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Do you use banker and/or merchant assistant(s)?

  • mateosalvaje
    It took me so long to decide to save up for them that by the time I had enough, I got KITTIES. SOOOO CUUUUUUTE!!! They are real handy, and being able to drag them along really helps organize home coffers and chests if you horde things like I do. Mobile bank access is great for those times you unexpectedly realize you need a stack of soul gems or repair kits you've stashed away, and being able to quickly sell all the trash pots and ornate gear from dungeons and trials is a great way to keep space open for things you may want or need later. One of the best investments I've made in ESO 😊
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  • Eeri_Ravencaw
    The banker and the merchant are good in a pinch when I need to clear my inventory in the wild. I also use the fence for less than five loots when I can't be bother with a load screen to the refuge. They are all good conveniences that save you time so you can spend more time on the things you enjoy. I must say they are definitely worth the crowns.
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