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Same format as the previous years. This is the 5th Annual ESO gift exchange!!!!

Post your in game @ name and the platform you are playing and some nice soul out there will send you a gift! Also put down what you would like in game that can be sent through mail.

Let's get in the holiday spirit as a community and pay it forward!!!!!!!
That said, I want the same thing as last year, I want gold. PC NA @name is Zebendal. For those of you not on my platform and server, I will take insightfuls please.

  • Castagere
    @Kaikura pc us
    I would also be happy for gifts too. Maybe some crown crates or the Southern elyswere or Marcarth DLC bundles. I also don't have much gold as I run guildless and play solo most of the time.
    Thank you
    Edited by Castagere on December 1, 2021 10:57PM
  • Enemoriana
    @francesinhalover, is ID correct? "Unknown player".
    • PC EU, @Enemoriana. Ru
    • My wishlist: Shad Astula statues, crown crates, Lucky Cat Landing, crow/factotum merchant.
    • Houses: The Erstwhile Sanctuary. Everybody is welcomed! Here is video.
    • Luxury furniture is displayed in Forsaken Stronghold. Decorator default. Not luxury, but similar or close looking items marked with jester banners. Closed until ESO+ will be available again for Russia: without doubled limits there is not enough space.
    • More than a year with no ESO+ available. Eternal thanks to people who gifted music boxes, my everlasting ESO passion!
  • G1Countdown
    @g1countdown PC/NA AKA, Jolly Old Saint Nick!

    Merry Christmas all,

    I am hoping that Santa can help me catch up on some motifs and any small amount of furnishing crafting materials.

    I have fallen behind on these motifs: Sea Giant, Pyre Watch, Icereach Coven, Hazardous Alchemy, Sul Xan, True-Sworn, Crimson Oath, Silver Rose & Waking Flame.

    Of course, anything that Santa deemed to send would be awesome. :)

    Also, Jolly Old Saint Nick is dusting off his Sleigh... He is checking his list... On Donner.... On Blitzen!



    Thank you to @gch_tamriel for the Thorn Legion Motif. It's time to play with the outfit station! And, a big thank you to @heaven13 for the Pyre Watch Staves motif!
    Edited by G1Countdown on December 10, 2021 4:08AM
  • cpt_n3m0
    This has potential to be great for the community. Any gift to help me in my as a primary magplar on PC EU. User ID: @CM20
  • spartaxoxo
    PS4 NA

    I'd like some furnishing mats or maybe a crown crate. Thanks 😊
    Edited by spartaxoxo on December 1, 2021 2:32AM
  • francesinhalover
    Enemoriana wrote: »
    @francesinhalover, is ID correct? "Unknown player".

    Hi, UncleDaniel is the user id yes.
    I even did a log in just now to check.

    Perhapes it's because the u and d werent uppercase(i edited now). If that was the reason i'm sorry, wasnt sure uppercases mattered.
    Cheers! :smiley:


    Edited by francesinhalover on December 1, 2021 7:25PM
    Thank you Z for the amazing game and the great improvements you keep doing!
    Sometimes i write words that sound like words i wanted to write by mistake, my brain just isn't paying attention idk, so if i write a bad/wrong word, it most likely wasn't intentional.
    Shadow strike is the best cp passive ever! Razum-dar is the best character in the game!
  • Erinia
    PC EU

    Omg, it's already That time of the year! I love those events we had previous years, and was waiting for this one. It have so amazing atmosphere and so many wonderful people showing around!

    I wish to everyone a happy winter time, a nice holidays and a good mood! o:)

    As i'm a big fan of a housing, almost all my wishes are connecting with it:
    I'm actually happy with anything, and i love surprises, even small ones!

    Non crown wishes:
    - heartwood (any amount of those resourses would help, even 1, I always in need of them for craft furniture)
    - mundane rune
    - any Leyawiin structure furnishings - walls, doors, stairs, doorways, walls with doors, towers - any - I want to build my own castle, so i suppose i would need many walls! :blush:
    - motifs: Hazardous Alchemy(boots, daggers, helmets), Sul-Xan(daggers, maces), Wayward guardian(staves), Thorn legion(staves, swords, shoulders), House Hexos(gloves, chests, staves)
    - some Inscribed Shard runebox fragments
    - furnishing recipes: "Fargrave bread, Various Loaves", "Solitude Bookcase, Backless Filled", "Hlaalu Armchair, Mossy Cushion", "Book Stack, Levitating", "Solitude Bookcase, Narrow Open Filled"

    Crown wishes, if any nice Santa have some shinies in their pockets:
    - crown crate
    - Javinus Tirnendo (houseguest)
    - Lucilla Caprenia (houseguest)
    - Deadlands Bantam Guar (pet)
    - The Shiverung Cheese (furnishing) ....uncle Sheooooo.....
    - Furnishing pack: Windows of the Divines <3
    - The Thief (mundus stone furnishing)

    And if I could dream - anyone could want a wonder happening, right? - I'd wish for Moon-Sugar Meadow house... Can't really ask for that, but maybe santa could cast some magic, so that i would have a chanse to get it somehow in next coming year :blush: I'd make there flourish paradise!

