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Nice RP guild needed in Dominion

I am looking for a RP home with serious, mature roleplayers. I heard of a guild called Daedra before, but can never find them online. Anyone has a nice rp guild with real events, that I could join?
  • ZOS_EveP
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  • Marginis
    RP guild you say? Aldmeri Dominion? Events? Real? Sounds like you're describing Magicka, friend. We have a great group you can make your home. Come check us out Here, and contact me (Kha'jiri or @Marginis) in-game if you need more info or want an invite.
    @Marginis on PC, Senpai Fluffy on Xbox, Founder of Magicka. Also known as Kha'jiri, The Night Mother, Ma'iq, Jane Shepard, Damia, Kintyra, Zoor Do Kest, You, and a few others.
  • Kyubi_3002b16_ESO
    That depends on your definition of RP
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    One bow to unite the clans
    One bow to conquer the world and in darkness drown it...

    - Prophecy of the tyranny of the sun
  • BiGSiN_Wormser
    There is a plethora of decent RP guilds depending on what you want. Search through the forums and good luck!
  • Valturion
    The Protectorate is a very selective and close community of players who push themselves to the edge of their capabilities alongside like-minded individuals in an environment that does not strangle them to do better, but nurtures their ambitions and potential with fun-loving and talented people who make gameplay entertaining and engaging. We strongly believe that you play your best among people you genuinely like and respect. People you can crack jokes and screw around with yet also coordinate and collaborate with to progress through content efficiently and effectively. People you are proud to call your guildmates.

    If this ideal resonates within you, learn more here:

    Rise to your calling.

    Justicar Valturion
    High Commander of the Protectorate
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