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Proposal for a new DLC - Pirate Content (ship, boat battles)

Hello everyone there!

I'm a new forum user here. Today I started my adventure with the forum. I've been playing online games since I was eight years old, it's been twenty years. I've been playing the game for half a year. Recently, my thought was to share screenshots of the game with you, namely, these are boats and seaships.

The new DLC would rely on water battles. These battles would be fought by naval vessels. Boat and ship owners in collections would fight among themselves (memento)battles. Boat owners could also summon and use cannons.







  • bednarskikamil

    Please make a playable chapter about boats and ships, pirate content. Sail control rooms, water battles, naval combat, wars and territory using cannons and harpoons
  • bednarskikamil

    During Sea Expeditions, players could fight aquarians, mermaids, sharks, whales, crocodiles, alligators, kraken, octopus, medusas
  • hafgood
    No thanks, I just don't see what this would add to the game.
  • wishlist14
    Hello 😊
    I can appreciate that you have a passion for ships and naval battles, many peoople love that sort of thing, I personally would not enjoy it. There are some other games out there that focus on ships and sea battles and even have sea trade and pvp where you can battle other factions. However, I'm not here to promote other games.

    Thanks for sharing your ideas and all those pics I do think there will be other players that would be keen on your idea. I wish you all the best on your journeys in Tamriel.

    You never know what surprises zenimax have for dlcs in the future so anything is possible.
    Edited by wishlist14 on September 13, 2021 2:48PM
  • Cillion3117
    The more options like this, the better. This would be cool for people who like this kind of thing. And people that don't like it, can just skip it.
  • Mandragora
    Well the problem is the (for some players) scary example from Warframe space ships, which wasn't supported by their engine, but they did it anyway and it turned out to be very expensive to make expansion to make with too little to gain back, so they started to force it to players and that was the end for some.
    So I guess for some reason online devs do have this need to force everyone into everything to have the feeling of getting their investment back and that will ruin anything fitting for just some group of players. And that is assuming that their engine can actually do it.

    But your pics are really cool, I wish there would be atleast proper pirate city, looking similar to GW2 Lion's arch - the old ones, the new one looks like shopping centre in Disneyland :p.
    Edited by Mandragora on September 18, 2021 6:09AM
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