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Do you RP as a daedra worshipper?

  • goatlyonesub17_ESO
    Only while waiting for a Dolmen to spawn worm cultists. And then it's only a joke that I stand in front of the sacrificial steps and perform /ritual.
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  • wolfbone
    Soul Shriven
    it depends. I'm a wood elf, who worships hircine.
  • Bladerunner1
    I have a neophyte daedra worshiper in RP, an old wood elf thief with crickety joints. Imagine accepting a retrieval mission and being paired up with a nimble, young Nightblade wood elf who hops into the shade of a tree stump and seems to vanish, only to pop out from the shade of a shrub some distance away. She made stealth look all too easy, and eventually the old elf found out about Shadow stepping and fell in with a gaggle of witches who serve Nocturnal.
  • Aideian
    I have a Orc that's dedicated to malacath and a wood elf dedicated to hircine, I decorated pariahs pinnacle to make it look like a malacath follower sanctuary and my wood elf I just made him look like he's dedicated by using the beast skin and personality with hircines champion as his tittle as well as his name is son of hircine lol.
  • Cadbury
    I mainly only play Orc characters, due to my admiration of their lore/culture. Currently, my Orc character is an atheist.
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