Do your characters know each other, or are they related?

  • telateeaa
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    Oh, yes. Even more, they all are ancestors of my Skyrim character.
    My character for main quest line, Redguard Hossul, was a friend with Freyrick Hust, who is now a husband to my another character, bosmer I created for Summerset quest line. As you can guess, Hossul and Freyrick broke up their relationship because Hossul thought Freyrick's wife was a bad choice for him. It is a very short version of what happened, at the moment I'm writing full story
  • newtinmpls
    telateeaa wrote: »
    Oh, yes. Even more, they all are ancestors of my Skyrim character.
    My character for main quest line, Redguard Hossul, was a friend with Freyrick Hust, who is now a husband to my another character, bosmer I created for Summerset quest line. As you can guess, Hossul and Freyrick broke up their relationship because Hossul thought Freyrick's wife was a bad choice for him. It is a very short version of what happened, at the moment I'm writing full story

    Writing? Where?!?

    We need more ESO fanfic!!
    Tenesi Faryon of Telvanni - Dunmer Sorceress who deliberately sought sacrifice into Cold Harbor to rescue her beloved.
    Hisa Ni Caemaire - Altmer Sorceress, member of the Order Draconis and Adept of the House of Dibella
    Broken Branch Toothmaul - goblin (bosmer template) Templar, member of the Order Draconis and persistently unskilled pickpocket
    Mol gro Durga - Orsimer Socerer/Battlemage who died the first time when the Nibenay Valley chapterhouse of the Order Draconis was destroyed, then went back to Cold Harbor to rescue his second/partner who was still captive. He overestimated his resistance to the hopelessness of Oblivion, about to give up, and looked up to see the golden glow of atherius surrounding a beautiful young woman who extended her hand to him and said "I can help you". He carried Fianna Kingsley out of Cold Harbor on his shoulder. He carried Alvard Stower under one arm.
    Order Draconis - well c'mon there has to be some explanation for all those dragon tattoos.
    House of Dibella - If you have ever seen or read "Memoirs of a Geisha" that's just the beginning...
    Nibenay Valley Chapterhouse - Where now stands only desolate ground and a dolmen there once was a thriving community supporting one of the major chapterhouses of the Order Draconis
  • telateeaa
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    @newtinmpls There's only unedited version, but as soon as it possible I'll share it here
  • SvelteMoth598
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    I have 2 Bosmer characters who are related. Teldraelil Sagewood is a warden healer and a loyal servant of Queen Ayrenn, King Camoran Aeradan (i think that's how you spell it) and the Aldmeri Dominion. She is a devout worshiper of Y'ffre and strict observer of the Green Pact, more so then most Bosmer while her sister, Sisa Sagewood is a stamblade werewolf, who in her teen years secretly took an increasing interest in Hircine, and she eventually ran away from home and became a worshiper of Hircine, and eventually a werewolf. Since then, Teldraelil and Sisa have rarely seen each other. I am still working on the backstories for both of these characters.
  • Krist
    I have one character that is related to my main character Krist, and is a cousin. Other than that, they CAN all know each other. However at this point they do not all know one another. Some do, some don't. Some are simply supporting characters of others that I decided to roll.

    I noticed how old this thread is and wonder if I ever replied before now! lol

    EDIT: I did reply before!!!! LOL...but never actually answered the op question! :)
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  • AcadianPaladin
    My characters actually 'are' each other. I've been playing the same little wood elf since 2007 (Oblivion at that time), through Skyrim and into ESO. She mastered time travel long ago so chronology/era-hopping is of no concern to her. She wakes up in the morning and decides whether to grab her healing staff (healplar), lightning staff (magsorc) or bow (stamsorc) and moves among the versions of herself as easily as she changes hairstyles or costumes. Each version of her looks identical and has a different modifier to her base name (Buffy).
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  • Hippie4927
    I have two characters that are twins. One is the evil twin and one is the good twin. The evil twin is a vampire/thief/assassin and all around baddie. When their parents died, the evil twin stole everything including selling the house and keeping all the money, leaving the good twin penniless. The good twin steals only out of necessity but would never murder anybody.

