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Do your characters know each other, or are they related?

  • RaddlemanNumber7
    Twelve of my characters are avatars of the same god, twelve empty skins worn by the Zeroth of Dawn's Beauty.

    My remaining six characters are narrated as individuals, but none of them really know each other. Two of them are on the staff at the The Ivory Tower (the premier academic institution of the Shivering Isles), but one is a Senior Fellow and the other a junior assistant to the under-gardener, so it seems likely they are hardly conscious of the one another's existence.
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  • Ghanima_Atreides

    Altmer brother and sister :)

    My main Imperial Magsorc's Templar brother also used to be around, but he has retired from adventuring.

    The rest are not related, and many are versions of the same characters I've played in other games. Many of them do know each other though!
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  • adriant1978
    A few of my characters know each other but most of them are standalone.

    My characters are more likely to have connections to my girlfriend's characters, since we usually play duo.
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