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Kyne's Aegis Mechanics Guide

Introduction – What this guide is—and isn't.

The goal here is to lay out the key mechanics found in Kyne's Aegis. While I may touch a little on strategies and tactics and offer some recommendations, that is not the goal of this guide. This is not a "What should I do?" guide, but rather a "What is going on?" guide.

Base Population – Non-boss enemies (a.k.a., "Trash")


Half-Giant Bulwark
  • Shield Bash: The Bulwark's heavy attack has a conal cleave. Bulwarks should be turned away from the group.
    • Cleave Range: 8 meters
  • Armor Guard: The Bulwark will surround itself with an effect which appears as a yellow circle. This effect protects all other enemies inside from damage, and it reduces the movement speed of players inside. Bulwarks cannot be protected by their own Armor Guard (though they can be protected by the Armor Guard of other Bulwarks).
    • Effect Radius: 8 meters
  • Reel In: The Bulwark will target a player at random and chain them to the Bulwark.
    • Every time a Bulwark casts this ability, it will interrupt every other enemy unit within a 20m radius of the Bulwark. This can cause unexpected and "strange" behavior; for example, this could cause a Tidebreaker to suddenly cancel its Crashing Wave mid-animation and start casting a Wrath of Tides conal instead.

Half-Giant Raider
  • Exploding Spear: The raider will throw a spear at a random player.
    • The animation of the throw is very fast and lasts only 0.5 seconds. Once thrown, the spear will land after 2 seconds at the location of the targeted player at the moment the spear was launched. (Because the spear does not track its target for the 2 seconds that it is hovering in the air, it is possible for players to sidestep the spear before it lands.)
    • Upon landing, the spear creates a damaging ground AoE that resembles a Templar's Spear Shards, except orange instead of yellow. Because of its similarity to friendly Spear Shards and its lack of a hostile ground telegraph, it is relatively easy to unknowingly step into it.
    • If a player is within the AoE of the Exploding Spear at the moment of its landing, they will be stunned if they are not blocking.
    • Ground AoE Radius: 4 meters

Half-Giant Tidebreaker
  • Wrath of Tides: The Tidebreaker has a conal attack, where it swings its sword in an animation resembling a player's 2-handed Cleave ability. This attack lacks a hostile telegraph, and tanks should turn Tidebreakers away from group.
    • Cleave Range: 6 meters
  • Crashing Wave: The Tidebreaker's will plunge its sword into the ground, and when it pulls it out, it will unleash a wave that expands outward in a circle, similar to the Sea Lurchers' Tidal Wave ability in March of Sacrifices. However, unlike the ability in March of Sacrifices, which is accompanied by a clear hostile telegraph, no such telegraph exists here.
    • This ability can be blocked or dodged.
    • Effect Radius: 25 meters

Half-Giant Storm Caller
  • These enemies are stationary and are generally not particularly threatening.
  • Storm Call: Storm Callers will constantly call down lightning strikes on players.
  • Unstable Energy: Storm Callers are surrounded by an effect that damages players who come too close to it. The damage is inconsequential at first, but will steadily increase the longer a player remains close to a Storm Caller.
    • Effect Radius: 8 meters

Half-Giant Shaman
  • Focused Healing: This interruptible ability will heal other enemy units.
  • Conjure Totem: Shamans found outside boss encounters can conjure totems, similar to Yandir's totem conjuration.

Vampire Infuser
  • Infuse: Similar to the Infusers found in Blackrose Prison, the Infuse ability, if it is not interrupted, will empower all other enemies in the area.
    • Cast Time: 2 seconds

Crimson Knight
  • Bloodlust: The Crimson Knight will cast this ability on itself, which causes it to enlarge and empower. When empowered, its heavy attack (Cross Swipe) can kill a tank through block.

Bitter Knight
  • Sanguine Prison: The Bitter Knight will target a player at random with this ability. The player will be stunned and imprisoned within a bubble. Other players can attack and destroy this prison to free the victim. While imprisoned, a player is immune to damage. If a player is not freed from their prison before the prison expires, they will die to Exsanguination.
    • Sanguine Prison duration: 8 seconds

Blood Knight
  • Blood Fountains: The Blood Knight will twist and wave its arms for 3 seconds, after which it will unleash four "lines" of blood along the ground, along the Blood Knight's front, back, and sides.
    • These lines persist for 1.5 seconds.
    • Players standing in the lines will take damage every 0.25 seconds (a player standing in the line for its full duration will take 7 ticks of damage).
    • Every time a player takes a tick of Blood Fountain damage, they will gain a stack of a debuff that causes them to take additional damage from subsequent ticks.
    • The damage is blockable and shieldable, but it is not roll-dodgeable. Because of the rapid damage ramp, players must react to quickly step out of a line. Preemptively shielding can give players a little more time to react if they find themselves in a line. While blocking can mitigate the damage as well, the reduced movement speed from block may result in a player staying inside a line for too long.
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    Awesome, fantastic writeup, thank you!
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  • Masel
    Class Representative
    Well-written, as always. Hopefully, this trial will get more combat cues on live, because the lack of telegraphs is actually quite annoying in this trial.
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  • devildog13_93
    Do you have links for your other trials guides?
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    Insightfuls all around!!!
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    Thanks a lot for your great work !
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