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Issues with the mac client (apart from the list in known issues)

Here are a couple issues I keep having with the game:

* Delayed response: the game take up to 2-5 seconds to respond to commands (e.g. when a mob is dead i run around striking the air for a few seconds without touching any keys)
* Freeze lags: The screen freezes for 5-10 seconds

The first of these two is very common and badly affects gameplay (try tanking and blocking with that...), and though the second one is less common it is also a bit problematic.

Is there anything I can do about this? Are these issues related to the ones in known issues (i.e. memory crashes)?

On a side note: I can't help but feel a bit cheated after having payed over 100 USD for a game. The mac client was clearly not ready for release and I would have appreciated at least some clear communication from day one regarding this. //Rant over//
  • eighthmanbound
    This is a rare bug for me when playing in Windowed mode but more frequent in full screen. Try that.
  • KhajitFurTrader
    Delayed or no responses to keyboard or mouse commands are seldom caused by issues of the client's code. It usually indicates that network packets didn't get through in time, or at all. This may have many causes, either in the network itself, or in the server's systems. If you encounter these phenomenons only at certain times of the day (e.g. prime time, which can spread over three to four time zones, due to the megaserver architecture), it's possible that the server's systems are running at maximum capacity due to peak concurrency, and thus delays occur (so-called "server lag"). If you encounter delayed responses at all times of the day, it may be a network issue.

    Since the network route from your computer to the server infrastructure involves many parties, it's extremely difficult to pinpoint a single point of trouble. There may be more than one. As soon as the packets pass your router, things are out of your control. The one thing you could try, however, is switching from a Wi-Fi connection (if applicable) to a network cable, and see whether the problems persist.

    @Moonraker has posted some excellent instructions on how to run a traceroute/ping to the ESO services in this thread. Maybe you want to do a traceroute and post it here for us to analyze. You could also run a ping over a greater length of time and look for dropped packets.

    Screen freezes can also have many sources. It could be "graphics lag", i.e. your computer can for some reason not load fast enough the assets needed for displaying the current scenery. Or, in a relation to the "network lag" mentioned above, the client doesn't get the information of what to display in the first place. Generally in MMOs, the graphics display is tied to and dependent on information received from the server. You could post your system specifications here (see @Moonraker's post how to obtain them), if you like.

    All of this is not related to the memory management/crashing issue of the current Mac client. While I experience the crashes, too, although in much longer intervals than during beta, I can report only mild/short "input lag" or delayed responses on very few occasions, usually during prime times.
  • Moonraker
    @chimpangzee, as @KhajitFurTrader has carefully detailed, those symptoms are not related to the Mac client memory issue, nor a known issue specifc to either platform from forum post.

    Check out these forums Freeze title search results which so this (from the last two weeks) and Lag title search which show this.

    You can eliminate any issues between you and the megaserver as detailed above and confirm that your system is able to play the game with the settings you have notably OS X version, graphic card, CPU;

    Apple icon (top left of menu bar) > About This Mac > More info…

    Over time ZOS will be adjusting their server setup in response to these issues and as player load smooths out (from initial launch mass of players levelling up)
  • Carmina
    I wonder how there always are people in a forum who try to make a smartass comment by commenting on a comment that said it all....
  • Moonraker
    Carmina wrote: »
    I wonder how there always are people in a forum who try to make a smartass comment by commenting on a comment that said it all....
    Or they actually ask for some details which maybe help others provide some advice on graphics settings etc . and clarify that the issue is cross platform and can be seen by searching the forums already.
  • chimpangzee
    @KhajitFurTrader and @Moonraker‌ thank you for your great comments, I will try to post the stats here. Just want to say that you guys are awesome and I ve seen you help out on so many other threads... You guys Totally deserve loads of cookies!
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