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Returning player account permabanned

I haven't played in a couple years and came back to play the new expansion with a friend. I logged in to find my account banned with no explanation. I submitted a ticket and would very much be happy with a response in maybe getting my account unbanned. Thank you!

Ticket Reference #:200104-004016

@ZOS_BillE I have heard that you were one that could maybe help me. If so thank you, if not sorry for the trouble!
  • deadwinston
    Chrysawis wrote: »
    I submitted a ticket and would very much be happy with a response in maybe getting my account unbanned.

    Don't expect it to be a short process, @Chrysawis

    It took me 30 days to get access to my account again, and it all started because they double charged my credit card. There was one point support took 7 days to reply to me and another time they took 12 days to respond.
  • ZOS_BillE

    I've sent you a PM regarding your ticket #200104-004016.
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  • Chrysawis
    Update: Received an email explaining why I got banned. It was because my account was compromised. January 5 was the last I have heard from my ticket after I gave them the required info to get my account back hopefully.

    If anyone sees this and knows how to speed up the reply back I would love to hear from you. Bought Elsweyr Saturday and still haven't been able to play it :(
  • Keylun
    They close tickets after 48 hours I believe. Tag @ZOS_BillE again so he can direct you further and sort something out :smile:
  • Chrysawis
    I tweeted at the support and they said they still have the ticket and will get to it when it comes up in queue.

    Hopefully that is soon :/

  • Chrysawis
    Update: After tweeting again to the support Twitter I got a response email. They asked for more info and after that I got 2 quick replies and I am good to go. Only took almost a week ;)

    Thanks again to ZOS_BillE and everyone else for their help or suggestion. Hope everyone else waiting gets quick replies!
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