    I actually have a hard time playing the good twin because I love vampires, stealing, and using the blade of woe. :/
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  • Xylona
    I have two Altmer that I like to think they are brother and sister. However they don't interact at all, other than sharing a background
    For Skyrim, they are related but since places in timeline is not close enough it doesn't matter much
  • Arunei
    Some of my chars know each other, and a few are related. Their relationships are mentioned in my sig, aside from Slondor and Sarah's. Slondor is basically a TESified version of Slenderman I made for a guild thing a whiiiiiiile back, but I decided to expand on him one day and made Sarah, who I wasn't intending to survive the one-off event I made her for. But survive she did, and grew and evolved into her own character.

    Essentially, Slondor made a deal with one of Sarah's ancestors a little over 100 years ago; in exchange for wealth and power, her ancestor agreed that his entire bloodline would serve Slondor, even after death. So Sarah's whole family was pretty much sold into eternal servitude. She's been trying to find a way to break the 'curse' to free her family from Slondor's dominion, but so far hasn't had much luck.
    Character List [RP and PvE]:
    Stands-Against-Death: Argonian Magplar Healer - Crafter
    Krisiel: Redguard Stamsorc DPS - Literally crazy Werewolf, no like legit insane. She nuts
    Kiju Veran: Khajiit Stamblade DPS - Ex-Fighters Guild Suthay who likes to punch things, nicknamed Tinykat
    Niralae Elsinal: Altmer Stamsorc DPS - Young Altmer with way too much Magicka
    Sarah Lacroix: Breton Magsorc DPS - Fledgling Vampire who drinks too much water
    Slondor: Nord Tankblade - TESified verson of Slenderman
    Marius Vastino: Imperial <insert role here> - Sarah's apathetic sire who likes to monologue
    Delthor Rellenar: Dunmer Magknight DPS - Sarah's ex who's a certified psychopath
    Lirawyn Calatare: Altmer Magplar Healer - Traveling performer and bard who's 101% vanilla bean
    Gondryn Beldeau: Breton Tankplar - Sarah's Mages Guild mentor and certified badass old person
    Gwendolyn Jenelle: Breton Magplar Healer - Friendly healer with a coffee addiction
    Soliril Larethian- Altmer Magblade DPS - Blind alchemist who uses animals to see and brews plagues in his spare time
    Tevril Rallenar: Dunmer Stamcro DPS - Delthor's "special" younger brother who raises small animals as friends
    Celeroth Calatare: Bosmer <insert role here> - Shapeshifting Bosmer with enough sass to fill Valenwood

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  • Elissn
    I have 7 chars so far. My consider my main (Elriah, Bormer sorceress) to be the Vestige, who meets my other chars during her travells. I'll try a spoiler-free summary.

    As a Bosmer Elriah starts out on Kenarthi's roost where she meets Dalaeneth (Altmer sorceress). Dalaeneth works in the bank of Mistral. But since there isn't enough work for her to do she fears that she's about to loose her job. She wants to help repelling the Maormer invasion but is not good at fighting. Elriah tries to show her a few things but Dalaeneth struggles a lot with destruction magic. After some time they figure out that she has a talent for illusion spells though. In the end they both travel to Auridon together where they join the Mages Guild. Elriah has to move on soon but always takes time to visit her friend whenever she's in Vulkhel Guard.

    She meets my next alt (Lost-in-Thoughts, Argonian Templar) in Stonefalls. He works as a healer for the Pact forces and has to patch Elriah up more than once. They meet again in Shadowfen after Lost heard the rumors of the Dominoin attacs on his home and came to defend it. Lost accompanies Elriah and tells informs her about the Argonian way of life. After Shadowfen is secured he decides to stay and protect his hone, should the Dominion try to invade again. She visits him several times later, when she starts working for Cyrodilic Collections.

    On Stros M'Kai Elriah runs into a Redguard (Amren Al-Attaron, Dragonknight). She rescues him from the Sea Drakes and in return he swears to fight at her side. He follows her to Betnikh but they get separated towards the end of the quest. Actually Elriah purposely eludes him because she fears he might have developed a romantic interest in her. As she does not return the feelings but doesn't want to break his heart either she decides that disappearing is for the best.