    Hope everybody will get some warm greetings.
    Right, right, now i gonna dig through all my treasuries to find something I could gift, if it would fit someones wishes... Will keep sending as much as i could :p

    Thanks a lot for your wonderful letters and amazing gifts, guys and girls! You're the best!
    <3@Murnhiel, @Enemoriana, @looseleaf_binder, @Ezhh, @Blue-Violet, @Ilumia, @winged_cat, @Muttsmutt, @Piriponzoli, @Bbkhawk, @vibeborn o:) , @saryent, @occultess, @Cryowynd, @GuildedLilly, @Syzgy, @eschalon_parallax, @jerek95, @Pecrilipoteph, @the_darksky, @kaosWmonk, @Eponavandrel, @Charmlotte, @megajra, @Varellen, @MissHeartseekerx, @BlackRayser, @JellySunset, @risfi <3

    Be happy, everybody! o:)
    Edited by Erinia on December 29, 2021 11:32PM
    @Erinia, PC EU
    Gift Exchange 2022! My WISHLIST here
  • spartaxoxo
    Aliyavana wrote: »
    Same format as the previous years. This is the 5th Annual ESO gift exchange!!!!

    Post your in game @ name and the platform you are playing and some nice soul out there will send you a gift! Also put down what you would like in game that can be sent through mail.

    Let's get in the holiday spirit as a community and pay it forward!!!!!!!
    That said, I want the same thing as last year, I want gold. PC NA @name is Zebendal. For those of you not on my platform and server, I will take insightfuls please.


    I also had to come back to say that I LOVE this Holiday Card.
  • SilverBride

    Thank you!
  • mickeyx
    @mickeyx PC/US

    My only wish is to get that Baron jungleplume the banker from the store. Something i won't be able to afford this December.

    I will return with a humble gift i can afford to anyone who makes my wish come true. Thanks and merry christmas.

  • aaisoaho
    @aaisoaho - PCEU

    Dear Secret Santa,
    this year I have arranged my wishlist to three parts, for my wishes in-game vary a lot this year. For material, non-crown wishes:

    I wish to receive some courtyard/forest items for my Undaunted-themed house, which perimeter is at the moment a bit empty, only trees here and there. So if you have furniture which says they'd belong in a woods near an undaunted camp, couls you gift it to me, pretty please?

    If you're feeling like you have some spare crowns, I'd appreciate a banker, a merchant or crown crates.

    But if you happen to have a group of elves willing to delve veteran trials for clears in the daytime, I'd really like to tag along, since I haven't found a place for me to collect the remaining busts - I happen to play at the most inconvenient time of EU server: mon-thur 1pm - 3pm UTC (+/- an hour).

    Thank you and have a merry rest of the year!
  • Hotel6
    Pc EU. @ofiraviv1994
    Flames of ambition dlc.

    @vibeborn was lovely enough to actually send it to me! Thank you so much, happy holidays <3
    Edited by Hotel6 on December 3, 2021 1:55PM
  • Mushroomancer
    @Piriponzoli on PC/EU

    First holiday season on the forums, so pretty excited to take part in this.

    So here's my wishlist:

    Non-crown store items:
    - Gold Upgrade Materials, especially Platings and Waxes

    Crown Store stuff, if you have coin to spend on a broke stranger:
    - Any amount of Celestial Crates
    - Peddler of Prizes, the Merchant a massive thanks to @Vibeborn for gifting me the feathery merchant!
    - Ghrasharog, Armory Assistant
    - Enchanted Snow Globe Home huge thanks to @Needler777 for gifting me this cozy house!

    Any of these would absolutely make my day.
    As soon as I'm done with exams before Christmas I'm gonna check what I can gift, I should have a decent amount of alchemy ingredients, and maybe some furnishings I can craft.

    Happy Holidays to all of you, I hope you all have a great end to a crap year!

    Massive thanks to @Enemoriana, @stoleyoursweetroll42, @ilumia, @winged_cat, @Erinia, @Ezhh, @Myrnhiel, @BlueViolet, @traiii, @Aalsoaho, @Varellen, @bleakraven, @SunsetJelly, @kristyy, @ValkyriesWolf, @Flimmteuf, @Ashadris, @risfi, @BlackRayser, @Muruself, and @Krawchi as well for the mats, gold and good wishes!
    Edited by Mushroomancer on December 31, 2021 4:27PM
    PC | EU 1600+ CP

    Chews-On-Shrooms - Argonian (EP) | Healer Warden
    I know I have a problem, leave me alone:

