Now that Zenimax is owned by Microsoft can you transfer my account from PSN to XBOX?

I know that XBOX users with be prioritized on ESO, now that Microsoft owns Zenimax/Bethesda, the question I have is? Am I really having to completely start from scratch wasting 5 years and thousands of dollars on PSN or will they open up away for me to transfer my account from PSN to XBOX like they did for PC at launch?

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  • Nairinhe
    What exactly has changed from technical point of view that would suddenly allow them to do the transfer?
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  • Collectivezen
    Microsofts new ownership of Zenimax/Bethesda. The Idea that Zenimax will now favor it's console owners over its competitors.
  • Tharonil
    I want to change too. My ps4 pro is annoying loud and crappy. Also I want to play Halo and Fable on the series x. The problem is that I have invested to much money and time to create a new eso account.
    I even wouldn't have a problem to lost my character names with a transfer.
  • ZOS_Bill

    It is not possible for Customer Support, to transfer characters, gear, gold, crowns or items, between different accounts, servers, or platforms. For further details please read through the link below.

    Can I transfer my ESO account and characters between different platforms or servers?
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