ESO Live: January 27 @ 4pm EST/9pm GMT - Scribes Of Fate DLC & Update 37 First Look

This is the official discussion thread for, "ESO Live: January 27 @ 4pm EST/ 9pm GMT- Scribes Of Fate DLC & Update 37 First Look"

"Get an in-depth look at the upcoming dungeon DLC as well as some of the new features arriving in the next base-game update!"
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  • FluffyBird
    Is it going to be as in-depth as The Deep Dive was?
  • Screamer19b14_ESO
    @ZOS_Kevin can you answer my question about the change in precedent for the number of character slots mirroring the number of classes x all 3 traditional roles in the game.
  • Araneae6537
    Will we get a peek at what’s coming for housing too? :)
  • Luke_Flamesword
    I'm bit confused - new house was listed as part of "update 37 base game features" which was supposed to be free but I have feeling that it will be usual crown store purchase. Can we get some confirmation about this?

    We didn't have any house last chapter in game so it would be a nice to have it for game gold, but I have feeling that I will be dissapointed again.
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  • Olauron
    The Scrib of Fate approves (+10)
    The Three Storm Sharks, episode 8 released on january the 8th.
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