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Experience more Dark Heart of Skyrim stories and challenge your team with two exciting new dungeons: Stone Garden and Castle Thorn, coming soon with the Stonethorn DLC and Update 27!
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  • Tommy_The_Gun
  • Ilsabet
    From the "Coming to PTS" section:
    Once it is available, you can then download the PTS client (it’ll need to be completely reinstalled due to the above patching overhaul) and play.

    Is that a remnant from Update 25's announcement text, or is there another patching overhaul that will require a complete reinstall again?
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  • MopeyHat
    Homestead Character Pathing

    With the addition of Character Pathing to the Housing system, you can build paths for your abode’s many residents (including pets, mounts, and assistants) to follow. You can specify many locations (nodes) for each path, and pick their walk speed, add delays, and even decide whether they loop through to their original location, ping-pong back and forth along the path, or travel between nodes at random. With this new addition, your homes will feel more alive than ever before!

    Omg yes, please let this be on dummies and soul-shriven too!
  • MyNameIsElias
    Im going to have spiders climbing up and down the walls in my house for Spooktober 🎃🎃🎃
  • ColoniaCroisant
    Are these collectables real NPCs or generic? And can I get a bunch of orcs for my stronghold?
  • FrancisCrawford
    Are these collectables real NPCs or generic? And can I get a bunch of orcs for my stronghold?

    It was phrased as if it pertained to existing assistants, mounts and pets.

    So, in particular, you can probably have a multi-colored, dual-sized, moving herd of Indriks.
  • Mix
    Same question as @Ilsabet - Is that a copy-paste error or do we have to re-download the PTS?
  • Cireous
    I put my fists up to my face and squealed like a child for five minutes straight when Gina began talking about character pathing and house guests on ESO Live. This is going to be the Best. Dungeon. DLC. EVER. :joy:
  • Altyrann
    Dusk_Coven wrote: »

    FFXIV made the same mistakes ESO is making but have long since adapted their storytelling. They know how to tell stories in and out of dungeons without having anyone have to wait to talk to an NPC or look for books or other things that make players impatient and ruin the experience for everyone else.
    ESO continues to insist on repeating their mistakes over and over again since launch.

    Not having played FFXIV, how do they do the storytelling in dungeons differently? Curious what alternatives are used elsewhere :)
  • ZOS_SarahHecker
    Mix wrote: »
    Same question as @Ilsabet - Is that a copy-paste error or do we have to re-download the PTS?

    This was a copy past error. We'll get that fixed.
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  • EmrisDovahLord
    If you do anything please give each class a VIABLE stam and mag spammable. FYI stonefist is not a viable stam spammable.
  • Darkheart
    HM Banner for all old Dungeons would be really good too. I won't mis the blinding light :wink:
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