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Mouse Skill Button Problem

Hi all,
i have got a new Razor Trinity MMO-Mouse as replacement of my old Razor Naga, which worked pretty well unless the left mouse button died.
The skills 1-5 are assigned (as before) to the side mouse buttons, 6 is ultimate, 9 sneak. Works fine, as long as
i'm not using them permanently. During longer fights or in bigger PvP-Battles especially the reaction of Skill 5 gets slow,
so that I have to press the button many times. If the battles goes on, eventually skill 5 stops completly working.
After some while without action, these mouse buttons will stark working again.
I have tried it with Razor Synapse driver and without it, all addons are deactivated. Nvidia-HD-Sound-Drivers deleted. When skill 5 doesn't react in ESO, it also does not work in windows.
(System: quite new, AMD 3600, RTX2060, Win 10 Home....)
In Windows only, the mouse works good.
Any ideas?
  • ZOS_BillE

    Do you have issues using skill 5 when mapped to your keyboard?

    You can check that no other USB control devices are connected to your PC, then try switching the USB port your mouse is connected to. If your mouse continues to become unresponsive, we recommend testing it in other software or on a second device to check if the issue is hardware related.
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  • Nestor
    Check your batteries too. Batteries getting weak can have this behaviour. Of course if this is a wired mouse, ignore this.
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  • Komputerheld
    ZOS_BillE wrote: »

    Do you have issues using skill 5 when mapped to your keyboard?

    Thank you, that´s a good idea, I´ll check this out this evening.

    @Nestor: It´s a wired mouse, so I can´t blame the batteries, thx anyway
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