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No extra dialogue options for Ravenwatch [Mild Greymoor Spoilers]

I ran into Fennorian near Solitude. He's a vampire who identifies as being a member of House Ravenwatch. Nice callback to Rivenspire :smile:

But, there's no dialogue option to say you've worked with House Ravenwatch, or that you knew Count Verandis. Maybe that is available later? I know this character was in a recent dungeon that I haven't done yet... maybe that makes a difference?

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  • Nareya726
    This frustrated me too! I'm only on the third or fourth main quest but I really wish there had been some sort of dialogue with him regarding what happened and who we met in Rivenspire. I didn't even bother with the "what's House Ravenwatch" option because it just felt silly and immersion breaking. I like Fenn so far though so hopefully his connection to the rest of House Ravenwatch is fleshed out more. If not in the chapter than maybe in the DLC, though I'd hate to wait that long.
  • Technica
    Yh I thought this, I also wondered if there would be any different dialogue with them if you are a vampire, but there isn't as far as I could see (I haven't finished the quest on my vamp yet though). It's as if Fenn doesn't notice.

    It's nice to have a little nod like, hey, remember us?
    Like when you meet Raynor and Kireth all over the place, they usually mention seeing you before
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