    After so much adventuring Elriah finally made enough money to buy a house and retire. Previously she had seen an advertisment for a house on Vvardenfell. On the ship she meets Paneera (Khajiit Templar) They share a cabin because the other passengers are too scared of her Senche sister. When the boat is sacked by slavers Paneera is taken to Firemoth Island while Elriah manages to reach Seyda Neen. The money for her house, though, is gone. She takes on a job to track down the slavers and eventually reunites with Paneera. Afterwards Paneera leaves to find a Skooma smuggling family member but soon enough they meet again in Vivec City.

    There they also meet Talea Sorathi (Dunmer Warden) and Revis Sorathi (Dunmer Dragonknight). They are both Buoyant Armigers who guard the temple. When Elriah begins her work for the temple Paneera joins in to assist her. Paneera usually stays in the city, first she trys to track down some mysterious dog that had been scaring people. Later she helps Revis and Talea to maintain order. Elriah does the legwork but Paneera allows her to borrow her Senche who' runs faster than any horse.
    In the end Elriah will finally get her house allthough retirement will have to wait. But when she's there she always invites Paneera, Revis and Talea.

    On Summerset Elriah meets Talea again who's travaling around during a vacation. They share their stories and work together to solve a murder in Lillandril while Elriah awaits a message from her new friends in the Psijic Order. When it does finally arrive she decides to involve Talea in the matter as she could certainly use her help. Later Talea returns to Vvardenfell and Elriah moves on to another adventure Murkmire. to be continued, I guess.
  • BrambleBee
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    I really only play 3 of my characters, and of those 3, i've decided that two are brothers :'D Nacht'ir is a khajiit and my highest level character, which makes him the older brother to Do'itsu, who i made more recently. Do'itsu is a lot more mature than Nacht'ir, however! Do'itsu is serious, all work and no play, gruff and kind of grumpy c: meanwhile, Nacht'ir is Mr. Happy-go-lucky and kind of silly LOL their different personalities are a lot of fun!
  • ghastley
    Many of mine are re-makes of my Skyrim characters, who frequently got made into NPC's in my mods, or were explicitly built for that. So although they never can meet in ESO, they know each other from Skyrim. Some have been created in earlier games, too.

    My Orc Blossom was first created in Oblivion, to take up the challenge of developing the worst starting stat in the game ( a female Orc's Personality) to the maximum. She was re-created for Daggerfall (I had to make a mod for that), and Morrowind, and Skyrim, and thus had to be an ESO character, too.

    Unna Bear-Rider recreates an NPC from my first Oblivion mod, who likewise was played in the other games. The Bear Riders almost became a mod for Skyrim, too, but there were features I could never get to work. Minx was a Bethesda character in Oblivion, who got re-made in the other games. Cat Man Dhou tested my Khajiit Hearthfires mod for Skyrim. My Bosmer Wizwen lived in my Skyrim Bosmer Hearthfires mod's home. The latest Breton, Floozie De Fault, built the Skyrim Orc Hearthfires stronghold several times, and earned her spot in ESO that way. Taminwe the Altmer worked at the Red Dragon Club in one of my Oblivion mods.

    So they've mostly met at least some of the others, but in Daggerfall, Morrowind, Oblivion, or Skyrim. The exception is Laurie Craft, who was created specifically for ESO crafting, and became a tank, instead.
  • Grianasteri
    Yes, in short, I imagine that most if not all my characters are in a "fellowship", that they know each other and work together regularly. I imagine my homes as joint bases of operations (Psijic villa and Hundings palace).

    This is why it would be so good to be able to place your characters in your home, just like you can with banker/shop/fence.

    Not to mention even more needed, the ability to place numerous non interactive, NPC characters around your house to give it some life... shopkeeper, cook, bar tender, stable hand, dock worker, laborer and guards! etc etc.

    I imagine my fellowship as leaders of a thriving small community, working across Tamriel for the greater good.

  • StarOfElyon
    I think I'll make a brother or sister for my Templar character. He or she will probably be estranged from the family and be a Necromancer and worshiper of Namira.
  • StarOfElyon
    I actually haven't done this but me and my mate were joking about the idea of our ESO characters being ancestors to our Skyrim characters as the Skyrim events are something like a 1000 years after the ESO events.

