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Things that the PTS max level templates really need.....a wish list

Soul Shriven
The PTS provides templates for building max-level characters, but these templates lack things that a normal progression character would usually have. Some of these are immediately obvious, while others are more subtle. Below are a few of the things that are missing, or need improvement. Please add your list of problems, and suggest possible solutions, don't just complain..

1. All those nested containers in your inventory.
2. No Companions.
3. No wayshrines

As a possible solution to the containers and wayshrines. There could be a separate PTS vendors realm. This realm would only exist on the PTS, and would be accessible from any wayshrine. It could be as simple as a large room, with vendors scattered about. The vendors could operate the same as a guild vendor (and actually be a guild), but each vendor would specialize only in specific stuff (heavy armor, light armor, medium armor, books, 2H weapons, staffs, 1H weapons, furnishings, crafting materials, companion gear, etc.). Every new character created on the PTS could automatically be enrolled in the vendor's guild. If all PTS users are in the vendor's guild, the issue of no wayshrines is also solved, as "travel to player" would be available. All of the items that are currently loaded into those nested containers could be freely available, in unlimited quantities, and the characters get their bags and banks back. Additionally, using vendors, instead of nested containers, will allow all of these items to be listed directly, making them text searchable.

There is no other solution: All of the companions should be unlocked, and they should all be at max level.

Please note that these observations pertain to only the max level template characters, but all toons created on the PTS should be in the "PTS Vendor's Guild" , and should have access to the PTS vendor's realm.

  • Uazole2
    Soul Shriven
    Forgot the Crafting bag. It would be real nice if the crafting bag were available to all PTS characters.
  • Alpheu5
    Putting trial and dungeon gear in deeply nested containers became unnecessary when they added the stickerbook recreation system which already has a great filter and customization options, so all of those set containers could be removed and the infinite transmute stone moved to the main inventory for ease of access. No need for an entirely PTS-only instance and NPCs, just a slight restructuring of the existing container.

    I'm fine with the other containers because they aren't as heavily nested and only need to be opened a few times for the entire cycle.
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  • Soarora
    Bring. Back. The. Completed. Gear. Collection. Menu. I’m serious, I’m done testing builds on pts or live until we get it back, or at least give us an item that unlocks the collection menu.

    I think housing could also be better instead of the boxes in boxes we have now. There’s too many houses to only get the ones you want from the deed box. There’s also only one of each furnishing in the achievement/vendor/etc furnishing boxes.
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