The Lotus Guild. No Dues. New Player Friendly. Social Guild. 490+ Members.

  • Viniree23
    Soul Shriven

    I'm a newly returned player looking for a guild that isn't too serious. My gamertag is Jtor8923.

  • Sensei
    invites sent
    GM - The Lotus Guild
    GT: RoF Alpha Wolfe
  • FixedBlade123
    Thanks for the invite. Great guild! I listened in on the chat last night and found it to be active, friendly, and energetic. I joined in the conversation and was welcomed by all. I'm going to join the Discord group to get in on more fun. I deposited 30 items into the guild store and sold 5 items in less than 30 minutes.
  • FixedBlade123
    I've tried several times to sign into The Lotus Group's Discord channel but keep finding myself in a loop that leads me right back to my own homepage (that I had to set up to join Discord). I'd love to interact with the guild on Discord but can't find you.
  • iffy90210
    Soul Shriven
    add me please i have healers and dps, my gamert tag is FlashGod H20 i wannd do pve dungeons to grow my power to omega level
  • kreoko

    This sounds like the type of guild I need T.T

    And a Discord server too!

    Send me an invite please~
    Jessiefox on XB1
    Kreoko#3384 on Discord
    Laindir Direnni - Altmer MagSorc | NA Server
  • swredmon
    Soul Shriven
    Can I please get an invite into the guild?

    GT: Insidious0men

    Thank you
  • TennoforSithis
    Soul Shriven
    I'm looking for a new guild for dungeons, sounds like Lotus might be a good fit. Love to check you guys out and have some fun!

    GT: darthtenno
  • nickg420
    I'd love to join, my old guild has pretty much disbanded and I've been without a hope PUGing and Soloing my way around fro awhile now. It would be nice to have a new place.


    GT: Big Snuggle
  • kravenance
    Soul Shriven
    Hi, I'm relatively new returning player. Would like to join the guild.

    GT : kravenance
  • MusicalPen37
    Soul Shriven
    Sounds awesome! I've only been playing for about 3 wks. My gt is: MusicalPen37
  • N1ckelsNd1mes
    I'd like an invite
    XboxOne NA - N1ckelsNd1mes
    50 Nord DK - Tank - EB
    50 Imperial Templar - Tank - AD
    50 Breton Sorc - DPS - DC
    50 Khajiit NB - DPS - AD - currently rebuilding
    50 Redguard DK - Tank - AD
  • Grayfax
    I know, I know, I'm necroing an old old thread... but I'm curious if anyone from Lotus is still around or if there was a concerted move to other RP Guilds? Changes come and go in life... and I find myself able to participate again and miss the comradery of Monday nights pouring across a map or the other shenanigans we got into late at night. I've become interested enough in ESO again to put money back into my subscription (cause what crafter can survive without it?). If this is just a bit of nostalgia, then so be it, but if there is a remnant...
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