    I imagine my healer being an ancestor to my other Elder scroll chars in oblivion and skyrim. They are all part of a long line of healers and worshippers of Mara and Akatosh.

    I like that idea.
  • Browiseth
    So I've mainly put thought into four of my characters;
    1) Strikes-with-Arcane, "Arc", an Argonian vampire with, tl;dr, a pretty depressing past
    2) Melina Elinia, a dunmer with a fairly standard upbringing for her culture
    3) Maxine Cauline, a Breton who, sent to Pact lands in the years leading up to the Alliance War, defected to the Ebonheart Pact
    4) Garrus Loridius, an Imperial knight who abandoned his kin as they turned to Daedric worship and the Alliance war broke out

    Arc and Melina are old friends and more, though circumstance and general awkwardness due to their relationship history means they never really interact much in the long run. It's an old wound, and neither of them ever really resolve it. Maxine is taken under Arc's wing for a while, as he becomes something of an older brother figure to her, but eventually due to Arc's nature they split paths. Garrus, with no Empire to fight for now, finds purpose as a bounty hunter of sorts after months wandering Tamriel aimlessly. He and Arc start out as enemies due to their conflicting natures but eventually turn into rivals of sorts, though there's always the thought in both of their minds that they'll end up killing eachother in the end.

    That's a pretty abridged version of it anyway, I've got much more of as cohesive story in mind I intend to write up at some point.
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    • EP - F - Sinnia Lavellan - Bosmer stamden healer - lvl 50 (based on my Dragon Age: Inquisition character)
    • EP - M - Follows-the-Arcane - Argonian sorc healer - lvl 50
    • EP - F - Ashes-of-Arcane - Argonian magcro - lvl 50 (meh)
    • EP - M - Bolgrog the Sinh - Orc stamdk - lvl 50 (Inspired by Sinh the Slumbering Dragon from Dark Souls 2)
    • EP - M - Star-of-Arcane - Argonian magplar - lvl 15
    • EP - F - Maxine Cauline - Breton magblade - lvl 50
    • EP - M - Garrus Loridius - Imperial Stamplar - lvl 50
    • EP - F - Jennifer Loridius - Imperial Necrotank - lvl 5
    • EP - F - Avaricious Akashi - Khajiit Stamden - lvl 5 (loosely based on Akashi from Azur Lane)
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  • TwoHawks
    I have 8 characters, only one of them is non-Khajiit. I've never seen them as related family or friends of each-other.

    I don't envision my characters interacting with one another, probably because my RL spouse also plays ESO, and we have a couple of characters that we run and level together (Jo'Randru and TwoHawks [ TwoHawks is my char ]), both Khajiit and male (deal with it) and been bonded through the ring of Mara ceremony (for the XP perks of questing together whilst grouped and bonded). I often imagine, after we log off, they are keeping Serenity Falls estate and grounds well kept, when they aren't in the kitchen cooking or baking for our Guild.

    My champion character, J'nassri-Dar, is a Nightblade with Werewolf powers, and as such he tends to be a bit of a loner, though he does have a favorite in one of my RL spouses characters.
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  • CMDR_Un1k0rn
    My band of Imperials, currently three strong, include a married couple and their friend who they encounterd fighting Maormer pirates in Auridon.

    They are saving for a house in Craglorn.
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  • Hysorn
    Well, not within ESO, I am still trying to get into the game, but I like to pretend all my TES characters, are related, with the Vestige being the "founder" of the Altrois family. The Nerevarine, despite being a dunmer unlike most others, whom are bretons, is also related, he is the half-brother of the Hero of Kvatch. However, they never met, as the Nerevarine was the offspring of HoK's father and a dunmer servant.
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  • Ye_Olde_Crowe
    Some of my characters are related, some are lovers, some are friends, some know but don't like each other, some are the progenitors of other ES characters of mine :).

    When I discovered that some folks named Hayn and Truiand happen to live in ESO's Kvatch - perhaps progenitors of Oblivion's IC guard captains Itius Hyn and Carmalo Truiand? - , I named my female Imperial Octavia Civello, imagining her to be a progenitor of Oblivion's Giovanni Civello. He deinitely inherited her eyes ;).

