The Lotus Guild. No Dues. New Player Friendly. Social Guild. 490+ Members.

  • Viniree23
    Soul Shriven

    I'm a newly returned player looking for a guild that isn't too serious. My gamertag is Jtor8923.

  • Sensei
    invites sent
    GM - The Lotus Guild
    GT: RoF Alpha Wolfe
  • FixedBlade123
    Thanks for the invite. Great guild! I listened in on the chat last night and found it to be active, friendly, and energetic. I joined in the conversation and was welcomed by all. I'm going to join the Discord group to get in on more fun. I deposited 30 items into the guild store and sold 5 items in less than 30 minutes.
  • FixedBlade123
    I've tried several times to sign into The Lotus Group's Discord channel but keep finding myself in a loop that leads me right back to my own homepage (that I had to set up to join Discord). I'd love to interact with the guild on Discord but can't find you.
  • iffy90210
    Soul Shriven
    add me please i have healers and dps, my gamert tag is FlashGod H20 i wannd do pve dungeons to grow my power to omega level
  • kreoko

    This sounds like the type of guild I need T.T

    And a Discord server too!

    Send me an invite please~
    Jessiefox on XB1
    Kreoko#3384 on Discord
    Laindir Direnni - Altmer MagSorc | NA Server
  • swredmon
    Soul Shriven
    Can I please get an invite into the guild?

    GT: Insidious0men

    Thank you
  • TennoforSithis
    Soul Shriven
    I'm looking for a new guild for dungeons, sounds like Lotus might be a good fit. Love to check you guys out and have some fun!

    GT: darthtenno
  • nickg420
    I'd love to join, my old guild has pretty much disbanded and I've been without a hope PUGing and Soloing my way around fro awhile now. It would be nice to have a new place.


    GT: Big Snuggle
  • kravenance
    Soul Shriven
    Hi, I'm relatively new returning player. Would like to join the guild.

    GT : kravenance
  • MusicalPen37
    Soul Shriven
    Sounds awesome! I've only been playing for about 3 wks. My gt is: MusicalPen37
  • N1ckelsNd1mes
    I'd like an invite
    XboxOne NA - N1ckelsNd1mes
    50 Nord DK - Tank - EB
    50 Imperial Templar - Tank - AD
    50 Breton Sorc - DPS - DC
    50 Khajiit NB - DPS - AD - currently rebuilding
    50 Redguard DK - Tank - AD
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