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Merge Under-50 & noCP Vet Campaigns?

  • GhostofDatthaw
    Merge them
    Reverb wrote: »
    The original under 50 campaign BWB was created well before CP existed, because vet pvp was not inviting or enjoyable for most lowbies or new players.

    One of my favorite things about lowbie pvp is the build diversity. We start there with only a few of our class and weapon skills unlocked, and have to hone timing and rotation. It makes battle more dynamic. And I like seeing variety on my death recap. In vet pvp it's the same skills over and over. Its boring.

    Yeah this was the fun thing about lowbie cyro, your build adapted over time. You would run skills that in vet would never make your bar. I would go run with my guild sometimes on a fresh lvl 10 toon with one bar and no heals. It was always very interesting and led to some pretty funny setups.
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  • JkahrrRadnar
    No, Don
    vamp_emily wrote: »
    It is funny how people act like we never got farmed 4-5 years ago. Did we get discourage? Did we stop playing? My first time I got killed in PvP happened so fast I didn't know what hit me. However, I didn't stop playing.

    I think the only difference back then ( besides allowing CP in low level PvP ) is we had population. So it was harder to be farmed if you had players helping you. Population gaps is the biggest problem and I think merging the two would be best. However, I wouldn't expect much different results. Don't you think the new player will still be unwelcomed in No CP Vet campaign? There will be a lot more Vet players easily killing the new players.

    I don't know about now but back when I played in low level PvP many of the rerollers didn't have CP. They just kept deleting their characters. So restricting players from playing in low level PvP, who have cp, wouldn't stop the farming.

    Agreed! Today I was kinda shocked to see only 1 bar across all fractions in below-50 pc eu... a year (or two?) ago this was very different. Can't imagine how boring it must be to play there now. And how unbalanced if any fraction suddenly gets higher pop than the others.

    In the past week of playing PC EU non-cp I've only seen a handful of ppl below CP400; the low below-50 pop doesn't seem to be because noob PvP players have fled to non-cp... or maybe they did and got beaten so badly that they went back to PvE altogether.
    So Idk if merging would solve the apparent issue of PvP not being attractive to new players. Not unless we have more data on player behaviour... and that's smt ZoS should have a look into.
    Under 50 EU is like a ghost town compared to its Blackwater Blade glory.
    <--- this is unfortunately so true :/
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  • geonsocal
    Merge them
    The problem with merging the two is that while Below 50 has to deal with experienced players on alts, throwing new players into the No CP Campaign means facing off against a lot of level 50 players with CP 160 gear sets, which is even worse.

    well, i had voted yes, cuz - i forgot about this...yeah, in no cp pvp - it becomes a contest of gear...
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  • dtsharples
    No, Don
    Don't bother voting. peoples posts + votes are being removed by admins without any evidence.
    A censored forum isn't a forum at all.
  • BloodSkull_ESO
    Merge them
    Merge them let the trihards and the twinks duke it out so i can enjoy the salt in zone chat
  • Xarc
    Merge them
    Enkil wrote: »
    Also, Under-50 is even more unwelcoming for newer players because a good portion of those that play there are veteran players that have "twink" gear, gold weapon and annihilate new players mercilessly; more likely turning them off to PvP entirely than they might find on no-Cp campaign.

    ^ this

    Also, non vet is not useful anymore after 5years. With all the bonus to XP and AP, it's easy to reach lvl50 and joining a group in nocp vet is easier than playing alone in non vet campaign (because no group) ... Just merge, non vet is played only by veterans feeling strong by killing new players.

    Maybe NewPlayers in nonvet think they will learn pvp in a safe zone, but they meet groups of players with golden weapons and meteor / dawnbreaker / full psijic skilltree / 8traits crafted set / only playing lvl40+ character to be sure to get all the big skills unlocked like DK petrif and all the passives etc. It's more fair on nocp VET campaign, and at least, easier to find a group, maybe a guild, and some good advices.
    Nonvet is totally dead today (at least EU server), the campaign should be closed in my opinion.

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  • Alienoutlaw
    No, Don
    you already have the option to go into either cp or non cp under level 50 so i see no point or need to merge anything
  • Zacuel
    I dunno...

  • Legendzerox
    Merge them
    Pretty sure everyone who voted no are the twinks of the below 50. You merge the campaigns and they will no longer be on top of the pecking order.
  • idk
    No, Don
    you already have the option to go into either cp or non cp under level 50 so i see no point or need to merge anything

    Very true. Both campaigns server a purpose. The game has always has low population campaigns which seems that Zos intends to keep low pop campaigns since part of our gaming population desires it. So the argument that they should be merged because they are low pop campaigns does not present a very strong foundation for merging them.
  • MajBludd
    Get rid of all servers, but the no cp vet and cp vet. The rest are pointless at this stage.
  • vamp_emily
    Merge Under-50 & noCP Vet Campaigns?

    Funny how many people told me to stay out of under 50 pvp because I was exploiting/farming noobs. Now most of us have left the campaign ( as requested ) but now the noobs want to play us again?

    Do you players really know what you want?

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  • Kartalin
    No, Don
    Sub-cp160 players in Bahlokdaan are great for proccing the combat frenzy passive.

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