    My templar Galen Atrox is a faithful recreation of my fifth Oblivion character and probably one of his forefathers... and
    I would really love to recreate my Daggerfall main in ESO, but as he was an Ohmes-raht Khajiit, this isn't possible ;(.
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  • FurySevenSix
    I'm still on my first character, but after reading this awesome thread it has made me think about how I would like to structure the relationships between any new characters that I might create. I've got so many ideas and backstories I want to work on now. :smiley:
  • SleepyMuggs
    Enjoying this thread and seeing all that others are doing!

    I def have ties between characters, with two sets of siblings among them - one set has around 60 pages of lore/game-friendly background, life-story, etc. All my chars have at least personalities and profiles, and many have additional stories written developing their characters or capturing adventures, often including in-game friends, whom I collaborate with on personalities.

    REALLY LOVE this though! May adapt something similar, @BlackSparrow - I've worked hard to try and tie some chars together, but some just don't make sense - a central organization opens the door to bringing them together in a sensible fashion while creating more creative opportunity. Really dig it - nicely done :)
    I absolutely do this. :)

    I have 11 characters (I have the 8 original slots, and then three more purchased from the Crown store) of various backgrounds and affiliations. They each have their own personalities, goals, and biases... however, they at some point met one another and now work for the same adventuring company (which has always been my justification for why my characters share a bank). I even have backstories on how they came across the company, like how the Dominion chapter head noticed the thief breaking into a bank and hired her on the spot as the "acquisitions officer," or how my elderly healer saved my knight's life, and now the latter feels honor-bound to act as the former's bodyguard and aide. It was all started by my main--a dunmer assassin--purely as a means to help her retrieve her soul from Molag Baal, but has since grown into a Tamriel-wide source of good deeds and Daedra slaying.

    That said, none of my girls are related, family-wise. But there are family-like relationships, especially between the Dunmer assassin and the elderly Argonian who used to be her nanny. It's a long story, but rest assured the relationship is quite adorable. :)

  • aqunnna
    I have altmer and argonian.
    Altmer has enslaved argonian but argonian goes out every time altmer is not around.
    Argonian likes to day dream how she will murder her master and live in freedom.

  • Vietfox
    They all, 15 (14 PC + 1 PS4), fight for the Aldmeri Dominion.
    PS4 EU
    AD and PvP only
    Solo PvPer
  • Kalik_Gold
    The story is now in my sig and they do know each other. I mostly revolved it around what happened to my main as he is the only person I quest on. The other characters become intertwined into the storyline.


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    Jux Blackheart | Redguard, Lycan - Nightblade
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    Movárth Piquine | Nord - Necromancer <Tank/Support>
    Kaotik Von Dae'mon | Breton - Sorcerer <Healer/Support>
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    Ras Kalik the Vestige, a renown Redguard Paladin and the wielder of Chrysamere; He has been blessed to save Tamriel from Molag Bal’s destructive Planemeld while reuniting the Five Companions. His further accomplishments after defeating Molag Bal, has been to stop the destruction of Morrowind, the Clockwork City, return order to the isle of Summerset and create a new king in Wrothgar and a queen in Elsywer. These events have made him a living legend and continue to lead him into new adventures throughout Tamriel, as well as into the hearts of many ladies including the Elf Queen, Aryenn. (not only Sai Sahan has a secret snowflake!) Over many years of adventurous travels, Ras Kalik had become a loner, until he re-visited his homeland of Alik'r.

    Alik'r and it's cities were overrun by the undead Ra-Netu and therefore he made an allegiance with Alik'r's own Ash'abah tribe. These Ash'abah with his help, cleansed the city of Sentinel in Alik'r desert and it's surrounding areas of the undead brought to life by the Withered Hand. After rescuing Sentinel from undead, King Fahara’jad’s personal bodyguard the Goliath of Hammerfell, who was given this name by Imperials in the region; asked to assist the tribe after learning of the defeat of the Withered Hand to the Ash'abah. Kalik promised Goliath he would task him with fighting enemies on the battlefield if he so desired. Goliath being from Hammerfell, and a Redguard wields a massive sword in respect to the Ansei. He also carries a Volendrung replica, which was awarded to Goliath because of his carnage during the Three banners war; he once was able to wield the true Volendrung after Sheo placed it in the midst of the battlefield. Not many soldiers are able to wield double 2-handed weapons, but Goliath loves to get up and personal in a fight.

