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Loremaster’s Archive Q&A- Telvanni Lore

  • EmperorRemanIV
    It's known that the Great Houses always have their main branch of dunmer with the "Telvanni" surname and there are also affiliated minor houses. Can you please explain to me the genealogy of House Telvanni? If there is a Patriarch, a Matriarch of some sorts and how are all the Greater and Lesser Houses related to each other?
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  • BloodyStigmata
    It is rumored that the Hearthfire Kagouti was the result of a Telvanni mage's attempt to merge a kagouti with a flame atronach, yet according to several well-versed mages I've spoken to, merging daedric vestiges and chaotic creatia with nirn-born creatures in such a way is impossible. Are the rumors surrounding your houses involvement in this breeds creation true and if so, what was process that brought them about?

    -Evangeline Forest Jumper, Co-Owner of the Northern Elsweyr Guar Reserve
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  • ESO_Nightingale
    Greetings, I'm a Warden researching mycology and i had some inquiries regarding the native fungus of Morrowind. You see, no region or province is as well known for it's mushrooms as morrowind. Nowhere else above ground do you find such thriving specimens in abundance. It's almost unnatural. Yes, Red Mountain is in close proximity, however i wonder if there's more to it than that? These mushrooms look too similar to specimens I've seen and have been reported from daedric planes. Is it possible that this landscape is the result of invasive species of fungus from daedric planes?

    -Rime Frostwar, Warden of the Frost.
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  • kynesgrove
    If the original Vvardvarks are collectively a failed result of a Telvanni experiment gone awry, what was the intended outcome? What chimeric disaster were they expecting to make?

    - Zirili Fathryon, "Vvardvark! Why?"
    Edited by kynesgrove on 9 February 2023 06:27
  • kind_hero
    Will this chapter be all about dunmers and Telvanni, or more about Hermeus Mora and the arcanists?

    I am a bit tired of how each year it's all about one race/faction, and everything else is ignored.
    [PC/EU] Tamriel Hero, Stormproof, Grand Master Crafter
  • WhiteCoatSyndrome
    I am looking to add to my collection of rare and exotic vampires, are there any notable specimens specific to the area?

    - Eristaanwe
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  • gepe87
    How Telvanni "membership" works? Can an Indoril or Dres born member became high ranked mage in Telvanni House? Or membership "by blood" is more legit?
    Gepe, Dunmer MagSorc Pact Grand Overlord | Gaepe, Bosmer MagSorc Dominion General

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  • Cactus_Back
    Greetings, sera.

    What can you tell me about the town of Bal Sunnar in Stonefalls? I have been hearing strange things about that minor and seemingly insignificant Telvanni settlement. My sources are saying that the Dunmer living there openly reject the Tribunal and practice time magic. I know this sounds absurd, but I couldn't pass on the opportunity to inquire about it with a member of House Telvanni. Is there any truth to these rumors?

    Blessings of the Three upon you,
    An anonymous researcher.
  • MafiaCat115
    Hello, Loremaster. I am curious as to the general feelings of House Telvanni towards the Psijic Order, and vice versa if you happen to know that as well.
    Still hoping that one day hair dyeing will be an option. We know it's canon in universe already thanks to a book in the Manor of Masques! (House of Reveries: The Troupe)Proud owner of a Morrowind Banner of the 6th House
  • WiseSky
    Greetings !

    As the loremaster of the Elder Scrolls Online, I have a question for you:

    Is it possible for the Telvanni wizards to cure the curse causing the left back leg of horses, rams, elks, and cervines to twitch when walking slowly?

    Or maybe since it's been there since the beginning can you tell us about the origins and lore of the curse?
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  • Vylaera
    My question is in regards to why and how House Telvanni expanded their influence all the way to Deshaan in what my maps and sources give to House Indoril and possibly House Dres as well. Given that this period in time is the height of House Indoril's influence over Morrowind, wouldn't they still own that land? Or did a house war occur recently that our records have seemingly forgotten in the tumult of the interregnum?

    Kindest regards,
    Alexia Vautri
    Vy • lae • ra
  • Vincentius1
    Soul Shriven
    Hi, I've got a question.

    So House Telvanni cultivates the largest mushrooms in the province from Zafirbel Bay in eastern Vvardenfell. Their capital on the island, Sadrith Mora, and the ancient settlement, Tel Aruhn are also located here. I was wondering if you could expand on the Telvanni's influence and history in the area. Is there history in regards to the cultivations of those mushrooms, considering that it takes a thousand years for them to grow and House Telvanni likes to live in large mushroom towers?

  • ArchMikem
    How far back does the practice of Slavery of the "lesser Races" go? Has it always been a staple of Elven custom with the Aldmeri and then Chimeri, or is it strictly a post curse Dunmeri practice.
    CP1,600+ Master Explorer - AvA Legate - Console Peasant
  • Atharaon
    How ancient is House Telvanni? Does your house predate Clan Direnni? The Psijics? Veloth himself? And what links might your ancestors have had with the whispering priests of the god Xarxes and by extension, the tentacled temptations of Hermaeus Mora?
  • SjornParadox52
    Have the telvanni ever been hunted for their ambitions of power? The sins they've cause is just insane.
  • Araneae6537
    What is represented by the Telvanni emblem? I’ve heard suggested that the swirls represent magic, but to me it looks more complex than just this.
  • Dark_Lord_Kuro
    How would a telvanni who lack magical aptitude is regarded by the house?
  • Inari Telvanni
    Greetings. I am curious to know how the territories of our most enterprising and opulent Great House truly work. As you can imagine, sitting in a magnificent Telvanni Tower all day can lead one to grow distant from petty things such as land disputes. It seems that House Telvanni also has ownership of most of east Morrowind. Why is that? Could we march on the other Great Houses, if only we could somehow unite? Furthermore, how come we managed to get our hands on the land directly outside of Necrom, a place surely so sacred to all of the Dunmer people?