    Nirya Urayel - Altmer (EP) | Healer/Magicka Templar
    Ulen Favel - Dunmer (EP) | Magicka Nightblade
    Anise Favel - Dunmer (EP) | Magicka Dragonknight
    Vivienne Rielle - Breton (EP) | Hybrid Healer/Magicka Necromancer
    Gaspar Rielle - Breton (DC) | Magicka Sorcerer
    Ulfgar the Foul - Nord (EP) | Tank Necromancer
    Plays-With-Chains - Argonian (EP) | Tank Dragonknight
    Sonje the Wild - Nord (EP) | Tank Warden
    Brutus Lovidicus - Imperial (EP) | Tank Nightblade
    Velms Ienith - Dunmer (EP) | Tank Sorcerer
    Cassius Lanius - Imperial (EP) | Tank/Stamina Templar
    Shakar-gro-Khazgur - Orc (DC) | Stamina Dragonknight
    Liette Nightwind - Bosmer (AD) | Stamina Nightblade
    Ja'khar the Salty - Khajiit (EP) | Stamina Necromancer
    Saadia al-Tava - Redguard (EP) | Stamina Sorcerer
    Gwinas Hemp-Burner - Bosmer (EP) | Stamina Warden
    Grand Master Crafter, All Dungeon HM up to Stonethorn, vCrag HM, vDSA, vMA, Dro-m'Athra Destroyer, vHOF HM, vAS+2, Gryphon Heart, vBRP, vSS HM (Extinguisher of Flames),
    vKA HM (Shield of the North), vRG 1/3HM
  • DonHardstyle
    Love this post ! My girlfriend received the snow globe house last year from an very generous Santa!

    @DonHardstyle on pc/EU

    Non crown store items:
    Random motifs/ furnishing plans. ( I still miss an bunch. Dubplicate's will be used for other people's wishlist!)

    Crown store items:
    Trial dummy
    aetherial well.

    Wish you all happy holidays!
  • rauyran
    Cool idea! I'm going to pick someone on the list to send to when I get online later!

    @rauyran on pc/eu

    If someone wants to send a gift: any unusual or fun housing items or guests would be welcome!

  • MiyukiShiba
    Happy Holidays all!

    @MiyukiShiba PC/EU Khajiit

    -There is nothing else i would love to get more than Celestial Crown Crates, any amount, even 1 crate would help me to have a chance to get what i want so much or anyway to get gems to purchase that item. I love glitters and i fell totally in love with these crates, never happened before^^ If anyone feels generous or can afford such gift would be the best Xmas gift ever - <3

    Crown Store Items:
    -Celestial Crown Crates
    -Furnishing Bundle: Vampiric Libations
    -Any race, any alliance bundle
    -Serenity Falls Estate ( my biggest dream since years)
    -Character slot
    -Aldmeri Dominion Tattoo
    -Long Foregathered Mane Hair
    -Eveli's Adventuring Leathers Costume
    -Singing Skald Costume
    -Appearance/Race change token

    Non-Crown Store Items:
    -Home furnishings Elsweyr-Leyawiin,Alinor, Fargrave would be nice but any furnishing to decorate my home is appreciated
    -Waking Flame Chest Motif:)
    -Ancestral Akaviri Motifs
    -Any golden food or mats

    Thank you all to make this possible, i will always gift you in return whatever i can because i just love to make people happy :)

    Special thanks:
    Thank you so much @Myrnhiel, @wInged_cat, @DrunkenFist, @Enemoriana, @vibeborn, @muttsmutt, @BlueViolet, @megajra, @Varellen, @Syiae, @risfi , @JellySunset, @ValkyriesWolf, @Needler777, @Flimmteuf for the lovely gifts <3
    Edited by MiyukiShiba on December 25, 2021 11:37AM

    PC/EU @MiyukiShiba
    My main is a beautiful Khajiit Magblade

  • Pajor
    Happy holidays!

    Pajor17 PC/NA

    Thorn Legion motifs
    Naryu's Morag Tong Costume
    Spell power pots :smile:
    Edited by Pajor on December 1, 2021 10:20AM
  • Rykoth
    This is absolutely a fantastic tradition, folks were so damn generous last year!

    I am on NA-PC and my @ is @Rykoth

    For Non-Crown Items:
    - Gold, gold, and more gold
    - Redguard Furnishings
    - Yokudan Motifs (specifically: Gloves, Belt, Helm, Shoulders)
    - Ra Gada Motifs (All) (Thank you to those who sent me all these!!)
    - Ancestral Reach Motifs (All)

    For Crown Items:
    - Outfit Slots (x3)
    - Name/Race Change Token (1)
    - Riding Speed Books
    Edited by Rykoth on December 5, 2021 11:54AM
    Gorthal gro-Gunthak, Chieftain of Mor'Grumaar
    Sigrun Elkhorn, Nordic Warrior and Skald

    Mor'Grumaar - Orcish Stronghold Roleplay
  • Matherios
    Happy Christams to everybody and be safe you and your loved ones!

    I am on PC-EU User id: @Matherios

    Baron Jangleplume , the banker
    Peddler of prizes, the merchant
    2 Race changed tokens
    Crown crates
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