    Jux Blackheart a master thief that was frequenting the Sisters of the Sands inn for pilfering during this time. Jux was known to infiltrate any bank vault he came across and even delved into Ayelid ruins without detection. Kalik can vividly recall the night he met the famed thief. Jux found himself rummaging thru a slightly inebriated Kalik’s pocket for too long, on a full-mooned night and because of this and the glimmer of his golden armor in the moonlight and his greed. He lost two fingertips as a lesson! But in return, he gained a new friend, as it was his first time since a child being caught...

    Kaotik Von’Daemon is an outcast, and a half-caste between a Breton mother and a Redguard father. Kaotik become a pariah due to his conjuration of Daedra pets. He was taught healing magic during his childhood years by his Breton mother. His father due to Redguard customs exiled him from the desert, sending him by wagon to be a soldier in the war in Cyrodiil. He happened to meet Kalik while traveling from Alik'r, during this long caravan ride the caravan he was in was ambushed in Bangkorai by a group of bandits. Kalik by chance was also traveling thru this area on his Auridon Warhorse (which was bestowed to him by his friend, Darien Gautier). During this ambush, Kalik was able to rescue five hostages from the bandits. Kaotik was the first rescued, and Ras Kalik also recruited him to be in the Ash'abah tribe. These core Ash'abah tribesmen may never be seen together in travel as they partake in their own adventures but they always know what each other is doing; as they frequent a hideout in northern Bankorai. Their hideout an old Orc castle ruin, is kept watch by Nuzhimeh and she passes messages written between them, and frequently they also enjoy her company and her bed.

    The other men rescued were a Dunmer banker, a Breton monk and two Imperial soldiers. One of the Imperials claimed to be related to Abnur Tharn the Battlemage of the Imperial Elder Council (Ras Kalik's mentor in the Five Companions). Cinan Tharn is really Abnur's drunkard treasure hunting illegitimate son, that was caught smuggling artifacts out of the Ayleid ruins in Cyrodiil and the elder of the two Imperials was Tyrus Septim a retired battle-mage soldier and guard to the Tharn family. As much as Abnur Tharn hated his half-sister Euraxia, he dislikes his bas†ard son more. Tyrus now a ruffian and privateer had been paid by Abnur Tharn to watch over him as much as possible.

    The Dunmer captive shackled to the Imperials looked familiar to Kalik from his time in Morrowind.... and he recognized him as Tythis Andromo a House Telvanni slave-owner and banker from Vvardenfell. During a rough interrogation to Tythis, Ras Kalik learnt why the bandits accosted him. The racist Dunmer was providing slaves as soldiers for the Three Banner War. The bandits were trying to negotiate a lucrative ransom for Andromo and the Imperials.... Kalik did not need any of this gold and he could never set Tythis free as he did with the two Imperial soldiers. His past involvement with slavery and war crimes, made Kalik's blood boil. He chose not to execute Tythis, as he figured the worse punishment for this former rich and opulent slave owner, is to now be a manservant for Ras Kalik and the tribe.

    Herzog Zwei the Genesis a Breton and also a prominent monk of the Cult of the Ancestor Moth, was seeking to purchase an artifact from Cinan Tharn, before their capture. This artifact being the Ayelid artifact; the sword Sinweaver. After their rescue and the exchange of gold to Cinan for the sword he decided to slip away before Ras Kalik could question who he was, and why the Ancestor Moth cult worshippers wanted that sword. Herzog was headed to Nagastani — An Ayleid ruin in eastern Cyrodiil. He had read in scrolls that the Sword would give him magical powers, if he performed an Ayleid ritual at an old shrine hidden there. Equipped with the artifact sword, he was off to start his own adventure. Ras Kalik did indeed notice the sword however, and instead sent a letter to Jux Blackheart (whom also was interested in Ayleid treasures), to attempt to find Herzog and acquire the sword. (*Azani Blackheart in Elder Scroll's Oblivion is Jux's descendant some 747 years later)