    Honor to your ancestors,
    Inari Telvanni
    The Lore is yours.@Aanthirin (PC/NA)
  • Imagie
    Is Port Telvannis the capital of the house? Will we ever see it? We've been to Sadrith Mora twice and its always been referred to the capital of Vvardenfell.
  • Nyarlili
    Soul Shriven

    My question would be about the patron Saint of House Telvanni, Saint Vorys the Immolant. Is he a deceased Telvanni whose deeds granted him sanctification by the Temple and great homage within his House ? If so, will we know more about him in the coming DLC ?
    Or would "Saint Vorys the Immolant" be a pseudonym for a more controversial Chimer/Dunmer figure such as... Voryn Dagoth ? This last hypothesis stems from House Telvanni's reputation for being a tad impious towards the Tribunal, from the "Immolant" adjective which could refer to the fires of Red Mountain, and from the fact Saint Vorys had "fallen out of reverence by 3E 427 due to being a bit unsavory".

    Source for the quote about Saint Vorys:

    Honor and Regards,
  • BeardedBovel
    Soul Shriven
    Alchemy and wortcraft are essentials tools of the craft of a witch. Through those I am familiar with plenty of russulas, lichen and the occasional bolete during the eve of summer. This is why I am puzzled by the magic woven by the mycoturges of Telvanni. Can any fungus be coerced or forced to fit thy need? Or do they use very specific fungi for each specific purpose? And what are these purposes beyond growing armour and shelter?

    - Ejd the Eerie, Crone of Crag and Karth
  • Shagreth
    I remember Telvanni sometimes make themselves immortal via Vampirism or at the very least are interested in the condition and want to study it. Will we be seeing the 3 original vampire bloodlines in Necrom and will Telvanni react differently to the player character that's affected by said condition?

    Also, not a question, but hoping to see a small or medium Telvanni mushroom house, that would be cozy.
    Edited by Shagreth on 14 February 2023 16:13
  • TheRimOfTheSky
    Shagreth wrote: »
    I remember Telvanni sometimes make themselves immortal via Vampirism or at the very least are interested in the condition and want to study it. Will we be seeing the 3 original vampire bloodlines in Necrom and will Telvanni react differently to the player character that's affected by said condition?

    Also, not a question, but hoping to see a small or medium Telvanni mushroom house, that would be cozy.

    To partially answer your question, according to Lawrence Schick, Divayth Fyr said “These [Berne, Aundae] clans of vampiric pests are native to Vvardenfell, and are rarely encountered on the mainland—if ever.”, and the Quarra clan doesn't exist yet. The only known vampire clans on mainland Morrowind are the Bathogorgen and Korgari tribes, while the Diodata can be found on the islands.

    Hopefully we can see the Aundae in a Sheogorad DLC though!
  • Codeman1976
    Greetings Loremaster,
    I am curious as to the Telvanni traditions and ceremonies of the remains of members of the house. Do they differ from the practices of the other houses? What is the Telvanni belief if the remains of their dead are not interred properly? Are the spirits of their dead able to move on if their remains are intentionally held away from said tombs? I’m just a curious, law abiding Argonian. I do not have any Telvanni dryskin slavers remains squirreled away. I promise.

    -Not a Shadowscale. Just a concerned citizen.
    PS4 NA
  • ZOS_Kevin
    Hi All! Thanks so much for your questions. We are now temporarily closing down the thread to give our Loremaster time to answer your questions. We'll follow back up here in a few weeks with a Loremaster's Archive Blog to share some answers! We'll also reopen the thread then.
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  • ZOS_Kevin
    Hi All! You've asked your House Telvanni questions. Now we have answers! Check out the latest Loremaster's Archive linked here for your answers, provided by Divayth Fyr!
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  • Legoless
    Really glad Port Telvannis got a mention. That's exactly what I was angling for with my question 😅😅
  • NirnOblivionBeyond
    Hey Loremaster,

    House Telvanni has members whose surname is "Telvanni" and other members who do not have the surname. I wanted to get a better understanding of House Telvanni as a noble family and as an organization. Are those that have the surname "Telvanni" considered the nobles of the house? If indeed there are noble members of the house, what is their significance if any? Would families like Demnevanni whose surname is spelled in a similar way be considered a cadet branch or vassal clan of that noble family? Does the Telvanni Council Members have any connection or influence with the noble family and in turn do the noble family members bearing the Telvanni name (or cadet branch surname) have any influence within the council? Does the noble family play a part in Telvanni politics as it relates to leadership?

    I guess to sum this all up lol. What does it mean to have the surname "Telvanni"/"Demnevanni? And how does that determine one's initial place by birth within the house?

    I know this was alot and a bit all over the place-my apologies in advance.
    Edited by NirnOblivionBeyond on 20 March 2023 15:23
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