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Scalebreaker Dungeons - Moongrave Fane and Lair of Maarselok - Veteran Hard Mode Mechanics Guide


This is a guide for the final boss fights of the two Scalebreaker Dungeons—Moongrave Fane and Lair of Maarselok—on Veteran Hard Mode.

Moongrave Fane – Grundwulf

The core mechanic of Hard Mode is Ghastly Wound.

What is Ghastly Wound?
  • This is a Heal Absorption effect, similar to Soul Tear from Nahviintaas in Sunspire.
    • Any healing received by a player with Heal Absorption is absorbed and does not actually reach the player's health bar. The health bar of a player with Heal Absorption will be untouched by healing until the effect is gone. Some players describe Heal Absorption as a sort of "reverse damage shield" because the health bar of a player with a damage shield will be untouched by incoming damage until the the shield is gone.
    • The size of the Heal Absorption is 40310; i.e., it dissipates after it has absorbed 40310 points worth of healing.
    • Ghastly Wound lasts indefinitely and does not expire on its own; i.e., you cannot wait it out and it can only be removed through healing.
    • Note: Healing abilities that use "smart" targeting (e.g., Breath of Life) currently do not take Heal Absorption into effect. So if a player has Ghastly Wound but has not yet taken damage to their health, abilities like Breath of Life may not hit them at all. As a result, abilities with direct or AoE targeting are generally more reliable for dealing with Heal Absorption.
  • Ghastly Wound has two additional effects:
    • Healing done by players with Ghastly Wound is reduced by 90%.
      • Health restored through potions, Battle Roar, Argonian Resourceful passive, etc. are all considered by the game to be healing done by the player and are all subject to the same penalty.
    • Damage shields cast by players with Ghastly Wound are reduced in strength by 85%.
  • When Ghastly Wound is applied to a player who already has the Ghastly Wound effect, the heal absorption does not stack—you will not get a 80620 Heal Absorption. Instead, the player will gain Exsanguination, which is a DoT of around 1.5-2K per second.
    • Saving a player who has Exsanguination is a matter of breaking through their heal absorption before they are overcome by the Exsanguination DoT.

What applies Ghastly Wound?
  • Hitting the Sangiin Sliding Stone
  • Using the Sangiin Sacrifice synergy
  • Being bitten by a Ravenous Hoarvor
    • A Ravenous Hoarvor will spawn every time a Hemo Helot ("blood ball") is broken.

Strategies for dealing with Ghastly Wound
  • The healer should never, ever get Ghastly Wound.
    • The 90% healing done debuff means that they would be unable to heal themselves—or anyone else—out of a Ghastly Wound.
    • They must never hit the sliding stone (and must be careful to not hit it with a stray light attack)
    • They must never summon a blood ball.
    • They must never be bitten by a hoarvor.
    • It may be prudent for another player to have some off-heals so that they can save the healer in the case of a mishap.
  • Assign one DD for the job of summoning a blood ball.
  • Assign one DD or tank for the job of moving the box.
  • Don't break blood balls unnecessarily—summoning a new one applies the Ghastly Wound effect, and breaking one spawns a hoarvor.
    • We typically break them only for the Megabat. The tank will simply hold the Hemonculous that spawn until a Megabat spawns, and then we break all of their shields with a single ball.
  • Hoarvors are the top target priority. Tab-target and kill it immediately after someone breaks a blood ball.
    • If your DDs are ranged, they can kite it around while killing it.
    • If your DDs are melee, CCs such as Fear or Time Stop can help with killing it safely.
  • Communicate to the healer when you are affected by Ghastly Wound.
    • Alternatively, for healers playing on PC, it is possible to track the Heal Absorption effect on each player with the Purge Tracker addon.

Other Mechanics
  • Devouring Megabat: These slow-moving enemies will 1-shot the player that they are chasing if they get too close.
    • They have an invulnerability shield that can only be broken by breaking a blood ball.
    • They have only 5266 health and will typically instantly die to any source of damage as soon as their shield is broken.
  • Drain Vitality: Grundwulf will shout "Gaan!" (the first word of the "Drain Vitality" shout from Skyrim) which places a damage-over-time effect on the tank.
    • It is recommended that a tank slots Purge to dispel it.
    • Purging this DoT will cause Circulation damage to the other members of the group.
      • Circulation hits for only around 4-5K per player and is usually inconsequential.
      • Circulation can be blocked, dodged, or shielded, but this is usually not necessary.
    • This mechanic is not specific to Hard Mode or even to this boss fight, as it is present during the previous boss encounter.
  • Elemental Fury: Grundwulf will shout "Su!" (the first word of the "Elemental Fury" shout from Skyrim) which increases the speed of his heavy attacks. Tanks seeking to dodge the boss's heavy attacks need to be aware of this mechanic.
    • This effect lasts for 15 seconds.
    • Grundwulf's heavy attacks normally have a 2.5s windup and the final stroke of his heavy attack has his sword swinging upwards.
    • With Elemental Fury, his heavy attacks have a 1.4s windup and the final stroke of his heavy attack has his sword swinging downwards.
    • While empowered by Elemental Fury, Grundwulf's sword will be surrounded by a subtle, white misty aura.
    • This mechanic is not specific to Hard Mode or even to this boss fight, as it is present during the previous boss encounter.
  • Desolation: The dying dragon Sahrotnax will cover swaths of ground with lingering AoEs. He's not trying to kill you—you just happen to be haplessly caught in the crossfire of his conflict with Grundwulf. Either way, watch your step.
  • Hollowfang Dire-Maws: These enemies spawn at 70%, 50%, 35%, 20%, and 10% boss health. They behave the same as ones encountered throughout the rest of the dungeon.
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