    And so the Redguard, Imperial and Breton men have parted ways for now... While Ras Kalik is off to Elsweyr to encounter the latest threat to Tamriel, with Abnur Tharn and Sai Sahan - - DRAGONS!! Little does Kalik know a few people are awaiting him in Senchal besides Sai. A necromancer survived his attack on the Withered Hand, while in Alik'r. The one known as Auriek Siet'ka is also following him to the land of the Khajiits and Cacique the Sage of Ius a Shaman mystic who has become attuned spiritually with Tu'whacca (a Redguard God) and Ius (the Animal God), after being burned severely by the escaped dragons, is awaiting his arrival also.

    The journey to Senchal will also put him on a path to meet a strange man which was infected with an untreated Peyrite disease and also was the exiled from the Order of the New Moon cult, due to his sickness. He originally joined the cult to worship Laatvulon, the green dragon, mistakenly thinking it was the Daedric prince Peyrite. This confused and suffering cultist is only known as "the member C-4", as he gave up his born name when joining the cult. Cee Fôr is on a path to spread the disease as he was infected in Orccrest while recruiting members there. Can Ras Kalik and the shaman Cacique cure this poor soul, only time will tell.

    Upcoming player lore:
    Bates Vesuius of Dawnstar
    Movárth Piquine

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  • Danikat
    My characters all know each other, which is my justification for them sharing items and gold through the bank. The short answer is they all met during their travels, or through knowing my crafter (who they all trade with regularly, they give him materials and scrap equipment to salvage, he makes their weapons and armour at cost price).

    Some are closer than others however. For example my breton and my khajiit live together and have declared each other 'sisters' after they both lost their biological families. And my crafter got to be particularly good friends with my sorcerer, who is a dark elf raised on Summerset and who was intrigued by the idea of an Imperial wanting to live there. He became my crafter's sponsor who helped him finally get permission to move to the main island after years on Auridon. (This was actually an in-game issue - my crafter had unlocked the Vulkhel Guard inn room so he couldn't unlock the Alinor one, so I switched to my sorcerer and he did it.) He also taught my crafter a great spell which summons a horse made of pure magic - one which doesn't need food or stabling - in return for free equipment.
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  • Suisyo
    Haha this is awesome! Glad to see others doing the same thing. Unfortunately I haven't done any real RPing in ESO yet but over time just fell into my own head canon of sorts.

    Funny enough the 2 female, Altmers I see as being connected we're originally just my attempt at recreating my main, who ended up a crafter. I loved her design and class (Templar healer) so much but wanted to play without sacrificing the skill points, so I made her "twin".

    Despite playing this new version awhile I still kept returning to my main. But having these identical characters in my selection screen was bugging me, so I used appearance change tokens and made my main older, scarred and wiser looking. I began viewing her as the older sister who has been adventuring much longer and is a loner who wanders Tamriel, searching for her materials for crafting etc. Her younger sister (who looks similar but not identical), looked up to her estranged sister and left home seeking adventure and hoping to find her.

    At least this is sort of what formed in my head.

    They don't interact because she hasn't found her yet. My 6 other characters don't know each other at all as of yet.
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  • Krainor1974
    Mine are either related too or close friends and allies to my main. He has a adoptive daughter and sister, a blood cousin. Close loyal friends he’s met in his travels or in Cyrodiil serving DC. Some he’s saved and some saved him. He’s earned all of there loyalties and friendships so they follow him and fight by his side. All my homes combine to form a med sized town just across Halins wall in the GoldCoast in a valley within the Colovian Estates where he protects the people living within the valley.

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  • Iccotak
    Restricted to EP races + Imperial

    Group #1: Base Game Class characters
    These guys were together for the Plane-Meld Crisis
    (I prefer to think that none of them were the main character of that story unless I'm playing solo)
    • Argonian Templar
    • Argonian Nightblade
    • Nord Dragonknight
    • Dunmer Sorcerer

    Group #2: Expansion Class characters
    • Nord Warden, started his adventure in Vvardenfel
    • Argonian Necromancer, starts his adventure in Elsweyr
    • Imperial and Dunmer down the line
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