-Singing-Flame, Historian
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  • CoolBlast3
    "Despite most Dunmer's grim, angry and frankly rude demeaners, they've reputation of being rather playfully-flirtatious and a joy in the sheets. Is there any truth to these thoughts? Hopefully, mhm. And if so- does it extend to the Telvanni? Surely a House as unique and power-loving as them have made up interesting ways to play with magic?~

    Very much so looking forward to a response,
    - Shadowmage and Undaunted, Alexis Z. Ashwing"

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  • folder_rats
    Soul Shriven
    Dearest Loremaster,
    Our local scenarists in the Morrowind northeast have made disturbing reports of the necromantic Sload making feudal alliances with Great House Telvanni. In their lands, they say, lies the terrible Skyport of Subo-Lathla, where Thrassian airships, called Sload Floaters, seemingly make trade in corpses. It is of upmost importance to our Monster Watch Grid network that its exact location and purpose be identified... Please reply soonest with your findings.

    Prescient thanks,
    Scenarist Guild Citadel
  • OrphanStar93
    Soul Shriven
    I noticed that the Telvanni sorcerers are often surrounded themselves with foreign talented craftsmen and fearsome bodyguards.
    How can an outlander like me be recruited by a Telvanni wizard?
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  • Vinovin15
    I know that Dunmer inter their remains in ancestral family tombs, or in a city of the dead like Necrom, where they can later be summoned to communicate with their descendants. But do non-Dunmer people who, say...got married into a Dunmer House, be also afforded these privileges, and also communicate with their descendants even though they are not Dunmer themselves? Hypothetical question, of course, n-not like I intend to get married! Yet.

    -Benessa Gibby
  • Legoless

    My dealings with the Telvanni to date have largely been relegated to Sadrith Mora and other minor holdings on Vvardenfell. Is Necrom the largest Telvanni city on the mainland, or are there other Dark Elven capitals of note that remain outside the Ebonheart Pact?

    Honour to your House,
    —Legoless, Tiger-Doyen of the United Explorers of Scholarly Pursuits
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