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The ESO Team Would Like to Send You a Special Gift – Info Requested! Potential scam? Thoughts?

Came from the e-mail: The Elder Scrolls Online Team <[email protected]>

Body of the e-mail itself


As a special thank you for being an important part of the ESO community, we'd like to send you a gift in the mail! To do so, we'll need the following information from you:

• Full Name:

• Full Mailing Address:

• Phone Number:

We will not save this information or use it for any purpose other than to send you this gift.

Please reply directly to this email with the information above by Wednesday, December 22nd, so we can ensure you'll receive your free gift!

We understand this email may seem suspicious, so feel free to reach out to us at [email protected] or PM ZOS_GinaBruno on the ESO forums with any questions!

I have no clue if this is real or not. I assume it is a scam e-mail, especially with as little information as I can find about it. I like how it calls itself suspicious though. Checked the forums and found one other post from 2018. Interestingly enough, the other forum post had an in-game mail as well which I did not receive. Any one have any knowledge or thoughts they can share on this? Would love to see an admin assist if possible as this is.... If this is fake, it is GOING to trick folks I am sure.
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  • RaddlemanNumber7
    I received the exact same email, with the same reply address, on 12/12/2017. It was 100% legit. I replied and they sent me a gift in the mail.
    PC EU
  • ZOS_Kevin
    Hi @Zazariz. That email is legit. Totally understand the uncertainty there. Make sure to get that info in ASAP! Thanks for checking in.
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  • Darkheart
    I got one too but because i did not trust it i deleted the mail. :neutral:
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